Oh okay, @jsnell@zeppelin.flights is the address if you want it _clickable_ or something.

Two ats in one string... that's no good

Just a reminder, follow me over at jsnell@zeppelin.flights if you haven't.

Hey, people on here, why not give some money to help cancer research? And to make me happy? Don't you want me to be happy?


Just registered a ridiculous domain. No, no reason... 🤔

Bad news for @joesteel - I survived my call with Comcast, which I've been dreading for months. And saved a little money on my bill. This stuff is so opaque though, I hate it. I wish everything was a la carte, but it's all bundles. Bundles are gross.

On hold with Xfinity. If I don't make it back @joesteel can have my stuff

Today: Hosted Download, rode my bike seven miles (that's good for me), ate lunch, took a shower, edited and posted Download, compiled TVTM letters.... still an hour to go, too.

I power washed stuff again today. One day I suspect I will have power washed everything that can be power washed that's in my possession, but today was not that day.

Related: my house is no longer covered with spiderwebs

Recorded three podcasts today (Upgrade, Liftoff, and the Download/Clockwise member special) with one more (Incomparable) left to go. Energy... reserves... fading...

Today I updated a few chapters for my Photos book, had lunch out with my wife, walked the dog on a Mt. Tam fire road, recorded TVTM with Tim Goodman, and got my inbox down from 2000 messages to 8. Zero unread.

Done for the day. More tomorrow.

I have to say that I'm deeply skeptical that any service like this will really replace Twitter for my purposes, but I'm always open to the possibility -- that is, after all, more or less the attitude I took when I started using Twitter.


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