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Every night I go to bed and then spend another 2 hours fucking around on the internet

Campaign to bring back curly cables. Sign my petition. Boost if you agree.

I really want to see Mozilla flourish but things are pretty dire. This is a sober review of a bunch of things they're not doing very well:

We pay to Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. But not to Wikipedia,, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, for our favourite Linux distro.

The huge asymmetry between corporate and community has not emerged naturally. It is a product of our choices of not supporting community oriented projects.

The short conveniences vs the long-term good. We always chose the former.

In face of surveillance capitalism, we must and must change.

its funny that peoplr act like wealth redistribution is this radical impossible political idea when in america every 10 years there is an economic contraction and you, the worker, have your wealth redistributed to the rich

Surveillance capitalism is the same as climate change, but for data:

- Some people have been warning about its consequences for years
- Most people don't care because they don't feel concerned, they can't see it affecting them
- A few companies are making a lot of damage with the help of governments
- When we will face the consequences it will be too late
- We can still do something about it, and the sooner the better

Also, if you are even a bit interested in devops or security, I am hiring support engineers again and also looking for a kickass technical writer to overhaul our troubled docs (job listing for that one will go up next week) -

I have had the Paradise Killer soundtrack in my head for days now. Too damn catchy

Oh, I forgot to share this I did months ago. I think it turned out pretty well. It's based on a photo I took in Melbourne. I haven't finished any more since, I'm having a hard time committing to making stuff lately

Did you play in [average indie band] in [second class city] in [1998] and have since moved on to become a primary school teacher or archbishop or something?

Go dig out your old bands CDs, rip them and put them up on Bandcamp for like $2. Someone out there, like me, who loved your music but lost/destroyed your CD years ago will be *very* happy to find you again.

(I’m utterly extatic to have just found this

Coronavirus, lockdown, mh- 

I totally get why we need to keep the lockdown for another few months and generally I have soldiered on but today I am tired and it all feels like A Lot and it's really getting me down.

Try our app, it's exactly like our website down to the pixel except for how it accesses your contacts, location, microphone, pictures and camera and it's not always nagging you to try our app.

Reminder: You don't need to justify taking a break in terms of it being an investment in future productivity

Tired: Hazard pay
Wired: A living wage and socialized healthcare.
Inspired: Eat The Rich.

is still really hard for me. I feel like I could use a mentor. This weekend I managed to make a simple Tide web app that has a database connection in its app state and uses that in a middleware to parse Bearer tokens and set the current user in local state. I tried this previously in Warp and got it working in a pretty hacky way, and then failed to understand how to do it in Actix. I definitely found Tide the simplest to understand, but it's also a bit too early unfortunately.

I don't have a Switch and I'm not sure it's even my thing, but damn, I'm feeling a lot of peer pressure to play Animal Crossing

I've been trying harder to be social lately and coincidentally I've felt very bad at relating to people lately. Feels like every interaction I have just rubs that in. Maybe I'm rusty.

Mastodon in a nutshell:

Omg why is everyone so cute.

And there are so many shit posts.

Sometimes, I take the three minutes to re-watch "People in Order of Age", and reflect on who resonates with me, and how I'd like to be seen. It's very effective.

Dream, Bernie 

Had a dream that Bernie stayed at my house and we slept in bunk beds, him on the top one. I was just excited to host him, but some political commentator appeared and told me how rude I was for giving him the top bunk, he's 78 for chrissakes, did I want to kill him with all that climbing up and down the ladder?! I got very upset because I didn't want to kill Bernie but he gripped my hand in his bony old man hand and told me it was fine.

I did a second . This time I picked something more complicated that ended up being *way* more complicated because of lots of different textures. Whoops. I'm sick of looking at it so I'm calling it done.

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