kaidan.im is currently on version 0.7. edging closer to that 0.9 MIX milestone 🙏🏾

did like 8 burpees this morning and still dead.

severless messaging apps are too slow to be called instant messaging.

upped my game from todo.txt to org-mode this past week and i must admit that i am just as unproductive.

still no android xmpp client with MIX support :blobugh:

been said before but one of the major obstacles to being popular is ios.

monal doesn't do push notifications for group chats. chatsecure does, but media received in a chat can't be saved to the phone gallery. both deal-breakers.

best i've used so far is siskin. it seems to have overcome the push notification problem by adopting MIX (xep-0369). and as far as i can tell, it works.

feels weird to be waiting on android. stork.im will use MIX eventually, and kaidan.im are working on it too.

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oh my god, at the primary school across the road some guy is filling a pothole in the car park and a crowd of about 10 eight-year olds have congregated at the playground gate to chant "Bob the builder, can he fix it? Bob the builder, no he can't"" at him relentlessly for 15 minutes and counting. Soul destroying

hi @kaidan trying to login to my tigase.im account on the android client (f-droid nightly build 0.7.0) but getting "the server is offline or blocked by a firewall" message. i'm able to login to this account using conversations. any ideas? thanks.

well done to the that was a very good performance

@amolith just wanted to reach out and say i'm really enjoying your blog and appreciate the services you provide at nixnet. thanks, and keep up the great work.

read up a bit on this chomsky stuff, so far this is what i found. where it should have stopped at, "i strongly disagree with chomsky," mans went all the way to "chomsky is a disgrace, he betrayed the cause and is a genocide denier."

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motown magic on netflix is such a nice kids show. the colours, the animation/artwork, the relationships between the characters, the stories, and obviously the music, are lovely. would definitely recommend.

been messing around with siskin im with MIX and it looks like we actually have an ios xmpp app that works!

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