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You know #Peertube ?

Framasoft needs your help to finance the next roadmap milestones :

🚩 Global search through whole #Fediverse instances
🚩 Moderation useful tools
🚩 Plugins & playlists
🚩 Live streaming in peer 2 peer mode !

This free software would become a wonderful Youtube full alternative !

Instagram removes ability to view posts unless you are logged in.

Another example of why open source alternatives are increasingly important!

"Tags and Categories"

I do not know whether I am the only one who is still in a position not to be able to distinguish the two.

More and more articles talk about using structured content.

But its definition will very depending on whom you ask: from structure to style and also semantics.

What are the requirements of current-generation software applications?

Should we build applications only for the web?

Why do we need to integrate some basic search features within an application?

Some reflection on current software practices...

Building a well-documented self-contained repository is clearly a difficult task, especially knowing that a lot of our current practices are dependent on different solutions.

Search is important, webfinger + remote profiles will be supported in the next release!

Interested in getting involved in Matrix development for #GSOC? We just added two new suggested projects related to Dendrite development, check them out at if you want to get involved in a #golang #decentralization project!

Beaucoup de gens utilisent le « like » non comme une approbation mais comme un moyen de mettre de côté un message qu’on souhaite retrouver plus tard. Ce qui est dangereux dans cette société où il faudra un jour ou l’autre rendre des comptes pour chacun de nos actes. La dernière version de Mastodon sortie hier ajoute donc un système de marque-pages, pour mettre de côté des messages sans interagir de manière visible avec eux 😻 (source : )

‪Like, I’d always known how legacy plugins make old websites hard to access, but never even thought of the impact that might have on archiving and preserving cultural works. #naconf

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The Coming Decentralized Decade

When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced Twitter is exploring whether its service can be a “decentralized internet standard” built on blockchain, a small corner of the internet was incredibly excited. And a much larger corner was left scratching their heads about what the decentralized internet means for them.

Sure, memes are great, but how about systematic change in 2020?

Here's to day 1 of the new year and to doubling down on what we do best: demanding better of the internet. 👊

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