It probably doesn't mean much to anyone but I'm now the 1st contributor to gtk4-rs in terms of commits :P

Huh - today I realized that in GNOME 40, I will have code contributions in a little more than half of GNOME’s core apps.

Up now: a blog post on how you can use the flatpak CLI to develop, test, and create distribution tarballs for your applications:

To create this I mostly wrote template xml, with just a few lines of rust.

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We are making progress on the GTK4 rewrite of Fractal (called fractal-nex)

Please note so far it's just the ui.😅

Since the icon is property of HdyAvatar you can connect the widget directly to a libfolks contact.

In vala it will look like this:


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In libhandy 1.1 we will get a better API for HdyAvatar for using a custom image. You can set a GLoadableIcon (which includes GdkPixbuf and GFIleIcon) that is then loaded, resized and displayed automatically by HdyAvatar.

@exalm and @KekunPlazas helped a lot getting it merged, thank you very much.

Today libhandy allowed me to submit a merge request with 443 subtractions and while adding functionality.

My favorite tool for development has to be toolbox. Where flatpak doesn’t cut it for development, like for terminals or system monitors, toolbox comes in to help. While not sandboxed to the extent flatpak is, toolbox allows me to use the power of containers while working on system components.

Using I can install future versions of libraries in toolbox and develop system components with them, without having to mess with my host system in any way.

There is no procrastination, it's called lazy initializiation.

I hate that in 2020 it’s controversial to expect a potential partner to be able to have basic life skills like cooking and cleaning. I want to date an adult, not a child who I need to care for

Tech press: please stop being terrible. If you're going to cover a topic, come to the communities and ask about it.

It's okay not to know. It's not ok to pretend you do, and publish false information.

Most of the time, maintainers will answer you, but you need to make the effort and reach out. And it's your job.

While I really like programming and working on free software, I get a huge dip in motivation when I’m not doing GNOME work. If I could make a living doing my every-day GNOME work, contributing to many different projects, that would be the dream.

I've cleaned up the Flatpak Github action I've made a while ago. It's pretty easy to setup now & it produces a bundle that's uploaded through github artifacts.

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