Flying home to @cmac ! Never too soon when it's a work trip 😀

Headed to Florida for a couple of days for work :-/

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Dinner time! Then a mini group meeting for the grad school project

I'm trying this new thing "waking up early" -- trying to knock out some lecture and studying before heading to work

The U.S. will cost you the most for treatment, both in absolute terms and relative to average incomes, while life expectancy of Americans -- about 79 years -- was exceeded by more than 25 countries and territories

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Imagine starting a college CS project to write an OS kernel, you don't think it'll go anywhere big, and it ends up becoming such a huge deal that you end up maintaining and developing it for almost 25+ years.

It's in servers, it's in phones. It powers supercomputers as well as embedded systems, robots, and desktops. Literally thousands of distributions stem from the project you hammered together in, now dozens of companies contribute resources to further its development.

Crazy stuff.

so ... how badly over-crowded is It looks nice that this offers some way to migrate nodes


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