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Hello I'm Jason. I've just started here on Mastodon and trying to figure everything out.

I'm a software developer working for a small company in Lower Bavaria. I'm an American by birth and have lived in Germany for the last 20 years. I'm a happily married and proud father of three kids. We gave up our car in 2018 and have been living a car free life since. I also enjoy oil painting to get me away from screens. Looking forward to meeting people here.

My kids are all playing the "Give that wolf a banana" song today from

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Short rant about misconception of Mastodon 

I read an article where the writer is repeatedly uneasy about how conversations on Mastodon are devoid of politics, ”as if the outside world doesn’t exist.” The idea being that the birdsite is more connected to reality?

It’s frustrating to me that anyone would portray algorithm-boosted rage as representative of the world stage, and real, human conversation as non-representative of the human condition and human desire.

The world is upside-down.

Yesterday evening we had our second Vorkonstituierende Sitzung of the Intergrationsbeirat Kreis Freising. Things are coming together. Looks like our Konstituierende Sitzung will be on 30.09.

Looking forward to help provide a voice to the people who do not have a right to vote here. , , , ,

Today's work on my project I got the scheduler implemented. Next up the request to get the feeds.

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Nothing like starting the weekend with a case of . Was good to work on my side project but just not feeling it.

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@pluralistic As a Norwegian, who is by no means a billionaire, I can assure the US citizens that the only people who benefit from not having free colleges and universities are the richest people. I pay a high tax rate. My willingness to do so would be a lot lower if someone said "but *your* children won't have free health care, dental care, college, or university".

So is there a way to have my most recent toots show up on my website?

Cool I've verified my personal webpage with my mastodon profile. Also gave me a chance to update it a bit. It's been a while 😀

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It's unsafe to cycle because the people who think cycling itself is unsafe drive cars dangerously

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Never read Dracula before? Would you like to read it.... over RSS? Dracula is entirely made up of letters, telegrams, newspaper articles. Each has a date, between May 3rd and November 10th, Last year, and now this year, Dracula Daily has offered people the ability to read the classic novel "in real time". It just started, so if you add to your newsreader, you can follow along this year. #rss

Just got the message for the next sitting of our Integrationsbeirat. Looking forward to this. We had a meeting via video in January for some of the administrative work. Looks like we have a few more points to discuss before we can be fully constituted.

Lunch is over and now I am jonesing for something sweet!

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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

So last night I learned that large Gummi Strawberries are bad for dental work. That means today I get to call the dentist to have my crown out back into place 😔

Starting to implement the Quartz Scheduler. Was a little taken aback when Spring Boot started the Scheduler without me doing anything 😳 . Problem was I imported the Quartz started in multiple modules and apparently it can causes lots of not so pretty log entries. I've now moved the scheduler to its own module.

Finally I've been able to rebuild the OPML structure into my database. OPML is just a dumpster fire. Of course now comes the dealing with the insane crap that feeds call "RSS" 🙄

Next up is parsing an opml file and create the web feeds and their parent folders (I call them group feeds) and have them stored in the database.

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