New blog post up. Revisiting some paintings from last year and thinking about art-making and ideology and the shittiness of the situation in Minneapolis.

looking back on simpler days when all it took to good-bye depression was constricting anus 100 times daily

New post up about this print and the process of making myself just improvise if it's time to make some art and I don't know what to work on.

Alright, deep breaths: I'm launching a Patreon!

It'll be a centralized hub for longer-form posts/blogging about art stuff, which I'm excited about since I used to do a lot of blogging years back that has fallen by the wayside.

Nothing will be behind a paywall, so you can just follow it for all my writing and images about my art-making, but if you're able and willing to directly support my work there as well that's tremendous and you have my thanks.

Our Lady of Cadaverous Skin Grafts
linocut print, 6"x8"

After a cheeky self-portrait from my friend Esmeralda from the hospital burn ward where she's recovering from some significant burns. She is the gothest person I know and I love her.

like unless you can literally eat shit, you can literally eat shit

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ant incursion, but it's through the bathroom window, and I'm like, you dumb assholes, you helpless little shitheads, you fucked up

Spider plants! Spider plants!
Buy a bunch of spider plants!
Put them up! In your home!
Now you don't feel so alone!
Look out! Water your spider plants!

when "pajormjorms" catches on remember you heard it first in these ill-advised toots

"i know the pajormjorm guy", you'll be able to tell people, even as more and more grifting charlatans being to make unverifiable claims that THEY were the pajormjorm guy

"oh yeah i started saying 'pajormjorms' in 2012", they'll assert, those fucking liars, those soulless thieves

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Getting prints packed up to go in the mail this afternoon and tomorrow, so if you've been eyeing anything in the store and order it soon I'll be able to get it in the mail real quick!

maybe i'll take my mind of things with a nice video game about *checks notes* a plague-ravaged 1918 London

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