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Just heard a word combo on the podcast I’m listening to that would make a great band name.

Gary’s Meat Shed.

I thought it would be a good idea to make the old 56k dial up modem sound my ringtone, it was not. I keep forgetting to change it back to something that doesn’t startle the hell out of me and make the dogs bark every time my phone rings.

Just updated my calendar with appointments and whatnot and noticed several birthdays of friends and family coming up that are no longer alive. I just can’t remove them from my contacts, it feels like I’m deleting them or something.

Oh damn, I haven’t looked at either twitter or Mastodon in several days due to the flu… I think I’m just gonna have to skip all y’all posts.

Anything interesting happen?

Uh… I don’t even remember what we had uploaded there, but I know there were several tunes.

MySpace lost all music uploaded from 2003 to 2015

Children can be so loud it seems to defy physics. How do their small lungs push that much air?

Every time I sit down to play a game I end up not playing because I get a wave of totally pointless and stupid anxiety. What the hell?

The fact that this exists and seems like Apple is ok with it annoys me since they refused to allow Valve’s Steam Link app in the App Store.

Microsoft offers preview of ‘Project xCloud’ service to stream Xbox games to iPhones and iPads

I’ve been having some seriously screwed up dreams lately. At least I’m sleeping well enough to dream though, right?

Hey and! We should really, really get back to producing episodes of

Like yesterday.

I get why some business folks still use Windows 7 (or even XP, holy shit!), but regular home users are nuts for still using it.

Yeah, the last pinned tweet had been there almost 5 years to the day.

I think I’ll make that my new pinned tweet; it’s been a lyric from “The Day I Tried To Live” for quite a while.

I’m seriously loving this new Foals album. So far I’m really stuck on the song “Syrups”. I’ll see if I can find a streaming version to share…

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