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NLnet Labs release NSD 4.6.0 with integrated Zone Verification, preventing zones with errors in the signed data from getting out into the wild.

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@localhost I took the liberty of responding that the level of obfuscation was such that I would not help.

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I adore this bit in the "total obfuscation" mail of the mailing list:

If I try running dig command on my secondary I have the follow result
(A.A.A.A is a fake address)

dig @localhost +short

That's the same message in which OP obfuscates SOA serial numbers. 😂

I’ve started telling everyone about the benefits of eating dried grapes. It’s all about raisin awareness.

"DNSSEC in .CH grew by ~45k newly signed domains today, might cross a million much sooner than I expected! It seems that @dogado signed ~43k domains with the remaining ~2k added by who have been adding around 1k DANE domains per day over the last few days."


I've taken the liberty of editing your Github comment to remove the 763m of disclaimers added by your corporate email client when you responded.

We've been communicating all this time about an event on July 17th, and that's what the Subject: reflects.

Now you've changed the date to August 9th. Is it really so fucking hard to change the Subject: in emails to reflect that new situation?

NLnetLabs writes:

zone verification prevents bogus zones from getting out into the wild. We have just merged our CreDNS functionality as a bump-in-the-wire solution into NSD. Coming soon in a release!

This is excellent! I wrote about a prior version in Very glad this is now merged with NSD.

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"Als zweiten und dritten Fixpunkt legte Fahrenheit 1714 den Gefrierpunkt des reinen Wassers (Eispunkt) bei 32 °F und die Körpertemperatur eines 'gesunden Menschen' bei 96 °F fest."

Und ich frage mich halt: Warum ausgerechnet 32 und 96!?

FYI, is partially broken. Try

dig bielefeld\.time @dns\.toys

and you might see why... 😎

I then clicked out of curiosity and saw a DNSSEC post by Dan. Huh? Why filtered?

Hehe: he used “wordle” in the text

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I wonder how clever this iOS mastodon client feature is …

the name "Fairphone" is enough to scare me away from it

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