TIL that to change the UI font in Windows 10, you have to hack away at the Windows Registry. So bizarre!

The world's biggest carbon capture plant, Orca, opens tomorrow in Iceland.

It will represent 40% of the world's direct air carbon capture capacity.

It will remove ~870 cars worth of CO2 emissions per year.

🤯So little so late🤯


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Elementary OS install 1/2 

I installed Elementary OS on my dev laptop alongside Bullseye. It's a good thing I didn't look at screenshots. I almost uninstalled it when I saw the Mac-like menu bar, but I'm glad I didn't. After updates, which were mercifully brief, the first thing I did was open a browser. What I saw made me stop and stare

Are Microsoft really are going down the Ship of Theseus route with Windows?


The Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery has just published my editorial, "Competitive Compatibility: Let's Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Giants," explaining how interoperability was once an engine for competition and user empowerment - and how that ended.



First Microsoft 'saving us' with a plan to build an Azure zone in NZ and now Amazon... stuff.co.nz/business/126468116 massive Digital Corporate Colonialism incoming.

The Framework laptop is the first laptop to ever score a 10/10 from Ifixit for repairability. But it's no thick-as-a-brick throwback the size of a 2005 Thinkpad - it's approximately the same dimensions as a MacBook.



I agree with many of the sentiments in here: rnz.co.nz/news/on-the-inside/4 - it represents a great opportunity for NZ to forge better relationships with other EU countries and countries in Asia... The US and its lapdo... er, close allies are driving a wedge into their international relations. Oh, and we should drop out of 5 Eyes, because 4 Eyes would be so much better on at least a couple levels.

(Don’t get me wrong, I still think the term has value in drawing attention to the power of centralised digital/networked technology to amplify the fundamental inequities and autocratic tendencies of capitalism in ways that were simply not possible before but not if we view it as a corruption of capitalism. It is capitalism working as designed, its ramifications – internalities not externalities – amplified exponentially by centralised digital/networked technology.)

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How a company illegally exploited the data of 14 million mothers and babies

If you’re in the UK you may know Bounty as the company that distribute packs of samples to pregnant women at midwife appointments. They’re also the ones that were found to have illegally shared the data of over 14 million mums and babies with 39 companies.


#privacy #SurveillanceCapitalism

Holy Sh** #Microsoft has installed the simplest backdoor in your #Linux VMs without you knowing about it.

Microsoft Azure silently install management agents on your Linux VMs without an auto update mechanism, so you have to update manually but you don't know they exist because you didn't install them? 🤔

Simply remove the auth header and you are root. Remotely on all machines.🤯


#Facebook has reversed its systemic ban of mentions of #Mastodon. Good.

There is a debate over whether or not this #censorship was intentional. I believe it was. Whether a human specifically added joinmastodon.org to a blacklist or not, they have made quite deliberate decisions about their algorithm that serve their greed for engagement first, and the resulting low-quality dangerous information on FB is entirely predictable. Details: changelog.complete.org/archive

Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "joinmastodon.org" and got this from Facebook.

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