Rice variants I have in my kitchen, in decreasing frequency of use:

- basmati. Standard rice
- jasmine - thin thai style curries
- parboiled - pilafs, like spanakorizo
- pudding rice - cycling rice cakes, rice pudding

I think after those chickpeas, on like Wed or Thu, the next meal will be a green coconut curry with peppers, carrots, leek, and tofu, with jasmine rice. Yummy.

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Soaking 100g of chickpeas now. Tomorrow I'll cook them with 400g canned tomatoes, 150g or so of spinach, about 1-2 tbsp peanut butter (unsugared), and the usual ginger, garlic, onion, coriander, cumin, and I guess some of that old curry powder that was best before 2015 or so...

Yes, like last week, just peanut butter instead of creamed coconut. Minerals!

Trying to make cinnamon buns, but nothing seems to be happening to my yeast dough. Is this yeast completely dead? It's best before October...

Dark mode is certainly troublesome in full day mode, but much easier in dark room; and I need the room super dark and warm color temperatur at night.

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Given how people say dark themes are bad for your eyes, I figured I'd try light theme instead, but whoa, this all looks weird.

Also stupid monitor has no auto brightness (or controllable brightness in less-blue-light mode) so it's all a bit hard.

Why do we have like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound, but no Dolby Wind?

As part of the enhanced lockdown, Hessen loosened several COVID restrictions:

- alcohol in public is allowed again
- people in places with incidence > 200 are no longer restricted to within 15km of their home town

In terms of additional restrictions, medical masks are mandatory in shops & local public transport, and negative tests are required to visit nursing homes and similar.

My German on the other hand is too mixed up to clearly match to any region, so ordering food can be confusing.

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I actually adjust language based on context and target audience. So while I mostly use Oxford dictionary spellings (colour/recognizable/analyse), when talking to Americans only, I'd go for American spellings (color, analyze); and when talking to English, I'd go for heavier English ones (recognisable).

I spent the other part of my morning arguing with people on reddit that language evolves by people making mistakes, and these mistakes than taking the place of the correct meaning, and they're like "no, this is not happening".

You give them 10 examples and all they do is vote you down.

In German, 'dasselbe' used to mean 'das selbe' (the same), but these days it means 'das gleiche' (the equal).

People just used it wrong so much that it became part of the dictionary.

Discovery on contrast has so few plots that you can follow it while having a discussion on IRC.

Like one season of Discovery has as many plot points as an episode of the Expanse.

There's next to no story telling going on, just cliches and trivial solutions.

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I managed to watch latest Discovery season, and season 4 of the Magicians. But the Expanse, you have to watch like every minute carefully or you're lost.

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I did get to like middle of season 2 of the expanse while at my parents' place over the holidays, but since back home I haven't continued.

It's such a dry and hard series to follow, I can't do that with my computer 90 degrees of my TV.

Debian 11 is the final Debian release to ship apt-key, as will Ubuntu 22.04 be for Ubuntu.

Ordered 40 FFP2 masks from Shengquan Group via reseller

Netflix needs a playlist feature such that you can watch all TNG/DS9/VOY episodes in chronological order.

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