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Mastodon is growing up, so I will introduce myself.

Hello everybody, read my bio if you want to know who I am.

I'm Spanish, but most of my toots are english. I love programming with Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Also I love Linux.

I could define me as a polyglot developer, but not yet.

Also I have a Konoha headband.

ยกAla! ยกGrabada mi participaciรณn en @24h24l! Ha sido una experiencia curiosa y enriquecedora.

I'm switching to Evolution, actually. But I love Thunderbird.

The real question about mail is

Yesterday, we talked about man-in-the-middle attacks, and someone mentioned the TS-LAN device (really nice, actually). I talked about captive portals and how funny they could be.

So, today I looked for an article explaining how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a captive portal, and I will try to convince the teachers about trying it in the morning with other people ๐Ÿ˜„

I'm getting sick about non-programmers blaming the devs because something is not exactly as they imagine without giving us instructions.

Credits to @ocean.

Now I only need to develop the concept. Maybe a mecha-cat against the world.

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Arrancando las primeras clases de la asignatura "Hacking ร‰tico" en el master de ciberseguridad, y me vienen a la mente muchas lecturas de @terceranexus6 que he ido acumulando estos aรฑos.


The Xbox 360 is 15 years old today!

I had lots of mew mew memories playing mine bacc in the day
Halo 3 and Oblivion were so tanoshi...

Vim running inside Windows Terminal with PowerShell.

No WSL, just PS sexyness.

Thank you Thursday! Today we're sending our thanks to all of you. Thank you for contributing to, using, and supporting GNOME - we wouldn't be here without you.

#ThankYou #GNOME #giving

But my top problem with this things, is how to build a distributable. Currently is kinda weird, but at least, it is supported by Flatpak.

Few years ago, I built an app to put cat pictures on your desktop. I posted here about the app some times. Now I'm thinking about rewrite it completely using C.

Just imagine putting on your resume "Lord Juan Josรฉ Salvador", because my nobiliary title will be part of my name.

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