One of the coolest things I've hacked together as a sort of side project the last few weeks is a property-based test for POSIX filesystems, which uses a simple in-memory model of mv, cat, etc to verify the safety of a real filesystem:

And here's an example bug it found in lazyfs--the original 1,998 ops it took to find, and the shrunk 5-op minimal reproducing case:

Look at this lovely blog post from Michelin. “[Java interop] was a huge advantage, as it helped to integrate seamlessly Clojure with our standard development stack: Java/SpringBoot.”

Now I’m only curious whether it was their tyre or restaurant guide division.

If you are fleeing the war in Ukraine and coming to the EU, you can find information on our webpage about:

🚸Children protection
🎓 Education

🔗EU Stands with Ukraine. ➞!VJY6fg

Advent of Code in K, day 18 

/ ...continued:
unpack: {x[1_|1_|!]}
xpl: {:[:anyxpl x; unpack doxpl[(,w#b),x,,w#b;1+*i]; x]}
half: {(x,1+x)%2}
splmid: {-1!'b+i*/:(-b)+half@*x@&i:9<x}
dospl: {(y#x),splmid[x[y]],(y+1)_ x}
spl: {:[:&|/'9<x; dospl[x;*i]; x]}
red: {:[x~t:xpl x; :[x~t:spl x; x; t]; t]}
add: {red/-1!'x,y}
one: *(w-1) mag/(add/nums)[;w-2]
ids: i@&~=/'i:,/i,\:/:i:!
sums: {add/nums[x]}'ids
two: (|/,/{(w-1) mag/x}'sums[;;w-2])

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Advent of Code in K, day 18 ½ 

f: "18.txt"
pair: {m:x 1_ y; l:x (2+m[1]) _ y; (,m[0],*l;3+m[1]+l[1])}
parse: {:["["=*x; pair[_f;x]; (0$1#x;1)]}
b: -1
w: 5
arr: {:[@ z; (x#b),z,((y-x)#b); ,/_f[x+1;y]'z]}[-2;w-1]
read: {(()%w;w)#ns:arr@*parse x}
mag: {(+/'((()%2),2)#x*()#3 2)}
nums: read'0:f
zero: {?b*~1!'b<x}
anyxpl: {(|:'(,':i)@&1=-':i:-2,&b<d:x[;w-1])}
xplmid: {(,t[0]),zero[a],,*1!t:z+(b<z) * +/'a*b<a:x[y]}
doxpl: {m:x@(-1 1)+y; ((-1+*y)#x),xplmid[x;y;m],(2+y[1])_ x}
/ ...

Advent of Code in K, day 17 

f: "17.txt"
s: {y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}
in: {(0$')'(s["."]'*:'s[","]' 1_ s["="]@*0:x)[;0 2]}[f]
miss: {(x[1;0]>y[1])|x[0;1]<y[0]}
hit: {(~x[1;1]<y[1])&(~x[1;0]>y[1])&(~x[0;0]>y[0])&(~x[0;1]<y[0])}
step: {(y+x;(0|-1+*y),-1+y[1])}
sim: {:[hit[x;y]; (y;1); miss[x;y]; (y;0); step[y;z]]}
simv: {{sim[in]/x}\(0 0;x)}
dom: ,/t,\:/:-150+t:!350
peak: {:[*|*|x; |/x[;0;1]; -1]}
hits: {(*|*|x)}
sims: sims@&hits'sims:simv'dom
one: |/ |/' sims[;;0;1]

Advent of Code in K, day 16 

/ ...continuing from above:
op: {(op0;op1)[*y][x] 1_ y}
dec: {(num[3#x],id,p[1];(6+*p::[4=id:num[3#3_ x]; lit; op[dec]] 6_ x) _ x)}
versions: {x[0],:[@*2!x; !0; _f'2_ x]}
ops: (+;*;&;|;0;>;<;~)
walk: {:[4=x[1]; x[2]; ops[x[1]]/_f'2_ x]}
input: *dec bits@*0:file
one: +/,//versions input
two: walk input
/ This one had no chance of fitting into a sigle toot.

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Advent of Code in K, day 16 ½ 

file: "16.txt"
bin: {((4-)#0),n:{:[x<2; x; _f[x%2],x!2]} x}
bits: {:,/bin'{ d-7*9<d:(_ic x)-48 } x}
num: {(+/(|(-1+)(2*)\1)*x)}
litrec: {:[*x; (,4#1_ x),_f[5_ x]; ,4#1_ x]}
lit: {((5*)%4),num r:,/litrec x}
seqdec: { (,*d) , :[#*1!d:x y; _f[x; d[1]]; !0]}
ndec: { d: y z; (,(()-[1]),*d),:[x=1; !0; _f[x-1;y;d[1]]]}
op0: {l: num 15#y; (15 + l + 1; seqdec[x] l # 15 _ y)}
op1: {r: ndec[n:num 11#y;x] 11 _ y; (+/1,11,*:'r; 1_'r)}
/ , continued below

Advent of Code in K, day 15 

inp: (0$')'0:"15.txt"
grow: {1+x!9}
full: ,/ 4 grow\ ,/' + 4 grow\inp
at: {(y[0]),(,(y[1][*y]),z,(1+y[1])_ x[*y]),(1+*y)_ x}
init: {at[{:+/t*t:y-x}[0 0;t,t:-1+] + x - x;0 0;0]}
ns: {n@&(()>|/'n)&~0>&/'n:y+/:t,-t:(>:)\0 1}
step: {
i:(_abs y'n)>v:(_abs y c) + x'n:n@&0<y' n:ns[y] c:*z
d:{at[x;1_ y;*y]}/(,y),(v,'n)@&i
(at[d;c;-y c];{y@<x'y:?y}[d;(1_ z),n])}
go: {_abs *|*|*{-1+x*x}[]{step[x]/y}[x]/(init[x];,0 0)}
one: go inp
two: go full

