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Mastodon is growing up, so I will introduce myself.

Hello everybody, read my bio if you want to know who I am.

I'm Spanish, but most of my toots are english. I love programming with Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Also I love Linux.

I could define me as a polyglot developer, but not yet.

Also I have a Konoha headband.

And I'm talking about SASS but not about the CSS framework, notice that. We can add Bulma to this list. Or even remove Jinja2 and add React. But I'm trying to make this app JS-free.

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Python (pip, pipenv)
Node (npm)

List of tools and services used for the development of my current web application project. It's a bit insane, because it is a really small application.

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

According to my investigations, my problem with job offers or interviews could be not having a nice portfolio. I need ideas to make one.

3 job offers remain until I look for more.

Also, my mother (57 yo, low/middle profile Internet user), is looking for job offers for me too. She asked me for my minimum requirements and "how to look for programmer offers". She's so lovely for help me with this.

Got rejected from another job offer. Nothing special, they are looking for a +3 years of experience backend developer. I have more than 3 years of experience with backend dev, actually, but from side projects, not professional projects.

Also they rejected me few months ago after fail a recruitment test. So... Living la vida loca.

288GB de estáticos con antigüedad de más de una semana borrados. De 18$/mes de factura de AWS a 3$/mes, incluyendo el dominio que tengo en Route 53.

El siguiente paso es montar un CloudFront y reducir el número de peticiones, no afecta intensamente al coste del servicio pero si puedo aprovechar las peticiones gratuitas, lo hago.

There will be a small v3.1.5 release with important security fixes soon. Please be prepared to upgrade swiftly!

v3.2.0 with cool new features will come after that!

I'm not going to work tomorrow because I don't have job now. So it's 23:44 and I have my white russian.

- ¿Y sabes cómo llaman el Mastodon a hablar mogollón de política?
- ¿Cómo?
- Dar la turra tío, y además no se insultan entre ellos como en Twitter
- Esa gente no pueden ser normales
- Unos trastornados, lo que yo te diga

That's all, thanks for coming to my rubber duck TED Talk

10$/mo (storage and data transfer) would be nice, I think. Because this, and the monthly cost of server (DigitalOcean, ~18$/mo) makes it affordable for me.

According to Amazon S3 console, our S3 usage is ~103k request per month. ~380GB of data stored here.

Store and data transfer, ~15$/mo.

Adding a lifecycle rule to remove old media (one week or more) should be nice to reduce this cost.

Vuelvo a abrir los registros por tiempo limitado. Veamos si se mantiene la oleada de spam.

If this doesn't work, take an aspirin and call me again in the morning.

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