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Visited the Mercedes-Benz museum today

The exhibition as well as the architecture of the building is impressive

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@jerry @rysiek @Wolf480pl @Aaron Interesting discussion! And I recently tooted a thread about a different angle on why so many people are so attracted to these centralised e-mail and other services. It's accessibility for people with disabilities, non-tech users etc. These big companies usually have much better resources to make things usable for a broader audience. See my thread here: toot.cafe/@marcozehe/100032643

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I enjoyed this article about self-awareness and afterwards understood that it's authored by Mark Manson whose book "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" is already on my reading list.


Best parts as answer-toots:

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Okay, I just came up with a great hashtag for the fediverse, regarding , also known as .

🐻 Bear with me, while I explain why it's so good, and why it will stick.

It's been suggested that we need a specific ff-hashtag, but nothing interesting ever came out of it.

Today I saw (Follow Friday on Saturday), and I was like, what if, instead of forgetting, we could do it every day, and was born. Follow-Fediverse, and Follow-Friday Every Day, rolled into one.

The only advantage of this wedding thing is that the streets, pavements and supermarkets are refreshingly empty for a Saturday morning / afternoon

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Does anyone know a (f)oss speech-to-text app for Android? Seems like that's a niche which is yet to be filled 🤔
#speechtotext #android #foss

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also holy fuck i found this one buried in some system files?


I've never heard it before but I fucking love it

Remember being impressed and frightened when watching the Google Duplex demo?

This vision by Google is like Duplex on steroids


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Due to the movement of the lava and the blending of colors, this lava lake looks like a living organism


iOS security tip:

If you’re using the mark-up functionality of iOS to censor things on a screenshot, please use solid rectangles only (you can find them by pressing the + button) or look for an app that censor things correctly

Since markers are slightly transparent it only takes some time playing with some sliders in a photo editing software to make the „censored“ parts visible

In case you‘re using Signal on macOS you may have heard about the (now fixed) bug which wrote messages in an unencrypted form to one of the Macs databases

There now is a little open source tool to easily remove these messages from the database


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Hey y'all! As a teaser for our anniversary on the Fediverse supporting all y'all here's a commission I requested from @ScribbleAddict for all the Fediverse! 🎨 Something to color, knit, cross-stitch, 3D'ify &/or make some fun fanart of your own! #EveryoneIsAnArtist

:cc_cc: | :cc_by: :cc_nc_us: :cc_sa:

#MastoArt #mastodon
Hi-res & details in the reply toot 👇

What a fantastic quote about the magic of mathematics as a language to understand the world.

“Mathematics is about abstracting away from reality, not replicating it. And it offers real value in the process. By allowing yourself to view the world from an abstract perspective, you create a language that is uniquely able to capture and describe the patterns and mechanisms that would otherwise remain hidden.”


FYI: All 403 episodes of Bob Ross’ „The Joy of Painting“ are now freely available online on his YouTube channel


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The #InternetOfShit has expanded to require smartlocks & a required app to use the bathroom.😒

If this carbon-free smelting tech will really work at scale, this development is excellent news for the environment


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Other people who have projects on GitHub! Do you have guidelines for posting issues? If so where do you put them and how do you make them visible to people?

At the moment I just have an issue on my repo and I am hoping that there is a better way to do it.

This is an interesting observation about the different philosophies in tech

Google / Facebook: computers doing things for people

Microsoft / Apple: computers are an aid to humans