Crashed again with the bike broke stuff on both Arms not happy

In the hospital. Crashed with bike. This year on the right side, instead of the left, woohoo.

Jared's next role will be the lead role in Walker, Texas Ranger reboot I've heard. Not sure about rebooting that.

The final season of supernatural has started. Wow, it's been a long time. Not as long for me as for the show, as I started a few years later, but still over a decade.

I guess, the general version of AFAIK is AFAK (as far as known).

My lxd development profile:

- Map {u,g}id 1000 to 1000
- Using cloud-init, create user in container with same name as my user on the host
- Read-only map $HOME into the container
- Read-write map $HOME/Projects

This allows me to create a container for any Ubuntu version and get a nice working environment. Debian containers need manual user adding, as it does not support cloud-init :(

🐦 This is a cross-post from Twitter, its contents might suck 🐦 Oh I think I might have been confused and it was on Blu-ray that had the different order, I forgot I watched the first two or so episodes on that. Sorry for the noise!

Oh god when I started watching on 'I, ET' was in production order as episode 2, now it swapped (with Exodus from Genesis) to broadcast order and is episode 7.

I was super confused when it started playing the episode again.

Do you have stacks, heaps, or queues of pancakes? My main issue with Farscape is that there's not enough puppets on there. I love puppets.

Go watch on and friends.


In the Netherlands, most people prefer to buy fresh food for the next few days, rather than in large volumes for the next few weeks. Grocery stores are designed to make quick shopping (by bicycle) very easy.

This video shows a typical grocery trip: in & out in about 5 minutes.


About 1-2 wasps enter the room per day. I catch them, and let them outside.

They appear to live in the wall, there's a huge wasp airport outside my window.

Wasps are friendly peaceful creatures. At least the ones in my living room. All they do is fly up and down the window, trying to get out.

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