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Saying you "don't agree with cancel culture" means that you subscribe to the right wing narrative of "cancel culture", and you will be blocked immediately.

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We're now living in a post-infinity society, and that makes me sad. RIP Adam.

New blog post: Migrating away from apt-key.

This is an edited copy of an email I sent to provide guidance to users of apt-key as to how to handle things in a post apt-key world.

I'm too addicted to my phone and can't stop arguing with people on reddit. Well I blocked them now, so hopefully I can, but still, what I really want to do is just watch series in quiet.

1.5 seasons in, BSG is working quite OK. Could have done without that Starbuck character, and that Gaius Baltar is utterly annoying but unfortunately important.

Binging BSG actually works quite nicely. It's been what, 4-5 days, and I'm at 2x05 already.

Heh did not notice I was in season 2 until now.

Outside: 25.1°C
Living room: 29.6°C
Bed room: I guess around 25°C, it's got AC

Most people in Germany (50.1-50.2%) have received their first dose of vaccine.

About 30% are fully vaccinated.

Tuesday forecast looks nice. Usually in Germany in summer we get weeks increase in heat and then one or a couple of days of rain and thunderstorm, in endless repetition.

So today it's 32C and sunny up from sunny and warm at 27C earlier this week, tomorrow too, and then we'll have 4 days of rain and lightning.

32.6°C outside, 24°C (+2/-1) inside. Moved my office into the bedroom and plugged in the portable AC.

Last year I had the AC in the office room, and moved it to the bedroom for the evening, but it was arguably not super useful that way as the bedroom walls got too hot during the day; and the office is in the large (in comparison) open living room / kitchen.

My biggest annoyance on Android right now is that replying from a notification does not dismiss it.

So I don't know if they replied because the icon never went away.

Apparently it's 30.3°C outside. It's 27.8°C at my desk. It's going to get warmer the next days. I think I might start the portable AC.

That said, 27°C is OK during the day, and the bed room still seems to be at 25°C, so not much need yet.

But the other 3 vaccines are from Oxford university, Janssen in Belgium, and BioNTech in Germany. I find that concentration a bit peculiar.

Yes, Janssen is owned by Johnson & Jonson, and Pfizer decided to partner up with BioNTech rather than pursue their own vaccine, but still.

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First US-developed COVID vaccine, NVX-CoV2373, just finished phase 3 trials.

Does the US not have a big pharma industry, or how come all vaccines so far were developed in central Europe?

Actually could have watched it for free already by borrowing DVDs from a friend, but prefer streaming as I want to continue watching when I'm away or on my phone.

Not sure why the mini series is not available to stream outside iTunes here in DE, but then I can deal with not streaming 2 90 min "movies"

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Prime Video really needs an option to buy an entire series/show, not just individual seasons.

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Each season was 4.99€ on prime video. Figured might as well order.

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I have acquired all 4 seasons of Babylon 5 now for 20€. Not able to get the mini series that started it, which seems unfortunate.

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