community corrupted from within by a VC-back company?

Dunno yet what to think of that but worth a read.

Would love to hear what you folks think about this....

A great to watch during the

The Story of Aaron Swartz, The Man Who Could Change the World

A brilliant guy who tried to give back to the public an access to the public domain

And then, died

so, yeah, new client for mac (or not new dunno - but just 2 commits in the repository… so fairly new…)

Comment integration (wordpress and others - like discuss or facebook - just not discuss and facebook)

havent had time to watch it all
but this is an interesting talk
about the futur of education envisionned by Silicon Valley

It doesn't look very good.

Also, unclear if they will be able to pull it off really... but that's kinda concerning.

There's the idea of organizing a for .

Firs location proposal was .

Who of you would be interested in a ?

fav. : I'm in
boost : let's spread it to make it succsed

Awesome list of twitter chat

Just made me think - mastochats are probably an interesting thing to think about.

one more stupid question? How do I unblock people? Say I have blocked an account but I want to unblock it how do I do that?

There is not a day in your life that doesn't deserved to be fully lived

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