"Assholes are killing your project" slideshare.net/mobile/dberkhol Could quantitative analysis help to identify those assholes like we can identify "core" or "valuable" contributors? Interesting potential research..

After 2h surfing, you go up to the hill running and you forget to switch off the TomTom tracker... 😵💓💔

This is one of the reasons why tools like and good Goals-Questions-Metrics strategy are better approach for me to "measure" open source development. Communities go beyond code! dissociatedpress.net/stop-usin

is upgrading its customers dashboards to latest release that includes new dashboard features.. Don't miss them to build your custom community analytics dashboard! blog.bitergia.com/2018/07/10/b

"Governments and corporations will soon know you better than you know yourself" I think corporations will know it sooner.. theguardian.com/books/2018/sep

"You can do some phenomenal things individually, but they'll never be at its full potential, unless you do it collectively" Kobe Bryant youtu.be/WY0wONSarXA Min. 13:08

"Lawmakers in the European Parliament have just voted to turn their backs on key principles on which the internet was built; namely openness, decentralisation, and collaboration" blog.mozilla.org/netpolicy/201

Negotiators between Parliament, Commission and Council will now create a text based on this terrible proposal. But there's still one more vote in Parliament, probably early next year before the EU elections. Tell your MEPs, and tell your country's governments to

BREAKING: Worst possible outcome in the European Parliament copyright vote: MEPs vote for , , a narrow exception for data-mining, no —plus a new IP right for sports organizers.

EFF's @doctorow did a deep dive into how the new EU copyright filters would work.

Essentially, this measure will censor the Internet and it won't even help artists to get paid. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/09/how-

What are holidays good for? Back to the roots: my devices should be using as much and distributed networks as possible. F-Droid, Tusky/Mastodon, Riot.fm/Matrix, AntennaPod, Firefox, Focus,...

Appreciated the #XOXOfest reminder of how much freedom we're surrending to tech giants under the guise of free speech or to "make things for others". You are the product. The Internet wasn't designed with this in mind, folks.

#IndieWeb #TakeBackTheWeb #OpenSource

There are five days to go before the European Parliament votes on a proposal that would impose copyright filters on European social media. Here's what you can do. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/09/fake

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