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Mastodon is growing up, so I will introduce myself.

Hello everybody, read my bio if you want to know who I am.

I'm Spanish, but most of my toots are english. I love programming with Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Also I love Linux.

I could define me as a polyglot developer, but not yet.

Also I have a Konoha headband.

I also have this on Twitter with BetterTweetdeck. But this is Mastodon.

I'm thinking about using OpenCV and OCR (maybe Tesseract?) to make EPUB versions of phisical books written at 80s-90s. I've found some of these books on but the PDF is a scan of every page, and this makes them difficult to read on my smartphone.

I'm wearing the Argent Crusade tabard since 2009. Personal reasons. But I never changed it.

Por cierto... ¿cuánta gente por aquí usa #pixelfed además de @Liofilizado y @victorhck ??? (agradezco el boost)

Reasons to join mastodon:

- No ‘influencers’

- Chronological timeline

- New mates

- Accessibility features

- CW etiquette

- Without the pressure of trying to please an audience via an algorithm to go viral, your shit-posting skills blossom into beautiful levels, shapes and colours that you didn’t know that you had in you.

- Horny on main

Phoenix seems like a great chance to learn Elixir. But not today.

Phoenix.LiveView: Interactive, Real-Time Apps. No Need to Write JavaScript.

A Bosmer and Orc out on a cold night ❄️
Commissioned by @khorijin-dotharl on Tumblr. #eso #teso

There is an IT company that only hire people with its own car. Weird.

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