we can, therefore, conclude logically that whatever does not make you stronger is killing you

Princess Toadstool:

1. Monarch of Mushroom Kingdom, but not a mushroom person.

2. Apparent monarch, but princess rather than queen?

3. Frequently abducted, effectively out of power at those intervals.

4. Toad and other mushroom people generally primary sources of information on abduction and rescue efforts.

5. Toadstool. Toad-stool? No, Toad's tool.

The princess is a paper monarch, Toad is the de facto ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, has her "kidnapped" to get state business accomplished.

When you snort while you chuckle and it's made of denim but you cut it short, that's a jortle

And in this specific case, I might get somewhere if I force myself to set Reason back up and fuck around with vocoder modules, because while I absolutely cannot ape Imogen Heap's vocal delivery, one of the other reasons I love the song so much is the absolute saturation of the resynthesized vocals.

I might get something I'm happy with by letting a vocoder do all that resynthesis and then just removing my source vocals entirely.

I get real fixated on songs sometimes that I would like to cover because I like them so much, but like them so much for qualities that are non-intersecting with my own musical strengths.

Which, "oh, but that's an opportunity to do something interesting and different with it!" is as good a line as any but believe me that my lifelong frustration with this aspect subsets of music is not solved by pep talks.

Anyway, I've been listening to Hide & Seek obsessively recently.

It's a difficult book to blurb or tease because it does a very good job of playing with and defying multiple genre expectations. It's not just one thing, and the various one things it isn't just are all things that I like and look for in books sometimes.

So I recommend on the strength of a blind read; it's more interesting and I think less likely to frustrate if you go into it without a preconceived notion of what it's going to be.

It's a quick read, so this isn't a huge risk.

Read “Universal Harvester” this weekend and liked it a lot. It has a story that accumulates more than it proceeds, fragmented and full of holes and stops and unanswered questions that are thematically and structurally consonant with the narrative itself; it’s very cleverly constructed but not smugly so, and that’s a huge nod in its favor.

That it proceeds like a mystery or a puzzle and then doesn’t resolve cleanly may be frustrating if you’re expecting a tidy finish.

Look, this is Journalism 101: if a cafe bites a whale, that’s not news.

Now, on the other hand,

hahaha i did not know that Messier came up with his famous list of objects because he "was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects which resembled but were not comets, so he compiled a list of them... to avoid wasting time on them." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_

a reminder that the things you'll be remembered for might be the things you throw away while trying to do something else

Just remembered I had Final Fantasy in my phone, loaded up my save game and, yup

Made a lot of progress on this puzzle but also honestly just fuck this puzzle.

You better believe we’re playing the Mr. T board game

Sudden grim image of my future self wracked with dementia and able only to shout random bits of Steamed Hams at people I no longer recognize

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