(this started from this rad bit of actual practical makeup I saw elsewhere, which I think my brain didn't so much say "ah, that gives me an idea" so much as "hold my beer and watch this")

you ever pour like ten minutes into a photoshop and then stop and try and figure out why you did that

I guess the big reveal would be that the victim was killed by Aragon's sword...AND Legolas' bow...AND Gimli's axe...

trying and failing to put something together around "Mordor on the Orient Express"

SEVERAL ROWDY FRENCH FRATBOYS IN A PET STORE: "chattes! chattes! chattes!"

Not Today, Satan

My Weekend's Basically Shot, Satan

How's Tuesday Looking, Satan

Having one of those emotional whiplash music days where being able to make reasonably good music isn't making me feel good about being able to make reasonably good music, but instead making me feel bad about not being able to make [insert incredibly talented musician here]'s music.

once again I am trying to work out Hilbert curve axiom + rules in the L-system extension in Inkscape and once again I am increasingly convincing myself that I understand neither the Hilbert curve nor L-systems.

See attached an interesting looking failure.

Got myself into this accidental creative trap by recording an album with band before discussing boundaries about sharing work in progress, and finding out only later that those boundaries varied and one member was a hard no on sharing anything before the album was out.

I write and record and put stuff out the same day, usually. We recorded this album fifteen months ago. There's some good songs mixed well that I just have to sit on and it's emotionally and creatively taxing for me.

do you think Steal Magnolias would have been a way funner film

do you think "stealing a base" indicates that baseball players are mostly just failed catburglers

do you think people using the phrase "that was a steal" instead of "that was theft" indicates (a) a lack of commitment to the concept of theft or (b) a healthy respect for professional thieves

JESUS: "Take this, and drink."
APOSTLES: *sipping wine*
JESUS: "It is my blood."
APOSTLES: *synchronized spit take*

come on pay a monthly subscription for access to the noise

game pitch: mashup of detective procedural and Bake Off pastiche, where you have to solve a murder by investigating the folks involved in a episodic baking show...by successfully competing in the baking show.

Snoop around the tent, question the competitors and the hosts, look for clues on people's baking tables, but for god's sake don't underbake your pastry or forget to put the eggs in or you'll be bid a tearful goodbye and the murderer will get off scot free.

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