ffs. Cineplex like "We're still open this week, come quick before the lockdown next week".

Lesson of the day: Just block people that disagree with you, don't let them draw you into toxic flame wars.

I remember when Amazon.de support called me after I reported a bug on their website, and that was both not hilarious and hilarious at the same time.

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ffs. if I send you an email, don't give me a call.

A change of medium is aggressive, hostile.

If you want to change medium, negotiate that in the current medium.

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Pro-tip to all security researchers. Never do this. This is exactly the shit that causes a big rift between developers and security researchers. It's simply insulting to developers time to drop such a useless list of bugs on them. twitter.com/dotMudge/status/13

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gamozolabs/status/

Pixel 4a battery life. The average has an hour of zwift per day.

Also I mean, Biden should just resign once sworn in so that Harris becomes president.

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Will we see the headline 'Biden trumps Trump' this year or not?

The truth to that point is that we see press outlets arguing against the lockdown, and churches staying open, both of which are absolutely fucking nuts.

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In light of this pandemic, we have to consider whether freedom of press and religion is worth all the pain and suffering they cause.

I'm wasting a brilliant concept album by just listening casually to it during work, and that feels wrong.

Well US voters. If you feel like voting for Donald write in Donald Duck.

Go to bed hungry. Your stomach deserves some rest too.

Put in your earplugs, put on your headphones, turn them up to 11, and start listening to some music, um, bass.

The Moto G9 Play and Plus receive security updates every 2 months for at least 2 years, according to information on the Android Enterprise Recommended portal.

I think the OnePlus Nord N100 takes the budget (< 200€) stock-like crown from the Moto G9 Play.

Arguably it's a bit slow, and we don't know if OnePlus can keep up with that many phones.

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