I just lost my entire $HOME while deleting a stretch lxd container that was acting up using lxc delete. An entire 6 or 7 minutes of work since the last backup. Disastrous.

Videos/ is not part of the backup, but neither are my maildirs, so I might be replying to emails via gmail web interface in the next hours - borg is fairly slow at restoring.

Barry, how can you believe that eobard thawne could ever change? are you crazy?

To run a Debian container with AppArmor under Ubuntu, you need to comment out the features-file= in /etc/apparmor/parser.conf, otherwise most apparmor profiles fail with cryptic error messages.

That said, AppArmor profiles are not loaded at container boot anyway, whereas aa-enforce and aa-complain still load them, which seems like a bug.

There's not much point in encrypted DNS for privacy. Remember that clients will send the full hostname you are connecting as part of connecting anyway, for server name indication (SNI).

We should aim to get rid of SNI, on IPv6. There are plenty of addresses around for each server name to get its own one.

And yes, I worked on that for about 4 hours, and totally skipped dinner.

DNS66 0.6.0 preview 1 is out on xda


Please test. be aware that the signing key changed, as I don't have access to the previous one atm.

So I'm having two issues with my app in Pie.

1. The status bar is now always white for the activity using android.support.design.widget.AppBarLayout

2. startForeground(int, notification) does not always show the notification anymore. Not sure what to do.

seems like dl.google.com is throttling to about 4 MB/s. This will be a long Android Sdk install.

Reminder: To merge apt translations from master, run

for i in doc/po/*.po po/*.po; do msgcat --use-first <(git show master:$i) $i | sponge $i; done

Then ninja update-po (or make update-po) inside your build dir.

Is there a practical difference between Apache, GPL, AGPL when it comes to licensing of deployment scripts?

Like, you could argue that AGPL could make your entire server configuration, or well, related parts, AGPL, but that seems wrong.

We need to take back control of our email, instead of relying on proprietary offerings with 0 insight into their decisions.

We need to redecentralize email, so that email does not get to be whatever gmail wants.

gmail rejected 6 emails from my forwarder yesterday as probably spam. 4 were absolutely non-spam replies to a Debian mailing list, 3 of which to a huge thread.

Makes you wonder what other emails were rejected in the past without you knowing.

@rhonda If you believe those people making DC's Titans, there are traffic signs showing 8xxx kms, and gas station are called "Petrol Bahnhof"

Starting with DC's Titans now. Released on that DC streaming service in the US, it, happily for me, is on Netflix elsewhere in the world.

So, episode 2x03 of was the best one in this series so far. It was incredibly deep, and I did not expect it to end like it did. .

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