You'll be surprised to know that ?and(?installed,?upgradable) matches a different set of versions than ?upgradable.

This non-intuitive thing happens because ?upgradable matches against the package's upgradable flag; whereas ?installed checks that the version we are matching against is the installed one.

Booted my OnePlus 3. This feels old, wow. Software feels sluggish and super slow. Gotta upgrade to Pie.

?narrow is a confusing pattern. ?narrow(A,B) matches if A and B match on the same version. It only takes two patterns, as opposed to ?and which can take more.

So, by definition, this would be the same as ?narrow(?and(A,B), ?true); rendering a two-argument narrow form specifically odd.

I believe APT will support a 1-to-n argument form, but in the AST remap ?narrow(A,...) to ?narrow(?and(A, ...)) to simplify stuff.

We need to get rid of loopback devices and enable filesystems to mount image files directly.

CBS and Viacom about to merge back, reunifying Star Trek ownership. With the legal issues solved, this should now allow them to make Star Trek productions that look more classic, as opposed to the modernized version that had to be distinct enough in style from old ones because copyright nonsense.

Considering upgrading my travel backpack from my Ethnotek Raja Lite 30L to the big Raja 46L.

Mine does not have a separate padded laptop compartment, just a small space in the main one; and it's always a pain to get the laptop back in after airport security checks (because some items in the main compartment might block it).

Not sure I really need 46L, but it might be useful for short trips when you can pack all clothes in.

Ah so I just ran

btrfs quota disable /

and it seems to be usable again. So I guess enabling quota and using snapshots just breaks stuff.

That said, becoming unusable just because snapper accumulated 76 snapshots is probably not a good design.

I would have expected btrfs to be OK these days, but my machine keeps locking up multiple times a day for about 10 seconds each; and a "btrfs-transacti" seems to be running at 100% CPU during that time. Lovely.

I think it's a regression in kernel 5.2, though, as I have not seen this before.

Warum wird durch Steuergelder finanzierte Software nicht als Freie Software veröffentlicht? Mit "Public Money? Public Code!" wollen wir hierfür die nötigen Grundlagen schaffen.

Did I mention how much I love systemd? It manages (dynamic) user creation, state directory creation, I don't have to do a thing for that.

mastodon-comments now stores the root toot of comment threads for a blog post inside a json file to avoid having to requery it:

also, search API of mastodon changed behavior in

so adjusting for that in

Though it does need some performance tweaking to actually quote the string we are querying for so mastodon can perform a simpler query.

New blog post: APT Patterns

If you have ever used aptitude a bit more extensively on the command-line, you’ll probably have come across its patterns. This week I spent some time implementing (some) patterns for apt, so you do not need aptitude for that, and I want to let you in on the details of this merge request !74.

Oh how I love - these stories are amazing,

apt pattern parser is super strict now. Narrowing down aptitude's syntax and making it more reliable like this is a good thing.

Because, in aptitude, ?true() equals ?false, and I don't really understand why.

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