It would be very interesting to watch meetings at Microsoft where such ideas are born and people agree that their reasonable:

Let’s force install Skype on every Win 10 device and add a menu item „Share with Skype“ into Explorer, which sits there even if the user doesn’t use Skype and can only be disabled by editing the registry

Wahrscheinlich hat das schon seine Richtigkeit, aber im ersten Moment klingt die Geschichte von einem Massagestab der als Waffe eingestuft wurde und dessen Besitz nun mit bis zu 3 Jahren Freiheitsstrafe geahndet werden kann kurios

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▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░ [50%]

Does anyone of you know why Blu-Ray discs are called Blu-Ray instead of Blue-Ray, although the name refers to the blue (but actually violet) light used in the Blu-Ray players according to Wikipedia?

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Nachdem die Champions League schon etwas länger nur noch im Pay-TV läuft scheint jetzt das gleiche bei der Formel 1 zu passieren

Zumindest RTL ist jetzt nach ca. 30 Jahren raus weil die geforderten Summen nicht mehr refinanziert werden können

This is a nice short summary of the history of door handle designs

What I didn’t know, for example, is that we have lots of handgun sized handles today, because after the Second World War those handles were produced in former weapon factories

@SlowRain When it started to get dark they chirped like crazy and hectically flew from one bush/tree to another as if they were alerting each other or as if they were discussing how to react to this unknown situation. Overall it felt like they were panicking. Once it was completely dark they went silent immediately.

Corona cases: US vs EU 

Tbh I’m shocked that one of the biggest, most developed and richest countries has such problems with reducing the number of new Corona cases

What I find most interesting about Basecamps new email service is that they, like many other newish email providers and increasingly also older ones, prioritize the ability to offer certain features over following standard email protocols

It somehow feels as if the era of imap/smtp and using standards compliant apps from other developers comes to an end

Not sure how I feel about this

This article cites an interesting study that found that your odds of ending up in bankruptcy increase significantly when your neighbor wins the lottery

Ich frage mich gerade ob einige Personen nicht herausgefunden haben welche Corona-App die heute veröffentlichte „offizielle“ App ist

I really like the comics by System32Comics

This one is their most popular yet

According to their Instagram reposting with credit is ok

Links to their profiles

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Watch a Mesmerizing Stream of Unwatched YouTube Videos. Lets You Discover the Hidden Dimensions of the World’s Largest Video Platform

My employer carried out a simulated email phishing attack today. Do people really click on messages which pretend that they were send from the „general director“ of some US government institution and claim that they’ve found a solution to the Corona problem???

Researchers have shown that if we listen to a song we really like our brain activity is very similar to that of the musician

Or, to put it another way:

„[it] demonstrates that the musical experience runs deep: we dance and feel the same emotions together, and our neurons fire together as well“

I really like the idea behind this new little open-source password management project from Apple:

There are 3 lists (password rules, password change URLs and website with shared credential backends) which any password management software can make use of to make using password managers more convenient.

Eines der spannendsten Dinge am neuen Konjunkturpaket ist für mich ja dass die Automobilindustrie zum ersten Mal nicht genau das bekommen was sie sich gewünscht hatte

While going through some old files I’ve stumbled across one the first internet memes ever: the hampster dance

Unfortunately the site doesn’t seem to exist any longer, but here’s a video showing how it looked like

Sometimes I wonder whether people who send lengthy e-mails full of unnecessary waffling and / or without descriptive subject lines know how much unnecessary time and energy they’re robbing from the recipient of such messages

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