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Building At Noon
oil on canvas, 24"x30"

Second in a series of four.

Really excited about this project; it'd be impractical and probably also unwise for me to just power through the remainder of the set today but gosh there is a part of me that wants to.

@envgen Thanks! I"m pretty dang happy with it.

oil on canvas, 20”x24"

This is a bit bigger than usual, and done with just ruler and pencil markings and painted freehand instead of using any stencils. Am really pleased with how it came together over the course of yesterday afternoon and evening.

@dajbelshaw Not historically/professionally, though lately it's been starting to creep into my mind as a related avenue with the work I've been doing. If it were to come up, I'd certainly be willing to talk. :)

@woodsty Nice! I gotta play around with a lathe some day, feels like it'd be a good compromise intersection of my interest in symmetry, my fondness for physical crafts, and my abiding laziness about developing woodworking skills.

Volume Curve, Menger I
oil on canvas, 12"x12"

This is synthesizing a couple of previous themes/techniques to get back to an idea I was messing with late last year with papercut stencils, trying to find fairly abstract and flat/single-color approaches to nonetheless strongly suggesting a 3D volume.

The use of flat corners in a line to suggest a three dimensional meeting of faces does a lot of work on this.

Quick morning 5x7 selfportrait because I had a string of greys still on my palette from yesterday's painting. Sketched in pencil off a photo on my computer and then tried to lay in tonal areas pretty quickly with the greys and some Galkyd.

Goal was to play with stronger lighting and as a sketch that didn't go badly; unhappy with my drawing and the resulting proportions but that's what I get for working quickly I guess.

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@pnathan @joshmillard I saw Heavy Stencil Kick back in '05, when they opened for Radiohead.

@pnathan Yeah, those have been fun. And a little less intimidating than human portraits because (a) you know the cat's not going to be offended and (b) nobody's gonna be like "hey you didn't your cat's nose quite right"

@pnathan I do! But I've been on a heavy stencil kick the last few weeks, hence the trend in current output.

Got a bunch of stuff from the last few months up here:

Pathfinding, Prison
oil on canvas, 12"x12"

Wanted to execute something simpler and smaller than the last piece to give myself a break logistically, and focus instead on mixing and blending gradients.

Picked up a couple of pre-toned black 12x12 canvases the other day and this felt like a good experiment to take on with them. In retrospect I wish I'd mixed greys on a dark palette; I was imagining fading faster to black, but mixed light.

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