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Hackers remake where everything is the same except Dade's handle is Crash Bandicoot

instead of like "x, who you might know, is on this service" follow prompts, social media apps should be like "EEYYyyyyy, you KNOW this fucken guy?!"

different absolutely forgettable hold music as I get transferred, this is much better, I can relax and pretend it's a lesser video game soundtrack and enjoy the way that having it on speaker on my phone ladles a bunch of unintended distortion over the whole thing and makes it slightly better than it is

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Stuck with some Extremely Light Jazz instrumental hold music right now, which isn't exactly remarkable, but the melody hook that guitar lead is picking out is basically the melody of the verse of Leaving On A Jetplane but then it fucks off into some other generic thing. Weirdly maddening musical trolling.

Warning: film may contain spoilers for content of film

Still thinking about Speed and that baby stroller, and: what if they just recut the film very slightly to omit the explicit confirmation that it was cans. What if we just see Keanu look out of frame and then he tells Sandra that it was cans, and we never know.

What if we are left to decide whether Keanu chose to, metaphorically, shoot the hostage to keep Sandra on mission and save lives.

What if the reason they break up before Speed 2 is she found out that's what happened.

like, is it really a trolley problem if whichever option you choose turns out to be cans and also Keanu is there to reassure you, where's the moral calculus, where's the utilitarian angle

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Speed would have been a more emotionally complex film if that stroller hadn't been full of cans.

Casually not giving a shit about something: the ultimate boycott.

the irony is that every government data system currently built around the gender binary that makes structural moves to support the concept of non-binary gender identities will, instead of chucking out the arbitrary enforcement of gender binary structures entirely, end up creating a ternary structure.

you're allowed to say "longevitive" when you're five million years old in internet years

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MetaFilter, the non-shitty community website I run, is an achingly longevitive 22 years old today. Every year a site member makes a goofy birthday post to celebrate the very first post back in 1999, to a long-defunct site called that we eventually acquired the domain of.

special remix edition of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" where everything is exactly the same except for that one part in "The Trial" where someone yells "Yeah, judge, shit on 'im!" is replaced with someone yelling "fuck him up Socrates"

Finally got these guys photographed and uploaded and written up on my art blog: System A250001 I-XIV, a set of small watercolors based on a geometric sequence.

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