One thing that I tend to forget from time to time is that technology can also be a massive force of good

Two examples:

1. A computer vision app helping visually impaired people

2. A smartwatch that detects otherwise probably undetected medical irregularbilities

I’ve just realized that there are almost no independent bakers / butchers in my town anymore

While I’ll miss some of these indie businesses, some of the mid-sized companies that now run these stores luckily really care about quality and sustainability

And if this means that employees no longer have to physically ruin themselves because they couldn’t afford helpful machinery and jobs can be preserved because they’re now competitive with big companies, maybe this isn’t even that bad

One out of the many interesting thoughts about (the importance of) system thinking in this essay:

"The best thing that can be done to a problem is not to solve it but to dissolve it."

Lol, meine Bank will doch tatsächlich 0,05€ für jede Push Nachricht in der App

Given my low-level usage of RSS I’m increasingly wondering whether Mastodon + this nice RSS to ActivityPub service ( could replace my current RSS set-up

Sure, it would be a very minimalistic set-up and it doesn’t offer all the functionalities of a dedicated RSS reader, but maybe it would be good enough for me

Not having to manage another eco-system (RSS apps, synchronization across apps, …) is very tempting

Spotted on a tree near a church:

A little wooden box with a figurine of an angel in it

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After the introduction of GDPR the New York Times stopped showing behavioral ads to Europeans and replaced them with contextually and geographically targeted ones

Their advertising business hasn’t suffered from this change at all

It’s encouraging and important to see that making money doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to violate the privacy of your customers

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PSA: Back up your account!

Back Up Your: follow lists, block lists, toots, etc.

It's not that I think my admins are suddenly going to pull a WT, but things can happen. Servers can catch fire for example.
You have peace of mind this way. I back mine up quarterly.

You can only request an archive of your toots/media every 7 days, and it takes a bit to get a copy of your shit posts emailed to you.

If something happened, it's nice to not have to start over again.

One of those little stories that makes you believe in humanity:

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizzas to U.S. counterparts working without pay

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It probably needs great skill, lots of experience and tons of courage to do such a manoveur with a helicopter


@JPEG Sorry to bother you again, but I’ve just received version 1.4.3 and it immediately crashes after tapping the app icon. Re-installing it doesn’t help either, it still crashes immediately.

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@JPEG One more: When there are less than 20 new toots (in total) the „load more“ button doesn’t disappear, which is a bit confusing.

(Side note: if you accidentally click on this button in this case, Mast starts loading older toots that were already shown in the timeline)

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