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Josh Millard

I love it, but can you make the Torgo bigger

what if it turns out it's actually an NP-tape

I have had several beers and have literally no idea what this means

Refractions II
oil on canvas, 36"x36"

Keeping on with a theme. Some stuff proceeded with more confidence for this one, some stuff didn't work out the way I thought it might.

Big surprise for me is how geometrically unstable it feels; it's very very easy to essentially invert the implied geometry to see this as point out toward the viewer instead of receding, but that's incompatible with the perspective and so it won't really settle down at all.

[in the style of Daler Mehndi]
Tunak tunak tun
Tunak tunak tun
Tunak tunak tun
[now suddenly in the style of that German pop band from those old VW commercials]
da da da

Whew. Interior done, most of the way there now; just need to settle on and execute a treatment for the background. *rubs crick in neck*

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@joshmillard My bltcoin is based on how many sandwiches I eat in a month.

Pleased to announce my ICO for BlitCoin, a new cryptocurrency that can only be hashed using the Fat Agnus chip from the original Amiga hardware.

workin' on a big paaaaaaaintiiiiing

Translucent three-point perspective Menger vector sketch, working through some ideas for a painting.

i mean the levels could all be warehouses and people's unfinished kitchens and and

this was a dumb joke and I don't even like sokoban and I've *implemented* sokoban several times as a programming exercise over the years

and yet i still keep thinking about doing it up in pico 8

Game idea: Dire Straits-themed Sokobon cloned called "We've Got To Move These Refrigerators"

An irreducible constant in the streets, and an irreducible constant in the sheets.

Been a slow start to 2018, art-wise, but here's some lasercutter hijinks from this afternoon.

“Man, I need to get the fuck off the internet”, mutters man whose job is literally to be on and facilitate other people being on the internet.