Whenever I'm tempted to give a lightning talk or presentation, I remember I'm an idiot, and generally don't have a lot new to add.

Thus, I remain happy not being another old, white guy on a stage.

(Happy to write stuff, though. It keeps me quieter.)

Accomplishment of the day:

Introduced my co-workers to
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp


The wiki page kinda highlights just how absurd that show was.


For 15 years, I've been passing out candy and blinky non-candy things to kids on Halloween.

How the hell are kids supposed to spot a teal pumpkin, at night, from a distance?

(Guessing it's for the weirdos that take their kids out "at night" at 4 pm)

According to something I read last night, four countries re-activated shortwave radio broadcasts in the past six months.

We're constantly told it's in decline, that the internet is the way forward for international broadcasting, but perhaps increased levels of world tension have concentrated a few minds.

Websites can be blocked, local radio relays in foreign capitals can be turned off (eg the BBC in Hong Kong recently) but shortwave crosses borders.

well, break's over.
Survived the remnants of a hurricane and family, so semi-win.

Not as burned out as 2 weeks ago.

Also, Scalsi's "The Collapsing Empire" is worth your time.

I just had the exact conversation that proves we’re all fucked forever, thanks for coming to my TED talk.

β€œOne of my deep frustrations with the data universe is that it's just to sell us stuff. We're using smart machines and brilliant people to move ads, and that's pretty uninspired.”

Hear more from @baratunde in our special season finale of IRL: t.co/5VxzuvGasZ tweeted by @mozilla

I realized one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of visiting my east coast family.

Instead of little bits of annoyance dribbled over the year, I get one solid week of it.

It's not vacation, it's family.

Taking next week as PTO.

Which is good.

Because starting to feel a little burnt.

PSA: Don't think that stupid conspiracy theories don't exist on both sides of the political aisle.

Good news, though, they still help you find out people you need to ignore from now on.

Firefox Color 2.0.0 has arrived!

I pushed the deploy button on this one, myself.

Worked on this a bunch over the summer. Streamed myself on Twitch adding custom image support. We revamped the UI, added in some new theme properties. There's even a theme randomizer now.


I got one of the new Yubikey5. The NFC thing is a bit odd, but darn useful, particularly with the YubiAuth app on my phone. I wish it was easier to use the YubiAuth app on a chromebook, but I've got a somewhat hacky script setup that works just fine.

Honestly, if you want online security, really consider getting one. (Even the $20 one is definitely worth the money)


Y'know what's better than "not all men"?

"How can I be exceptional?"

"What shall we do for dinner?"
"Anything as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house or interacting with humans other than you."
"I wasn't even planning on interacting with you. Just sort of sitting here coexisting."
(We exchange a look)
"Soul mates."

Help Rae the Doe: after a recent comic suggested gamers should support the 250 ppl laid off by Telltale, Olive Brinker (Rae's creator) had to deactivate her account because of the subsequent mass harassment by the GooberGrape movement.

If you can, please support Olive on patreon at patreon.com/raethedoe. She does amazing work for the trans community and deserves support during this attack.

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