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Julian Ruf @julianruf@mastodon.social

Does someone have thoughts on / experience with Cryptomator (cryptomator.org)?

In principle it looks like a good open source encryption tool for cloud data that supports a wide range of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS)

Bisher die kreativste Amazon Verkäufer Email die ich je gesehen habe

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Un #Mastonaut
Dessiné en #VR avec #Quill
(sauf la vitre du casque sous #c4d)
visible en #3D ici : skfb.ly/6xzZA

It would be really cool if we could follow the local / federated timelines of other instances in the standard Mastodon website

(yes, I know that things like the following site exists, but a native integration into Mastodon would be more intuitive and less cumbersome unmung.com/mastoview?url=masto)

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What is this? An ????

In meatspace I am normally called Jed, I am half of OokTech, a small engineering company I started with my brother. We make stuff, normally stuff that has some relation to accessibility (remote presence/tourism with robots, privacy respecting home automation) or video (360 video robots!!!). A lot of what we do uses open source hardware and software and most of what we make is open source.

We have a patreon page we need to make better patreon.com/OokTech

While cleaning out my bookmarks I’ve found this site with short stories that are free to download


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If you’re interested in the history of machine translation techniques, this is an extensive and interesting essay about it


Medium: „We follow DNT but track“ 🤔

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@julianruf How about aafire command from aalib? It's here since 1997.

I think I’ve just accidentally invented cyber camp fire

This video narrated by Stephen Hawking which was already recorded last year for his 75 birthday sounds a lot like his personal farewell


He will be missed. May he rest in peace!

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WANDER - Collection

Wander is a tiny magic robot that awakens in an unknown place. He ventures a strange land to find the elusive Algernon, a robot that holds the answers to his past, and more. The bots he meets, and the secrets he discovers, uncovers deeper implications that may change Wander's world forever.

Does someone have a good recommendation for a baseline 15 inch notebook for about 200-400€?

SSD would be cool, but if not I can also put an old one into it

Just found these old pictures from 2006:

The football globe in Stuttgart & the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1990

Phone cameras were really terrible back then

It’s the small things that make software / products delightful