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Saying you "don't agree with cancel culture" means that you subscribe to the right wing narrative of "cancel culture", and you will be blocked immediately.

I see a dog face with two eyes and a big nose, anybody else? Like this is a Brian Griffin espresso.

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This seems closer to cappuccino (also yes, sorry for lunch cappuccino, but gotta practice)

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To post videos to mastodon, I post them to twitter and then let the cross-poster post them over, as mastodon itself doesn't want to accept them.

Stupid 45s, 100MB video.

Stuff really needs fixing. Can't compete like this.

Musk is a right extremist, so Tesla, SpaceX are right extremist companies.

Ah so people who have a Meister (which translates to master) can now (since 2020) call themselves Bachelor Professional. Some people can call themselves Master Professional.

Basically they wanted to make vocational training appear equivalent to academics.

I imagine this is a thing with furries where one wears a rat outfit and instructs the other to cook.

I made it on my own. Sorry for the rice.

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Would be much easier to set 30s brew time and adjust the grind size until you get your 1:2.5 ratio.

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What I'd really like for the espresso machine is to just set my time or volume with +/- buttons.

Then I can adjust grind level until I get the other bit right.

That would be a lot easier than manually pulling a shot where both time and volume are variable.

This means you cannot move your air purifier around the home to the room you are in, because it will always show a TVOC index value of 100.

And if you plug it in while the windows are open, it will go up to 400 when the windows have been closed.

Then plug it out and back in again and that level becomes the new 100.

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The TVOC sensor on the Smartmi air purifiers are essentially useless if they are not powered 24/7.

It seems to be one of those sensors were 100 means "nothing is changing vs 24 hour baseline".

So if you plug it out and back in again, the baseline is gone.

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What happens if you lose power to your TVOC sensor? Yes, it resets from 330 to ~100.

It was 10.5g in, so the goal was to get 26g out, and I overshot that to about 32g or so? Unfortunately I forgot to and then did tare at the start of the shot. D'oh.

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I'm not super happy with that, it's a bit drippy on the right side, but it's _also_ flowing a bit too fast maybe.

But the basket was slightly overloaded apparently - it sticked to the shower screen.

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