Reposting because it's been a day and folks are chatty:


Seems like a pretty good time to switch to

So, I am.

feel free to follow there if you desire.

Some cultures have a rich tradition of street food.

America has mall food courts.

Don't fight me, just sob into your basket of deep fried cheese curds.

Hrm, there are a LOT of EVs and PHEVs coming out in the spring...

hoping @Valette @robotkarateman and the rest of Anchorage are ok.

Looks like that was a heck of a shaker.

Yes, this is from birdsite.

But if you're an open source author and maintainer, and want to get paid by the big companies that use your code, you need to read this thread:

I think I procrastinate via checklists and requirement documents.

There's something weird about that, but I'm willing to write up a document I can use to specify the process to determine what it might be.

Words and phrases my wife doesn't know that I'm not sure I should tell her what they mean:

* Camel Toe vs Moose Knuckle
* Urban Dictionary

(I'm far less innocent than she is, apparently)

Guess I'm at the age where a 30 minute annual checkup takes 2 hours, with lots of less appealing follow up crap.


US Midterms and "two bad candiates" 

For folks who don't want to pick between "two bad candidates".

Y'all realize we didn't go from single cells to apes with spaceships overnight, right?

Voting is like evolution. Pick the one that's closer to your preferred idea of success. The more it happens, the more likely you get the preferred outcome.

* wonders why he feels so tired.
* remembers he hasn't really slept in 4 days.

Yeah, that might do it.


My plan to shoot packs of Smarties from a nerf gun has been foiled by reliable design! (The spinning ballista wheels are too hard.)

Looks like I'll have to significantly rethink this before Halloween.

I like living in Silicon Valley, but I kinda wish about 60% of the population would leave.

They can go pivot their 3D blockchain ad marketing innovation startup just as well in Cleveland.

Whenever I'm tempted to give a lightning talk or presentation, I remember I'm an idiot, and generally don't have a lot new to add.

Thus, I remain happy not being another old, white guy on a stage.

(Happy to write stuff, though. It keeps me quieter.)

Accomplishment of the day:

Introduced my co-workers to
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp

The wiki page kinda highlights just how absurd that show was.

For 15 years, I've been passing out candy and blinky non-candy things to kids on Halloween.

How the hell are kids supposed to spot a teal pumpkin, at night, from a distance?

(Guessing it's for the weirdos that take their kids out "at night" at 4 pm)

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