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In 2017 I started writing a functional, ML-like language that compiles to Go. I made decent progress! But I still have so far to go ๐Ÿ˜“ braid.joshsharp.com.au/2018/01

Today we launched the thing we've been working on for months and months, and yesterday we were approved for a house we applied for and now we have to move, so it feels like it's been a pretty big week already ๐Ÿ˜“

What if Peep Show is just a more mundane Fight Club and Jez is Mark's idea of what cool people are like

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Four letter word du jour:

It's in systemd as fallback if your DNS is too slow, it's in docker, and it's in your bleeding toaster.

Don't point your infra to a company which is (not yet) collecting that data; if it starts doing so, you're screwed.

I am rethinking my decision to build my ML-like language on Go. Given I do not actually like Go, it's probably a bad choice.

Considering Rust instead, but that would have its own issues. Could a compiler (and one I wrote, not the same as a theoretical "best in class" compiler) understand lifetimes and borrows well enough to write correct Rust? If that's possible, why doesn't Rust do that for you already? ๐Ÿค”

What if House of Cards and Mr Robot exist in the same universe, and Frank and Elliot are talking to the same imaginary observer?

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I will be blunt: software lack of liability and the free for all of incompetent software authors & companies must end for software that lives and livelihoods depend on.

This will involve the dread hand of government and punishment. That is the nature of this beast.

Malpractice must be a thing for software engineers.

Go refusing to compile when a variable is unused is frustrating in the extreme when you're testing little things out. Is there a more elegant solution than commenting out unused declarations?

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Can we disrupt disruption? Can we imagine and then build a fairer world, a society of cooperation and human dignity, that sees rich and poor human lives as equally precious, within the shell of venture capital and corrupt government? Is it already too late?

One thing I strongly believe is that it's never too late.

After a hiatus, got back into my side project making an ml-like language that compiles to Go. The sheer magnitude of the effort required was making me anxious, but I went back and wrote some notes, and now have a plan to start with parsing and compiling a tiny, barely useful subset of the language to prove the concept. Once that works I can iterate on building it up until I've covered the entire syntax I want to support.

I apologise if that was a blasphemous toot

Sometimes I really enjoy roleplaying as our Brand Accountโ„ข on the bird site. I wonder if it's because I find it easier to interact when it's not really as "me".

Update: yeah, that went badly.

Can loudly hear the neighbours telling their party guests that we once asked them to turn their music down at "5:30pm on a Saturday!" (it was later, but whatever) and now deserve to be kept awake whenever they like. Telling them off later is going to be fun ๐Ÿ˜ I'm already jittery thinking about the impending conversation.

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Business idea:

run a mastodon instance for businesses. Sell accounts month to month and do the legwork to verify them, maybe even patching in a Verified thing to display on the site.. Federate with other ostatus instances under the full knowledge that your role is facilitator and business herder.

this could be p valuable.

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The REAL 7 habits of highly successful people:

1) Being born into a rich family
2) Not having to face discrimination
3) Going to a private school with exceptional support
4) Going to an exclusive university where you can build contacts with other rich people and get opportunities most people don't have
5) Having good credit history because you've never struggled to pay bills, making it easy for you to get investments
6) Financial safety nets
7) Politicians bend over backwards for you