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Mastodon is growing up, so I will introduce myself.

Hello everybody, read my bio if you want to know who I am.

I'm Spanish, but most of my toots are english. I love programming with Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Also I love Linux.

I could define me as a polyglot developer, but not yet.

Also I have a Konoha headband.

Also I'm aware that at some point, I will buy a 3D printer (thx for the scam, Obsidian) and I will get into cosplay again.

Before getting too old for this sh*ts.

Además de los rumores de un nuevo Shovel Knight solo para Switch, que el primero en 3DS me pareció genial y divertidísimo.

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En realidad mis argumentos de peso para convencerme a mi mismo de que comprar una Switch es buena idea, es la saga Diablo. Diablo II y D2: Lord of Destruction los tengo en PC (¡originales!) y desde ahí no he continuado la saga. Pero el recientemente conocer que Immortal podría aparecer en Switch y que Eternal Collection (Diablo III y sus expansiones) ya está en consolas, me plantea un nuevo enfoque para una consola portátil.

Soy consciente de que en algún momento de mi vida me compraré una Nintendo Switch.

I just want a keyboard TKL, mechanical, switches Cherry MX Blue or equivalent, ISO layout. Without RGB.

But impossible to find for less than 170 USD.

It's sooooo hard to find TKL keyboard without RGB. Mechanical or not.

I'm in love with this mechanical keyboard. Because compact, blue switches and bluetooth available. Also ISO layout! But I'm concerned about Linux compatibility.

Switching from gnome-terminal to kitty terminal emulator because this one support otaku mode.

Just for neofetch screenshots, gnome-terminal will be my favourite and main terminal emulator for a while.

I just noticed that I can customize Neofetch. And how to add waifus for my screentshots.

I've just wanted to remove Debian logo to made it smaller.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have GREAT NEWS today. One of my last job interviews was successful and I will be again part of working class. No more looking for job at shitty pages.

I never had the need to validate a form with Django, because I always make validations on client-side and... now I want to run in circles.

Teacher: Does anyone of you know Lua programming language?

Me: Me. I know Lua and I like it as scripting language. I have even some games written in Lua.

Teacher: Does it's true? Can you prepare an example and teach us the basics of Lua and how to write a script for Nmap Scripting Engine?

And that's how I become the teacher now.

Yesterday I had a job interview. Today I've been asked for another one.

Since I left my previous job on August, 2020, I had two interviews (August, December). And since January, 2021, this will be the third one. I guess I wasn't looking for it in the right way. So here we go, Django remote developer offer!

En un grupo local de devs, hace tiempo comenté la idea de organizar un "congreso online" sobre diferentes temáticas, abierto a todo el mundo. La idea tuvo buena acogida pero se quedó en el aire.

Creo que es el momento de empezar a modelar Gazpacho Dev Fest.

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