Advent of Code in K, a variant of APL, day 14 

lines: 0:"14.txt"
split: {y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}
rule: {(`$*x;`$'(x[0;0],x[1];x[1],x[0;1]))}
rules: + rule' (split[" "]'2_ lines)[;0 2]
pairs: * rules
init: +/ pairs=/: `$' {(-1+)#x} {+(,x),,1!x}@*lines
produce: {x[1;*&y=*x]} rules
iter: {:+/{y*+/pairs=/:x}'[produce'pairs[&0<x]; x@&x>0]}
keys: (*|*lines),($pairs)[;0]
solve: {f:+/'(1,x iter/init)@=keys; -/(f@>f)[-1+1,]}
one: solve 10
two: solve 40

Advent of Code in K, day 13 

dots:{0$' s[","]x}'((-)+-1+)#lines
m1: {(x,2)#1 -1}
fold:{:[*y; 1!'xfold[1!'x]y 1; xfold[x]y 1]}
one: #?fold[dots]folds 0
done: {fold[x]y}/((,dots),folds)
row: {(|/(!1+w)=/:x[&y=x[;1];0])}[done]
two: row'!1+h

Advent of Code in K, day 12 

f: "12.txt"
all: p,1!'p:(`$')'{y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}["-"]'0:f
edges: all@&(~`start=all[;1])&~`end=all[;0]
big: {*(_ic"a")>_ic$x}
grow: {(edges[&(*x)=edges[;0];1]),\:x}
next: {done: d@&{(|/x=*y)}[y]'d:z 1
more: {g@&x'g:grow y} x
(;done,(,/more'((*z) _ z 1)))}
compl: {{(|/x=*y)}[x]'y}
fix: {:[y~b:x y;b;_f[x;b]]}
solve: {+/ (compl x) fix[(next y) x;(0;,,`start)][1]}@,`end
one: solve {(&/2>*/(,~big'?x),,#:'=x)}
two: solve {3>*/#:'=x@&~big'x}

Advent of Code in K, day 11 

f: "11.txt"
init: {0$'x}' 0:f
u: 1!
d: -1!
l: u'
r: d'
pad: {top,x,top:,(#*x)#0}@{0,x,0}'
unpad: {x' x y}@{1_ (-1+)#x}
adj: {unpad@+/1_{y x}\(pad[x];l;u;r;r;d;d;l;l)}
flash: {fl: (~y)&9<x; (x + adj fl; fl|y)}
after: {(*x)*~9<*x}
fix: {[f;a] :[a ~ b:f a; b; _f[f;b]]}
step: {[n;s] done: fix[{flash/x};(1+s; s-s)]; (+//done[1];after done)}
one: +/*:'{y x}\(,(0;init)),100#(step/)
all: {x*x}@
two: {n:0; while[all>*x; n+:1; x:step/x]; n}(1;init)

Advent of Code in K, day 10 

f: "10.txt"
lookup: {x[1;*&y=*x]}
nest: "([{<>}])"
err: 3 57 1197 25137
val: lookup (,nest),,{x,|-x}err
input: ({:[0>*x; x; y>0; y,x; y=-*x; 1_ x; y,x]}/val')'0:f
one: -+/,/{x@&{1>*x}x}'input
compl: lookup (,err),,1+!4
two: *(()%2)_ s@<s:{{y+5*x}/compl'x}'input@&{0<*x}'input
/ See you live on Twitch tomorrow at 14:00 CET?

Advent of Code in K, #9 

offs:({x!'map}'-1 1),{x!map}'-1 1
one:+/1+,/{y@ x+&x#y}[#*map]'+(+lows),+map
maxat:{(y#x),(,(z#r),max,(z+1)_ r:x[y]),(y+1)_ x}
steps:,/-1 1*\:(1!)\1 0
rec:{r:search[x[1]]/y; ((*x)+*r;*1!r)}
search:{:[max=x[y;z]; (0;x); dfs[maxat[x;y;z];y;z]]}


ssv:s" "
on:{x@*&sg@ y}@ x
s5:sg 5
s6:sg 6
(rm@ 2;p1;p2;p3;p4;p5;rm@ 1;p7;:on[7];p9)
one:+/(#:'=l@<l:#:',/ssv'in[;1]) 1 2 3 6
two:+/dc'{p:ps[wi'1_|ssv@*x];,/{&y~/:x}[p]'wi'1_ ssv@*1!x}'in

#adventofcode in K, day 7 

csv: {y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}[","]
pos: 0$'csv@*0:"7.txt"
f: {(x*1!x)%2}@!|/pos
one: +/ _abs pos - {x@(<x)@()%2} pos
two: +/ f@ _abs pos - {(+/1,x)%} pos


#adventofcode in K, day 6, incl. a link to an RSS feed if that's what you're into 

csv: {y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}[","]
init: -1+(#:'=(!9),0$'csv@*0:"6.txt")
gen: {(6#0),(x,0,x)}
iter: {:[n:*x;(1!x)+gen n; 1!x]}
live: {+/ x iter/init}
one: live 80
two: live 256

/ Part of the series

#adventofcode in K, day 5, including a live coding session 

file: "5.txt"
split: {y@{1+y+!x-(1+y)}':-1,&x=y,x}
input: {(0$')'split[","]'(split[" ";x])[0 2]}'0:file
len: {(|/{_abs x}'(-/x))}
hov: {(+/(0=)(-/x))}
points: {(len x)(((-/x)%len x)+)\x@1}
nondiag: input@&hov'input
count: {+/{1<}'=,/points'x}
one: count nondiag
two: count input

/ See the live coding session at

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