I ordered season 27 of the Simpsons ok Amazon (it was half off), then realized it was not in English (season after was in German and English), and got a refund. Seems they only offer season 27 in English as a special version with hardcodes German subtitles. Ugh.

Now it's installing and beeping every 2s while doing that....

🤔 Although I don't think Saturday is the best time to roll this out

I just love the LVFS.

Image: T480s BIOS update shown in gnome-software on Ubuntu 18.10 (GNOME session with Adwaita-dark theme).

Oh in case people were wondering: ping was more in the 24 ms range earlier.

In other news, contract sales the FTTH project at my parents' town increased by (absolute) 6% from 8% to 14% of the households in the past week. At that rate, with 4 weeks to go until decision point, they'll end up with 38% out of 40% needed, and thus no FTTH. That would be a shame.

The Connect Box, built by Compal, seems to have a bug, where it steers 5 GHz clients with a lot of errors to the 2.4 GHz band, even if the SSIDs are different, causing them to lose connectivity (still shows as connected, can reconnect, but no traffic possible).

After I changed the SSIDs to the same name, my phone stopped losing connectivity and instead started switching to 2.4 GHz when placed in the spot it usually lost connection.

I must say that UnityMedia improved a lot a month ago or so. Idle ping is now constantly 10 ms (modem to Google), +3 from a WiFi client. IPv4 now has the same latency as IPv6.

DNS servers were slow past two days, and dropping 50% of ping packets, though.

Also I'd really love to hijack the TLS and get the handshake out of the way. That would improve things quite a bit, at the expense of having to add my own root cert where needed.

It helps speed up repetitive high latency connections to the same server. Which can be useful. I should write a socks version.

I just wrote another asynchronous http proxy in Go. on CONNECT to remote, it will continue to establish connections in the background to that target server so that there is always a connection available instantly.

TIL VLC can stream to {Chrome, Google }cast via Playback -> Renderer. Awesome.

Just restarted gnome-shell. Memory usage dropped from 13.5 GB to 6.4 GB, woohoo!

Neato is rolling out No-go lines, turbo mode, multiple floor plans to the Botvac D5. Awesome!

Drinking a nice ginger tea with chili and lemon juice added. Delicious!

Anyone has opinions on cycling helmets? I'm looking at the Giro Trinity, Isode, Savent, Foray in their MIPS variants.

Actually I would prefer to have something in there to keep insects out, and not support the gun industry.

But that MIPS system might be useful, who knows.

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