i've been posting so much math to the birb site that the entire site went down, whoops

i wrote a C++ shanty


Slack's having downtime
So come, me hearties
Let's talk of old days of
eye sea queue

Hand-coding websites
And long LAN parties
And drinking a barrel of
mountain dew

Oh ho the dreams we dreamt
Of lives spent at our computers
Oh ho the tears we've wept
For having our dreams come true

I've fortunately never had any kind of smoking habit, but every once in a while the thought "i would really like a cigarette" ends up in the forefront of my mind, and this is one of those days

wikipedia claims Herbert Hoover was president when the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping happened but i'm pretty sure it was the nicked-son administration

Aaron Sorkin drama starring birds would be a walk-and-squawk

construction paper mockup yesterday of a toroid bound to a tetrahedron, and work in progress today cutting and grinding pieces for a larger stained glass execution

Gonna try and update my art blog more instead of only doing bit tweet threads. Here's some recent polyhedra stuff!


JAPANESE CAT: *listening to Ziggy Stardust*
JAPANESE CAT: holy shit

why do we have programming paradigms for "if"s and "and"s but not "but"s

in all likelihood I saw the word "charge" in a tweet in the last two minutes while doomscrolling

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suddenly, for reasons beyond me: the Charles In Charge theme song running through my head

also i don't know who needs to hear this, but: it's okay to decide to do Dry February instead

among the many weird dreams I had during last night's fitful sleep, i dreamt that I was trying to work up an expectations-subverting rewrite of the Pagliacci joke and i honestly can't think of the last time my brain phoned in a dream so blatantly

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