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Johann Savalle @jsavalle

@maliciarogue maintenant il descent au lieu de monter... (reverse-engineering... oui bon il est tard... je vais me coucher)

@Angle mmm... no, there is no push notifications to those around you... but messages have a location attached to each message

Awesome list of twitter chat

Just made me think - mastochats are probably an interesting thing to think about.

@Erisss yep found it... really was just under my nose... stupid me <smash-head-in-wall>

@applecandy 🙌 🙏 👍 thanks!
I somehow looked into the setting only - didnt pay attention to this 3rd column... thanks! :)

@grmpyoldman I haven't written in ruby since 2010... but yeah, that would be the most productive thing to do... totally overbooked rn in some other commitments but clearly a project I see myself contributing to at some point...

@grmpyoldman @stefanieschulte good to know... I should get an account somewhere on to play more with this platform...

@applecandy Yeah, I looked for it but didnt find it...

@stefanieschulte @Support interesting - I dunno why privacy would be a concern - if people publish something public - it's public - weird...

one more stupid question? How do I unblock people? Say I have blocked an account but I want to unblock it how do I do that?

Is it me or it's not possible to make a text search in ?