Wow, so we're down to 183€ for 2TB SSDs? Wow. Wow.

apt 1.9.0 is available in Debian experimental now, go play with it, especially with "apt satisfy" and building your (out-of-archive) rdeps (I'm already porting the in-archive ones, at least the ones in Ubuntu).

Oh what the ...., I just wanted to eat chocolate in the summer and now I'm washing clothes. Ugh. Hey, please ban apps that use that stuff (basically "pay with bandwith by providing a VPN endpoint"). Operating VPN end points on user's phones is unethical, dangerous, and can cause significant legal issues for those users. Please tell your sales people to stop emailing me your crap.

What are they thinking? "He built a tool to block trackers and has a privacy policy for it, so he really wants to add some malware to it?"

Oh ffs, the people at are back trying to tell me that I should embed their malware (they build proxies by using user phones as relays when they are idle) into DNS66 so I get some money.

Linux kernel vulnerability! Are you safe?


I am, and I did not even notice it until now!

apt 1.9.0 transition in eoan:

- 12/18 done
- 3 requests for removal (aptsh, debian-xcontrol and goplay)
- 1 package update ready to go
- 2 left to complete (python-apt and qapt).

If it hadn't been for the third season (+2nd season finale), Star Trek: Enterprise would have been remembered as a decent Star Trek series with some inconsistencies.

But season 3 basically is not much different from Discovery.

Men in Black: International is kind of like meeting old friends. It's a funny movie with a lot of "fan service" at the start.

Of course it's not super complex story lines, but it works just fine.

synaptic is fixed too, but not uploaded yet, as it's waiting for libept.

apt 1.9.0 eoan: Mostly red, but making my way through the apt rdeps. libept should be fixed too now, but it's um, well, binary-NEW

Note that we lost the limit of 10 queues for rred, so if you have pdiffs and more than 10 cores, you'll get more CPU usage.

apt 1.9.0 is landing in eoan-proposed

No Debian link, because it's still waiting to be processed and will then go through binary-NEW before reaching experimental.

Quite enjoyed the Men in Black International movie.

♲ Whoops, @Yubico just scored 31% on the Sony PS3 Epic Fail scale. Collect three signatures from a FIPS Yubikey and you can calculate the private key.…

Mastodon is now usable for normal people thanks to the layout change in 2.9 (disable advanced mode in settings to get it).

It also is not limited to 1/10 of your screen anymore, although I'm not sure the width it has (max 600px) is wide enough (on a 2560px wide screen).

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