It does feel like people here are putting much less effort into festivities here these days. Or perhaps I'm just getting old.

Halloween seems to be pretty much non-existent again in New Zealand. For a couple of years it was a thing

Shortcuts is pretty neat but UI changes are taking a bit to get used to. Also, the "Add to home screen" hack carried over from Workflow is pretty strange, would have expected Apple to support this natively or not at all.

How do you respond to being ordered by a foreign court to pay $19,000 for writing an open letter? Hard to think of a better way than this from Nadia and Justine:

As much as I'd like to support Apple Music's better terms for artists, its music discovery features have nothing on Spotify.

Tried signing up for the Apple Music trial, declines *all* of my cards. 🤷‍♂️

I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

A friend is looking for a flexible freelance web dev that can do all the back end on a NZ Shopify site in a tight timeframe. Most of the design work is done, so it's all the tech. Getting started end of next week. Know someone?

Craig Smith's The Wonky Donkey just want viral. Wow. (I'll sell you a copy for half that, DM me. ;)

Learning to swim freestyle properly and swimming 3-4 times a week has literally changed my life

So in the act of requiring teachers to teach te reo Māori, we'll also be strengthening our stock of those available to teach it. </MiddleAgeWhiteDudeReckons>

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I'd love to see current & future Kiwi kids have the same opportunity I had. I can't think of a single negative to embrace this as part of the standard primary school curriculum. I know we have a shortage of te reo teachers ATM, but the best way to learn something is to teach it.

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When I was at primary school (1979+), learning te reo Māori, culture, and myths was a big part of our curriculum. I loved it. It also gave me a sense of pride and belonging to a country embracing its ancestral roots, when many others prefer to brush that under the carpet.

Spotify Discover Weekly really dug out some great music this week. Changed my life in terms of music discovery.

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