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J# @joshsharp

Update: yeah, that went badly.

Can loudly hear the neighbours telling their party guests that we once asked them to turn their music down at "5:30pm on a Saturday!" (it was later, but whatever) and now deserve to be kept awake whenever they like. Telling them off later is going to be fun 😐 I'm already jittery thinking about the impending conversation.

@lmorchard it's really happening! I want to be in but I suspect I'll remember even less than you, though. Probably (hopefully?) many people will be winging it

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Business idea:

run a mastodon instance for businesses. Sell accounts month to month and do the legwork to verify them, maybe even patching in a Verified thing to display on the site.. Federate with other ostatus instances under the full knowledge that your role is facilitator and business herder.

this could be p valuable.

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A Mastodon instance where the CoC specifies everyone roleplays a Mind from a spacecraft in the Culture series en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_

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The REAL 7 habits of highly successful people:

1) Being born into a rich family
2) Not having to face discrimination
3) Going to a private school with exceptional support
4) Going to an exclusive university where you can build contacts with other rich people and get opportunities most people don't have
5) Having good credit history because you've never struggled to pay bills, making it easy for you to get investments
6) Financial safety nets
7) Politicians bend over backwards for you

@carly_io that's fair, I guess I'm assuming others I know are also privileged enough to be able to make the same choice.

Uber (the company) is so foul. They've has shown over and over they'll fuck over whoever they can (the state, their drivers, their own employees, particularly women/minorities) in pursuit of profits. Why do people keep using Uber (the service)? I see female friends talking about how great it is and I genuinely don't understand how they condone it.

@22Decembre yes, but those people could one day move to hosting their own WordPress install, there's more hope for them!

@Heimathandel I did, cos your bio reads very brand-y. I am very relieved to hear you are actually just a human being :)

A brand just favourited my toot

The brands are here already 😩

If we can get people using an open, decentralised social network instead of a proprietary centralised one, maybe one day we can finally get people to write their blog posts somewhere other than Medium

@NattyGov it is the button with the arrows that looks like "retweet"

A thing I've been working on in my spare time is writing a language in Go that compiles to Go.

From my perspective, Go is a modern language with lots of benefits, but it's not a *high level* language. There's a lot of stuff that's clunky to do that you could accomplish easily in, say, Python. So why not build a better syntax on top?

My plan is something very like OCaml with more Go-like syntax (so like FB's Reason). But so far I'm only parsing and generating AST for basic syntax. Early days!

@carly_io I think I saw someone mention that — seems like it just changes all instances of "toot" to "awoo"

@charlag @Vopo I could never get the hang of Haskell, whereas Ocaml feels more comfortable for me. They all do the right stuff, though. Small differences :)

@Vopo @charlag yeah! F# is basically Ocaml for .NET, which makes it excellent IMHO. Ocaml is my fave. I wish it (or F#) was more popular.

@charlag I agree really, not a huge fan of Ruby but I do quite like the idea of Elixir... it ticks all of my boxes except for lack of static typing. I've played with it a little but haven't had reason to use it for anything serious.