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Mastodon is growing up, so I will introduce myself.

Hello everybody, read my bio if you want to know who I am.

I'm Spanish, but most of my toots are english. I love programming with Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Also I love Linux.

I could define me as a polyglot developer, but not yet.

Also I have a Konoha headband.

My fellow flatpak builders, I have a question.

I'm trying to package a SDL game, and the game needs some assets (static files) that should be placed on the same directory of the binary.

But I have no idea about how I can copy the files into the /app/bin directory :(

One guy ask on a IT chat why most of devs choose macOS instead of Windows.

I write a well-formed answer and his response is "i don't think that way", and start talking about why companies uses Windows and why he chose Ubuntu (because it's free, not as in freedom).

OK bro, if you already know the answer, don't ask.

Another day, another need. I'm thinking seriously about buying a PocketCHIP, just to play PICO-8 games on it.

Spanish rage about free software trolls 

Cómo esto siga así, me veo saliéndome otra vez de una comunidad enriquecedora y realmente interesante, que me aporta mucho en materia de licencias libres y ética free software.

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Spanish rage about free software trolls 

Le baneé en su día de uno de los grupos que gestiono por bocas. He visto gente con interés en un tema, irse de grupos relacionados por no aguantarlo. Le he visto tropezar una y otra vez con la misma piedra, y negarse a aprender de su error. Y entre tanto, llorar porque no puede vivir del cuento, en esencia.

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Spanish rage about free software trolls 

Estoy un poco quemado ya de encontrarme al mismo troll en todos los grupos de software libre que piso. Misma persona, mismo discurso, vaya donde vaya.

Me agota demasiado verle siempre hablar del software libre como una forma de ganar dinero, sin más, sin valorar la ética de este, y menospreciarlo a la primera de cambio. Que la comunidad española sea tan pequeña suele ser un plus, pero también es un problema.

Yo @koyuchan, how many users have you got on Can I have one too?

Me: *uses a descriptive name for every commit and pull request*
Other people: this fix that thing

I wrote it in C, it's my very first attempt to write a full program in C, so I guess there is a lot of things wrong.

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