For an Erased planet, it's mighty pretty.

(Also kinda curious who erased it?)

At some point in your early software development career you may be told that "Computer programming is fun!"

After nearly 30 years I can tell you that this, of course, is a horrible lie.

"Twitter is not the public square. It just wants you to think it is. The web itself is the public square."

Had to fly from PDX -> LAX -> SJC. Most of the flight was just looking down at smoke.

Well, at least Crater Lake wasn't on fire...

It's a Cantonese spammer that's been raiding my phone. I don't care if people call them and waste their time and resources.

At a week long session doing deep dives into Rust programming language.

It's like being at the wrong end of a strongly typed firehose.

BTW, if you're running crouton on a chromebook, I recommend LXT rather than KDE (even though I'm a huge KDE fan for desktop).

The previous near random string of loosly bound words can also be used to summon Deep Ones for a beach volleyball game.

Here's a picture of me in my new Aira glasses. Aira is an on call service that gives blind people the ability to get visual tasks done. It's like having a co-pilot who gives you directions and visual information. My Aira agent helped me line up the picture and then snapped it for me using my phone's camera.

On a business trip, so no pictures of fantastic vistas to make odd comments about.

Well, unless I do that with photos from Portland, but that just kinda feels like cheating.

Speaking of things that are both stupid and surprisingly high quality:

Do it for the kids.

For some reason, the soundtrack for the original TRON kept playing in my head while I walked around here:

Dang it! Just realized I mis-remembered the name. It's not the "Mudflap Special", it's the "Thunderbolt Grease Slapper".

Gotta go fix that tomorrow.

So, I now have two ships. The "Thunder Chicken 2" and the "Mudflap Special 2". Bonus points if you get either of those references.

Meanwhile, what could possibly go wrong here? (Other than landing there controls my lights and stereo systems. Not sure about the "Blood" or "%PLANET%CLASS%", though...)

BTW, if y'all are looking for some good folk to follow, I'd recommend following @maloki
She does an amazing job finding and promoting quality folk here.

@jrconlin I hear you. Every time I get back from the store and my wife's not turned into a dolphin, I am thankful.

Keepers, both.

It's the little things I appreciate about being married to my wife.

Like, when I go out for a sandwich, I don't return to a house full of angry wolves.

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