I spent my Christmas day installing and learning about Manjaro Linux. This is great! Why didn't I try it sooner? I have made the AUR my bitch. No fumbling with PPAs or compiling because there's no native package available. Everything just works on my finicky Dell Inspiron 15 7559 laptop. Hell, I'm even running the same kernels I used on Debian/Ubuntu, Xanmod and Liquorix with Optimus-Manager. All is good in this 'hood. Too bad this really isn't Arch in disguise. It's Arch-like at best.

I have neglected this site for a while. Let's see what things are like now.

Does anyone know of an open source GUI form builder using multiple toolkits for Linux/X where I can toss some Python code into each action? I'm looking to design some GUI frontends to command line tools that I regularly use.

I haven't used anything like this since Visual Basic 5 on Windows 2000 beta. I remember it working well. Last thing I made with VB5 was a frontend to a DOS Game Boy emulator called DBoy. You can still get it at zophar.net/frontends/gameboy/d ... source code lost >15 years ago.

Does anyone know of a good free blogging platform where they don't own the content you post and won't delete your account if they don't agree with your views? Seems like a lot to ask for something since I have no intentions of being devious or anything. I just want to avoid big companies. I don't mind if they have ads to pay for the page/server/bandwidth. I just want a decent place to write blog posts, mostly for my own reference, and be able to share the posts at times.

I wonder how hard it would be to de-Google-ify & de-Facebook-ify myself after all the years of using both companies' services?

Only way I use it is with a mobile web browser on my phone, maybe once a week if I'm super bored.

I don't use them.

Easily replaced with ProtonMail or similar.

Use channel RSS feeds and watch without being logged in.

I'll miss a lot of people, but even that place hasn't gripped my attention much for a while.

If I wanted to build a truly open source desktop computer, how much would it cost in USD?

All parts would be truly open source, from case design, power supply, CPU, GPU, motherboard, etc.

I have read articles about an open source GPU, but I don't recall it being able to play games very well, even with OpenGL capabilities.

Everything else I've read about open source hardware has always lead to parts being on the expensive side.

Freedom is far from being free.

Super Mario Galaxy - Gutsy Garden Jazz Remix


This guy deserves far more subscribers. You. Yes, you. Go now!

Good morning tooters. Today's main task is to find a decent (E)ATX motherboard that will utilize 2 Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 CPUs. Last time I searched for such a beast, I was looking at $400+ USD just for the board. This technology is 5+ years old. Why are the boards so expensive still, yet the CPUs are decently priced at ~$300 USD for a matching pair? Even the ECC RAM is fairly priced on eBay. It's not like this setup is good enough for AAA gaming. Anyways, I just don't get it.

I keep getting distracted with a computer build project I want to do. It will mostly consist of parts sourced from eBay and/or donations.

The main purpose of this box will be a video editing/rendering box for a near future YouTube/Vimeo project I have planned.

- full tower, workstation style case
- 750W fully modular 80+ plat PSU
- 2x 2011 CPU mobo, 8 RAM slots
- 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 CPUs
- 64GB ECC DDR3 RAM (4 sticks)
- 1|2 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

I have SSDs and large storage HDDs.

About an hour ago, I started going through all the people I follow on here and opened each of their profiles in new tabs.

Now I have 60 tabs open. Chromium with only 16GB RAM and 'swapspace' daemon well configured to work with on Debian still isn't very optimal.

Anyways, I'm looking for more interesting people to follow by breaking each tab off into a separate window and viewing who each person follows and who follows them.

I'm a bit torn between a couple of languages I want to learn. On one hand, I want to learn Python because it's everywhere. On the other hand, I want to learn Ruby because it looks to be the happy place between PERL and C. I eventually want to learn both, but now I'm down to flipping a coin to decide which to learn first. I'm open for creative reasoning comments.

Angry Birds Fight is drawing closer to its end, sometime in November.

The game has quite a few problems. Devious players can modify game data files on their device, which overrides data on the server, allowing cheating. No file checks at app startup, nor any checks from the server to prevent clients from playing that are not using the same data set.

Rovio released Angry Birds Match a few days ago, a Candy Crush clone, to replace Angry Birds Fight, instead of fixing the issues with it.


I really need to get on course with learning Japanese. This place is fairly quiet during my waking hours. I look at the federated timeline and Japanese instances are popping conversation out like mad...yet I can't read it. Maybe a translation link or button could be added. Is there even a decent open source translation service out there?

I tried UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START too... Not even the Konami code brought it back to life.

Damnit. A firmware update for my Asus router nerfed it tonight. I'm the proud owner of a $250 paperweight. I'm not happy one bit.

Since the Mastodon web interface is mimicking the TweetDeck UI, is there any chance of being able to drag and drop column ordering any time soon? That is one of the most useful feature of TweetDeck that I use on a daily basis. I drag columns to the left that I want to monitor and scroll over for the ones that are less paid attention to at the time.

Is there a particular reason why modern Android devices can't move apps to external storage?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (US SnapDragon) with a 128 GB microSD card in it. When I go to move large apps to SD, it keeps saying there's not enough space to perform the action. I know that on most devices, /sdcard is mapped to the same partition where /apps is, thus emulating the space being shared between them. The phone sees the 128 GB microSD card, but it has 98 GB free. Something's not right. Halp!

I was just doing some reason searching for "Linux tracking", and one of the results did not disappoint one bit. It is a forum thread on the Deepin Linux forum about trusting a Chinese distro. The conversation gets finger pointy towards the bottom, but the first half or so brings up great points.

Here's the post URL:

I think I found an entertaining show to watch. Young, Dumb, and Living Off Mum. I swear if I have any kids, they will not ever be spoiled like these brats. I felt embarrassed for their parents after seeing these kids. Then again, kids these days get a brand new iPhone as soon as they are born, and the parents get them McDonald's because they don't want to cook. I can see why these kids in this show turned out the way they did. That's just not right in my mind.

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