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Saying you "don't agree with cancel culture" means that you subscribe to the right wing narrative of "cancel culture", and you will be blocked immediately.

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We're now living in a post-infinity society, and that makes me sad. RIP Adam.

Reddit is down like every Sunday and that pisses me off

Why did people switch from Skype to Zoom? It's such a terrible thing.

All of next week is like chance of rain 50% and I don't like those odds

Man I was tired this morning. Not good sleep, but good hair. Well at least for photos.

Usability > grammar

Yes, `CLI interface` is technically wrong, but `CLI` or ´command-line interface` are substantially harder to read/understand.

Same reason we say PIN number instead of just PIN.

My Sony WF-1000XM3 true wireless in ears don't work reliably with pipewire.

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Pipewire 0.2.35 is confused. Stopping / resuming playback in Spotify actually mutes/unmutes browser. 0.2.34 too, but still...

Project mainline is a massive degradation in update guarantee for Pixel phones. Back in the old days, there was a patch day, you got the patch.

Now there are two patches and you might not get the Play system update one for months. I think it was 3 months old at one point.

Finally! Wahoo Elemnt Bolt can now display WhatsApp, not just SMS which nobody uses anymore

BOLT WB15-10654 - 22 April, 2021

Added: Support for new notification services (WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Signal)

- still no kernel sources, though :/

Imagine a world with road bikers and mountain cyclists.

I don't understand Chuck's depiction of the CIA. The CIA doesn't have agents, they have officers, no?

When they say a slight bend at the bottom of the pedal stroke, what they really mean is 40° in motion, or 30°C in static measurements.

LeMond/109% rule seems to produce seat heights 9% too high compared to dynamic motion capturing. The Canyon bottle cage fits perfectly, but also it has a long hole to account for differences in precision of how far the holes are apart in the frame.

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Discovery of today is that Endurace 7 Disc has mounting holes for the bottle cage 62mm apart (center to center) and's composite matrix pump holder is 60mm - no longer hole to account for miniscule differences in bikes, so doesn't fit. Yay.

They do need to switch sides though I guess, so I can actually use the front brake on the left while ringing the bell.

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I did mount some accessories to the bike today before the lunch test ride.

Sadly don't have my outfront mount for the Bolt here.

But Knog Oi and Crane E-Ne make a good pair.

So I was going for a double my usual ride on Saturday, after which HRV spiked and HR went down the next day, and reversed the following day.

Then it recovered to high levels on Tuesday and I went cycling Tue, Wed at normal/low intensity. Thu was HRV down day and rest day :)

Today, I only slept like 6 hours and HRV is back to the top again. Weird.

To be fair I should have been sleeping an hour ago. This is going to be terrible readiness scores tomorrow.

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