Bunch of new plotter drawings today, running with a geometric "encoding" object in a variety of ways. All ten of 'em up on my art site: art.joshmillard.com/2021/05/08

Some process reasoning on my Patreon blog: patreon.com/posts/51031872

And the drawings themselves are available for purchase on my store: etsy.com/listing/1015893581/en

Doordash: "your order has been placed and your driver will pick it up"

Skadash: "your order has been placed and your driver will pick it up, pick it up, pick it up"

Celebratory "I spent two hours refactoring my code so it works better in a way that's utterly unreflected in its visual output" plot.

Crouched in a ready and set position, looking from one creative project to another and then another and then back to the first, waiting for the gun to go off, gun's not going off, crouched as all hell, so ready, all these things, just ready to sprint off and do 'em, soon as that gun goes off, where's the gun, am i crouching on the gun, am i the gun, is the gun empty, getting some leg cramps here

Hey, I got my art website back up to date finally! Check out art.joshmillard.com/ where can browse through my work from the last few years in oil and watercolor painting, stained glass, linocut prints, and my recent dive into plotter drawings.

All else aside I guess I can feel pretty reassured that I did, in fact, make a lot of art in the last few years, because this is gonna take a while.

I also did a really poor job of documenting my stained glass work, or at least of organizing that documentations, because it's not where I'm looking for it the way most of my painting and lino stuff is. Time to trawl my giant photo library I guess.

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This process is also reminding me that I started selling linocut prints almost precisely at the moment that I stopped carving tons of Menger sponges out of lino, so that body of my early lino work has been surprisingly absent from my attention and my output for a while. Good thing I'm gonna finally correct the historical record.

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Currently going through linocut work from early last year and really enjoying seeing some of this stuff again after mostly having carved, printed, and moved on pretty rapidly at the time.

This is a gloomier likeness than I'd intended at the time but it's maybe my favorite self-portrait to date as far as how much I like the look of the work itself.

Building out my art site so that it can support work in a variety of categories; for now that's just for distinct media (oils, watercolors, stained glass, linocut, plotter drawings) but I'm starting to wonder if I should also have sections for sketchbook work and for straight up shitposts. Honest appraisal of the total context of my work?

The reality standing before me is once I get the plumbing done I've got...years worth of art to get uploaded and posted. But (a) that's kind of exciting in one sense, and (b) I'm reminding myself that I don't have to get it all done at once. This site's been out of date for years. No hurry.

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In a devil-may-care furtherance of my current Just Do The Things momentum, I'm finally updating the art website I built like four years ago and then stopped maintaining at all while I marched through several new media.

And I'm just fuckin' doing it on the live site instead of worrying about the off chance of someone finding it while its under construction. Why SHOULDN'T i do that oil change in my bathrobe? There are no rules. Just do the thing.

@joshmillard there’s a very specific facial expression I only make for your posts

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