Last month it was clear Trump would be re-elected as president of USA. Now it isn't clear if he is going to last 2 more weeks.

En @eitbNoticias hablan de "profesiones de segunda" y se quedan tan panchos.

Germany accuses the US of 'modern day piracy' for seizing a shipment of medical equipment - as French officials claim they were forced to fight with American buyers for millions of masks on a Chinese tarmac

For example: face masks sent from China to Germany were "captured" in transit in Thailand to be sent to USA.

Dear maga ass hats: your beloved president is making a lot of friends internationally...

United States is literally stealing medical materials (more than anything masks) from, at least, 2 European Union countries: Germany and France. They try to purchase already sold packs of masks directly from the vendor paying 4x times the price other countries already paid.

I have probably eaten more pistachios in 2 weeks than in my whole life.

Dear commies that somehow are saying that *today's* Russia is leftist: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU FUCKING SMOKE???

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