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I thought it was a joke but no, there are really on the official #CIA Web site descriptions of experiments done with the "psychic" Uri Geller #bendTheSpoon

Mastodon via Gopher. "This is really a pretty minimal wrapper over, providing just enough to make it feasible to read & post toots via a Gopher client.”

Could the operator do something? This is turning into a full-time job for me ….

One of my new favorite utilities is sponge(1) and it'll also soak up pee(1) I'M NOT BEING RUDE: Miek wrote that last one!

ls | pee "wc -l" | sponge out

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TIL that in GCC I can have a program goto a variable, and I think I would have preferred remaining innocent. :-)

In order to see a piece on Spiegel Online, I had to endure 30 seconds of people playing tennis. I can’t care less about any sport, and it turns out the video was an advert for Axa.

What exactly does Spiegel Online hope to win? Do they want me to start playing tennis, or should I immediately run out and change all my insurances? Neither is going to happen. Au contraire: those interruptions greatly annoy me

You want my money? Charge me. You are forcing me away from your platform and your content

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BIND 9.14.x on OpenBSD

BIND 9.14.0 now requires support for atomic operations from the C-Compiler. The OpenBSD system compiler does not support these in all cases, it might be required to compile BIND 9.14 with clang or a modern GCC from ports/packages.

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Over four million Internet users have signed the petition against the , and today, US sites including @Reddit and EU sites including Germany's @Wikipedia protested it even further, with blackouts and error messages.

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BIND 9.14.x on NetBSD

the new BIND 9.14.x release requires "libatomic" during compilation. "libatomic" is part of GCC and can be installed on NetBSD with

pkgin in gcc5-libs

the libraries will be installed in the path


After setting

export LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/pkg/gcc5/i486--netbsdelf/lib/"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/pkg/gcc5/i486--netbsdelf/lib/"

I was able to compile BIND 9.14.0 on NetBSD 8.

If there is a better solution, please let me know.

this is a very good description of what happened at Hydro, and I salute the balls those people had in communicating their fiasco!

"Each impacted system had three key elements:

- They all ran Microsoft Windows.

How Lockergoga took down Hydro — ransomware used in targeted attacks aimed at big business

Honest officer, we really didn't know we were storing hundreds of millions of passwords in clear text!

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This is pretty much the height of political scandal in #Canada

Who needs NTP when you can install a compressed air network to drive both public and private clocks? The Paris Pneumatic Clock Network and the Paris Compressed-Air Power Network

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