I've cleaned up the Flatpak Github action I've made a while ago. It's pretty easy to setup now & it produces a bundle that's uploaded through github artifacts.


I’ve contributed to almost all of my every day apps, and that makes me feel really happy.

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If you want get some private information about anyone who has a Google account, you may check this little tool :

I think Google users should know this.

#google #privacy


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Today I made my first contribution to gnome-builder 😎

Rewrote most of teleport and made the UI more modern and rounded ;)

It still needs some error handling before the release.

Til the GTK inspector has a env to set the display called GTK_INSPECTOR_DISPLAY.

Video Trimmer 0.3 is out!

The main highlight is graceful video preview error handling: showing a message instead of inexplicably non-working interface or crashing.

Apart from that, Ctrl+Q for quitting the application has been implemented and a Dutch translation has been added by a contributor (thanks!).


Making this video took me pretty long but I wanted to correctly underline how great and unique the design of this smartphone is :


I hate when Google search prioritizes GitHub mirrors of repos over their self-hosted GitLab home instances

Hate it hate it hate it

I would like to rewrite most of Teleport (a simple file sharing app) and also make it more useful.

I'm thinking about using a already existing protocol so that integrates into other apps and platforms without much extra work. Any suggestions are welcome.

I think the most wide spread protocols are Airdrop(Apple only) and Nearby Share (Android and Windows 10, right?). There is also Nitroshare(simple API) and also MagicWormhole.

Simple webapp that tells you if it rains today. This was one of the first real apps I made with @tbernard back in 2013. dry.sparber.net

#GUADEC has officially started. Check out today's schedule to plan out your day. And remember, Track 1 talks are shown in the left column, Track 2 in the right. events.gnome.org/event/1/timet

Programming, every single time.

4 hours into the project:
"Awesome, this is straight-forward and we're almost done already!"

4 weeks into the project:
"WTF, how can this be so complicated?"

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