For the record, my indicating that Knot was not correctly using the SmartCard-HSM in was wrong. I got confused and mixed up drivers. I’ve amended the blogticle as well as the issue I opened at @KnotDNS

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Join @cstrotm on June 16 for ISC's next Practical BIND 9 Management webinar: Dynamic zones covering TSIG, updating ACLs with "grant," and catalog zones with a hands-on demo.

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Falls jemand von euch mit DNS und BIND zu tun hat: In einer Woche, 2021-06-16, gibt es den fünften und letzten Teil einer Webinarreihe zu BIND9. Organisiert von, gehalten von @cstrotm. Im letzten Teil geht es um fortgeschrittene Dinge rund um dynamische Zones. Teilnahme kostet euch nichts, außer einer Stunde Zeit. Und wenn ihr die anderen vier Teile verpasst habt: gibt's als Aufzeichnung zum Nachschauen. Alles. was ihr wissen müsst, findet ihr hier:

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Mucking about with openssl.cnf on OpenBSD (6.9) and can't for the life of me get engine support configured in.

Until I notice (and then remember) it's not OpenSSL but LibreSSL.

# halt

Althttpd is a simple webserver that has run the website since 2004. Althttpd strives for simplicity, security, and low resource usage. (src code:

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Minisign, by @jedisct1, is a dead simple tool to sign files and verify signatures; it is portable, lightweight, and uses Ed25519 public key signatures

To the day nine years ago I wrote the first of several-to-come blogticles on the then radically new configuration management system called Ansible.

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Thank you, @mwlucas, for “TLS Mastery” which just arrived in time for the weekend. It’s been en-route for a while, and while several customs agents have may read it, there are no visible coffee stains on the book.

with the blue colour being the ... wait for it! ... link ... to the DNSKEY in the child?

(no need for applause; just throw money)

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