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Every night I go to bed and then spend another 2 hours fucking around on the internet

Really need to pick a smaller instance to move to (and, crucially, actually make the effort to do that). Maybe a local one.

dearest newcomers. automated crossposting from twitter is boring and sucks

Just found out that someone ruined IPFS by turning it into a cryptocurrency thing. So annoyed.

celebrating wordle’s buyout with my spinoff “wormle” in which a worm forces you to guess words that have never been spoken

How lucky have you been? Have you had Covid yet?

Retoot for reach

The most fascinating thing about the NFT people is their faith in their commodities as if in relics of the saints, it’s at once a modern weirdness and extremely old

Bought a nuc to make a little media PC... ordered regular ram for it not realising the other type even existed... Now I have extra ram and have to wait another week for the correct type to arrive. Whoops.

Eye contact 

I had a birthday recently and I got some much more trendy glasses and it occurs to me that I've never posted a selfie on here so here is my face if you like. Hi

oh oh oh I've got one

Github Copilot is pronounced "Copy-lot"

Coming out of my well
And I've been shaming mankind


Thanks to @Mayana for introducing me to this poem (and highlighting the accessibility issues with poem formatting!)

I love the poem but I feel like it takes such a turn I can't even quote a bit without giving you the wrong idea about it.

The poet seems to use they/them pronouns too, which is cool!

Silica Gel Pack
This is not a snack of honor
no highly edible substance is commemorated here

Probably should toot stuff so I look like a real person but that would require having interesting thoughts worth sharing

@soft hi soft, you follow me, can I follow you back please?

I adore Godspeed and their values but the new album isn't doing anything for me, sigh.

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