If you missed the live stream of State of the Map 2019 when
@o0karen0o gave a keynote yesterday, you can watch the video now on the recording! media.ccc.de/v/sotm2019-2476-k #sotm #sotm2019

We will have some practice work using the new Alpha Cauldron alpha.cauldron.io/ (which obviously, is still in alpha, but I think is already usable)

Slides for my talk tomorrow, "Software development analytics with GrimoireLab" jgbarah.github.io/presentation At the Summer School "Visual Software Analytics - Software Comprehension through Analysis and Visualization" at Uni Leipzig wifa.uni-leipzig.de/en/informa

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"People say, 'data is the new oil & it must be mined,' but #data must become a digital public good instead of a private commodity." @equals@twitter.com @DIAL_community@twitter.com #OpenData #UNGA

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We founded @igalia@twitter.com on a 21st of September 18 years ago. And we are still a free software company based on cooperation, innovation, and shared responsibility. #HappyBirthdayIgalia !!

I'll be in Lisbon sharing experiences and knowledge about and . Really willing to meet 🇵🇹 ecosystem!! opensourcelisbon.com/

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While some tools count commits to measure #opensource contributions, @Bitergia@twitter.com has gone some steps beyond to show communities relationships, because on that networks is where healthy ecosystems grow... Sad to miss @pythondj@twitter.com talk. I'm sure it's been amazing 😘 twitter.com/cloudnativeams/sta

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El 21/09 es el DÍA DEL SOFTWARE LIBRE y queremos celebrarlo contigo con charlas de 15 minutos+5 de preguntas. Te esperamos el 23/09 en Móstoles a las 13:00. En eventos.urjc.es/go/dia-softwar puedes registrar tu asistencia y encontrar más información sobre las charlas. ¡CONTAMOS CONTIGO!

This real-time 3D visualization of Tokyo's rail system by @nagix@twitter.com is mind-blowing. nagix.github.io/mini-tokyo-3d/

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of GNOME 3.34, "Thessaloniki"! This release marks six months of intense effort from our developers, designers, and contributors, and we are thrilled to finally make it available to you all 😊


At long last, cats are finally recognized as important #GNOME users! Congrats on a great release GNOMEees!


New panels to analyze engagement, growth, efficiency, organizational diversity, and much more in software dev projects blog.bitergia.com/2019/02/26/n

The 's February is out: Read about our new expert policy brochure, and trust in code, about , , and the Next Generation Internet.

Also remember "I love day" tomorrow : )

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