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"He removed a terrible, suffocating weight from the back of this nation. For the more than 74 million Americans who voted for him — and surely even for some of those who did not — Biden’s election allowed this country to laugh, to dance and to breathe... Indeed, his victory caused people to weep in joyful relief as they became aware of the heaviness that had afflicted their hearts, after they’d suddenly been relieved of it."


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Watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World right now and so far rooting for the world

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"People who keep journals have life twice."

-- Jessamyn West

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Talking on an analog phone line is deeply satisfying. I think it's the lack of latency; we're used to 100-500ms delay in most cell phone conversations. It's almost spooky to talk to someone for half an hour and not once have to say "no, sorry, go ahead" or add additional space to make sure someone's done speaking.

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"and their eyes changed
as they learned to see through flames"

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"We didn't call it fuzzing back in the 1950s, but it was our standard practice to test programs by inputting decks of punch cards taken from the trash.

We also used decks of random number punch cards. We weren't networked in those days, so we weren't much worried about security, but our random/trash decks often turned up undesirable behavior.

Every programmer I knew used the trash-deck technique."

-- Gerald M. Weinberg

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""[Senator John McCain is] not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured...” Since then, with very few exceptions, elected Republicans have stood shoulder to shoulder with a president who utters one lie after another, spews racist bile, demeans women, dehumanizes immigrants and venerates dictators."


Remember. A boycott is when you don't buy or partake of a thing for protest purposes.
When you withhold your labor, that's a STRIKE. I suspect there's a lot of fear around this word because the teachers might get some ideas from the basketball players.

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I've been thinking about the George Floyd killing and other killings like Jacob Blake.

What I see is impunity.

Not law enforcement. Not "serve and protect."

I see pudgy incel insecure white cops who didn't serve in the military, trying to prove how tough they are by torturing and breaking strong Black men. Making them beg for their lives, beg for their mothers, and then killing them in cold blood. In public.

And the whole system is bloody-handed and complicit.

Not just a "few bad cops."

"Black Lives Matter" is a *deeply* important issue; White House gardens not so much...
I'm relatively confident today that both are externally being inflated via the social media machine to distract from the RNC and "12 more years" et al.

As the outages occur, a friendly (if repetitive, if you know me, reminder)

"Canvas" is just another web app; basic HTML with a standard-ish backend, and replaceable*

"Zoom" is just another video thing, basic WebRTC with their own stuff on top. Also replaceable.

HTML, email (and more currently) WebRTC are the important fundamentals, but the particular services/companies that implement them are not. Always try to be cognizant of, and use when possible, alternatives.

There was (maybe still is?) a problem getting Adobe licenses to students recently. I (naturally) gently brought up free/open source alternatives, knowing the expected responses of "industry standards" and such.

I've been saying this sort of thing forever, and frankly, I'm all out of sympathy. But, as always, I'm here to help whoever's ready do this a smarter way.


Re: our next Veep. Feel free to share.

100% of visible national Black candidates for *anything* have had to make *grimy* compromises, because that's the nature of the country. This is UNAVOIDABLE. The white people in power will not let anyone in without playing this ugly game; and the ONLY other alternative for this is "no black candidates/politicians on the national level."

mmm yes feel the hate flow through you

(seriously, never heard the song, probably won't like it all that much if/when I do ...but the thought of conservatives trying to ban hip-hop takes me back to simpler times and just warms my heart)


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"Anti-fascists linked to zero murders in the US in 25 years

As Trump rails against ‘far-left’ fascism, new database shows leftwing attacks have left far fewer people dead than violence by rightwing extremists"


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It's amazing what you can learn if you just unironically ask

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"Egypt tells Elon Musk its pyramids were not built by aliens"


🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

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After I Died

Left arm numb. Blinding pain then... Mom? Angels? then vortex going down.

Back to the lan o the police man...

Mr. Shaw?


It's 2136.


You're an AI in a cloned body. We got 98.51% of your mind back. Some of the gaps have been filled with commercial content but you've been granted a permanent license.

My brain has copy protected commercial content, great.

Can I see and alter my code?

Yes. You'll be glad to know it's distantly descended from UNIX...

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What I don't really understand is who decided that kitchen appliances should be operated using touch interfaces. Yes, let me press my finger against hot glass to have my finger not recognized half the time

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