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Please do not send me encrypted emails unless it is absolutely necessary. Where possible, please use a mailing list instead of contacting me personally.

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We're now living in a post-infinity society, and that makes me sad. RIP Adam.

Ugh, I now have ordered two road bikes. Well, same one, different sizes; same delivery date.

I need to figure out which one actually fits best and cancel one.

Cats are nice and relaxed. Dogs just go mad and start barking and running around my legs.

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Why yes, I converse with every cat I meet during a walk.

I drank a cup of earl grey with sugar in the past 5 minutes and now I feel more awake. That's the effect!

Please be aware that if you use APT::Default-Release stable or pinned stable up in Debian, this means you will not receive security updates once bullseye is stable, as bullseye security updates are now in stable-security instead of stable/security (which was matched by stable).

You gotta set those pins to "stable*" instead or create separate -security ones.

Which team are you on?

Ernie & Bert, or Bert & Ernie?

apt 2.2.1 is out. It does not unset signal handlers anymore after running scripts (fixing Python interrupt handler after calling update/install in python-apt), and stops requiring force-loopbreak on Protected packages Broken by others.

Also updates russian translation and fixes a build issue on iOS.

Disney+ did not notify me that a new season of a show I watched popped up.

Disney+ deleted a series from the continue watching segment after 2 days.

Disney+ is weird

Pixel 5a rumours are horrible. Just an XL version. I love my 4a, it's got such a nice form factor.

Why is the default for phone calls on smartphones "privacy mode", you know, where you put your phone to your ear? #2021

Updated my bitwarden_rs instance, renamed a branch of default git branches to main, and pushed some minor changes to my personal repos.

TFW you license code as AGPL and people go "but that's not a web project, why is it not GPL?"

I want to serve German and English index.html using nginx. Web, teach me how to!

@kev I feel like looks a bit weird with the header all that much left of the content on 2560px wide screen. What do you think?

German speaking people can now find out who I am at

It's just a silly homepage with some background

Dear video conference software: Please do some autogain stuff such that everyone is the same volume level.

Thank you!

I just realized that Bob the Builder, Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel have the same catch phrase of "(Yes,) we can" / "Wir schaffen das".

Yes that list is confusing by design. There's some good stuff in there :D

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It's got all that crazy Fox studio stuff like 24, Firefly, X Files, Family Guy, American Dad, Die Hard, The Walking Dead, Futurama.

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