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All went well, but I’ve learned that I do NOT like the after effects. Feels like dying.

Had some cervical injections today under anesthesia and boy do I feel wacky.

Or I’ll forget what I was doing and post nothing.

Beware… what follows may be similar to drunk tweets…

Lately I have found very little interest in anything people post to social media. Y’all want to step up your game or something?

It feels like Sunday. I mean, it feels like any day that ends with the letters “D A Y”.

I often post about being tired and wanting to sleep. This is one of those;

I’m tired and want to sleep.

I have an early 90s pop song stuck ok my head that I dare not repeat here.

And the was definitely the first time I’ve tweeted the word “boobs”.

Which is actually pretty fucked up; women are less likely to receive potentially life-saving CPR because they got boobs.

Why are there no female dummies you ask?

People are apparently afraid to touch them.

I learned today that there are no female CPR dummies. However, there is a company about to release a “strap-on set of breasts” for existing dummies.

Stupid pointless anxiety. What am I anxious about, going to sleep? That’s stupid.

Laundry. Man, laundry is one of those things that just eats time. With a lot of waiting for it to be done.

It was one of those days where I felt constantly under time constraints, but I’m not really sure what exactly was so time consuming.

I think I need a solid two days of sleep. Like a whole 48 hours, consecutively.

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