spreadsheets are bad because they do not separate data, functions, and presentation.

So you could be changing presentation and cause your data or functions to go wrong.

I'm not sure why I need to say this in 2020 (or any time before that), but

I still need to write a review of the Chromebook Duet. A lot of things to talk about. Also reported bugs to crbug

"Geht es nach den Ministern #Altmaier und #Scheuer, dann sollen auch #SUV mit einer #Kaufprämie gefördert werden. Damit verfehlt das #Konjunkturprogramm das, was es jetzt braucht: einen 'Green Deal' für die deutsche Wirtschaft."

Figuring out how to send something back to Lenovo DE / Digital River IE is a pain in the ass, though. And they advertise with easy returns...

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My other Chromebook Duet preorder arrived, so letting it set up and then going to check if it's screen is fine. Don't see any dark dead pixels so far, though.

I don't hoard tabs. I have one tab open, because I'm writing this message, but after this, I'm down to 0 again.

What does it tell us that phones go from 16:9 to 21:9 and laptops go to 16:10 or 3:2 ratios?

Widevine Level on the Chromebook Duet changed from L3 to L1 in the CrOS 83 update, according DRM Info. Netflix app still says L3 though. 😕

This tablet, with L1 working correctly, and a more performant CPU would be like the best tablet in the world.

To give an example "Die Hochzeit war die Hochzeit der Ära" means "the wedding was the height of the era" or, well, I suppose it could be "the height was the wedding of the era" but that makes even less sense.

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Hochzeit and Hochzeit are completely different words, with different pronunciations, one (with a short o) means wedding, the other (with a long o) means height or like the peak in a time series.

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Protestors Criticized For Looting Businesses Without Forming Private Equity Firm First bit.ly/2AeY0zK

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheOnion/status/12

Space Force is now on Netflix. Do I need to watch it?

you can't swipe up to overview when keyboard is visible,

Keyboard is single language only.

Swipe from right edge to go back works, sometimes. Left edge more times. BUt not always.

Tapping close to edge, such as the first bookmark, does not work.

Reddit web is too slow and Android app is crap on 10"

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if you see me post sentences without the final word, it's because the Chromebook onscreen keyboard deletes it again before sending it. The tablet experience on chromeos still needs quite a bit of work.

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