THIS IS A QUILT. Somebody designed this and sewed it up with hundreds or even thousands of pieces of fabric. Don't ever let anyone say textiles can't be art. Amazing. (Not my photo, quilt is by Montse Forcadell Blasco.)

"Over time, tattoos do fade and "feather" or spread out as the substructure of the skin changes and loses elasticity. It can also change dramatically with exposure to sunlight and UV. I assume the later won't be much of a problem for a vampire."

gimme that dry humor

A friend posted on Ask MetaFilter to ask if Wolverine can usefully get tattoos and I kind of love this:

And it also has me thinking about like metaphysical tattoos where beings with powers over the laws of the universe get new tattoos not by sticking ink in their bodies but by tweaking e.g. protein folding so that an existing gene sequence now manifests a different phenotypical visual pattern.

TERMINATOR [playing last card, winning final trick of the game, beams triumphantly over the green felt of the parlour table] hasta la whista, baby

PERSON ON STREET: "Yes, I'm not racist, but..."

CAPTAIN IMPROV: swoops out of the sky to clamp fingers over person's lips

CAPTAIN IMPROV [to camera]: "Remember, kids, it's 'Yes, I'm not racist, AND...'"

one-strip bacon cooker that's just a tiny postage-stamp-sized zone of heat and a small conveyor belt that can pull a strip of bacon through

WOMAN: doc i'm so depressed
DOCTOR: no problem, i have just the thing, here's a number for my friend Liacci, he's a sex-worker, you go over, you borrow one of his strap-ons, you just go to town back there, I promise it will cheer you right up
WOMAN: but doctor I *did* peg Liacci

The center of St. Nicholas church in Leipzig is

well you're parthenogenetic
and you're proud that you're a self-made man

high concept breakup: presenting a rationale for breaking up that is so addled and incoherent that your apparent inability to construct a sensible narrative for ending the relationship is itself a compelling reason for your partner to want to end the relationship

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