Simple webapp that tells you if it rains today. This was one of the first real apps I made with @tbernard back in 2013.

#GUADEC has officially started. Check out today's schedule to plan out your day. And remember, Track 1 talks are shown in the left column, Track 2 in the right.

Programming, every single time.

4 hours into the project:
"Awesome, this is straight-forward and we're almost done already!"

4 weeks into the project:
"WTF, how can this be so complicated?"

My master thesis talks about Blockchain, Ethereum and Matrix
I published the thesis on my blog.

Tomorrow at noon i will be finished with university, but right now I'm going crazy while trying the presentation of the thesis.😩

Finally submitted my master thesis today. Only few more days and then I'm finished with university.

Today we are releasing a new beta version of #Mobilizon, both to show the progress since development resumed, but also to start testing, especially with people who would know how to install it on their server.


If you're a developer and not an english native speaker, which language do you use for your development tools?

Please don't answer if you're a native english speaker, not to bias the results. Boosts appreciated :)

#translation #internationalization #i18n

Looking for a powerful Pi-like SoC with dual gigabit NICs and good openssl/openvpn performance (AES hardware acceleration ideally).

Anything, anyone?

[Boosts appreciated]

I had the webcomic Pepper & Carrot open in my browser for a while now, finally I got around reading it.

I love it.

Rage Against the Machine Learning.

6 hours 7 minutes of idle time with modem on and fully reachable on Birch! That'd be about 10h for Dogwood's battery!

The only caveat: SD card reader needs to be disabled (for now). Power management comes together pretty nicely on the Librem 5! :)

RT @modacitylife
While the rest of the world wrings their hands over bike safety, the Dutch are quietly—and quite happily—living their lives on two wheels.

They are undeniable proof that cycling itself isn’t a dangerous activity; it’s the car-first street design that often makes it so.

Why can't english be a phonetic language!

I keep making stupid errors like relay->rely 😠

Has anybody, with better english writing skills then me, time and energy to proofread my thesis?
The thesis is about 100 pages long. So also just checking out a single chapter would be much appreciated.

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