what's the difference between a detective and a circus detective

one conducts intense scrutiny, the other conducts scrutiny in tents

"i don't have a racist bone in my body" says guy whose racism is pretty much entirely in his neural tissue

Brutalist architecture is a school of building design focused on constructing livable forms from top-ten rankings of hard metal bands

this foldover is going to rip up some photos, get day drunk, and send some regrettable texts

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heavy-ass pepper on my breakfast foldover from the coffee shop this morning, tastes like the cook is coming off a bad breakup, my mouth is angry and very alive

party rock is driving to the aiiiiiirport tonight
everybody just pick up their uncle

Hey! If you want to hear me talk about art, out loud, for 45 minutes or so, I guested recently on the creativity-and-process podcast Make Do:


Listening to Postal Service and reflecting on how much I like this album if I ignore the semantic content of like half the songs. Ben Gibbard is a very clever lyricist who writes songs that fuckin' annoy me half the time.

Death Cab's output is a real letdown by comparison because it has all the same songwriting peccadilloes and also is a less interesting overall sound that PS.

This is probably the most annoyed I get about an album that I also really really love.

[Billie Joe Armstrong singing wistfully over a crime scene montage]

it's something undetectable
except in UV light
fluorescence makes the fluids
glow bright

Poor James from ME3: plotted into a game years before Amos hit the screen in The Expanse and fucked up his whole deal.

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