The release of iOS 13 has led to a new data world record at the Internet Exchange DE-CIX in Frankfurt (Germany)

Traffic peaked at around 7.1 Terabits per second, which approximately corresponds to the simultaneous transmission of up to 1.633.000 HD videos

I’m wondering whether the owner of this car knows the internet culture meaning of these four letters

This is one of the most brutally honest, powerful, beautiful, unbearable and heartwrenching essays I've ever read

Someone made a stunning video of a comet using 400000 images from Rosettas comet mission

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As predicted I need a new job as of today. Anyone have some remote work -- unless you have work in Vermont -- for which I can be considered? I am surprising good any many things, but a "master of none." I actually like repetitive work like cleaning up databases, emailing lists, squashing spam, etc.I can also do technical writing, and documentation -- as long as I understand the product!

My profile has many ways to reach me. Thanks for anything you may be able to do.

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Kurzgesagt made a beautiful animated version of Andy Weir's short story "The Egg" about life, death and the universe

Original story (available in many languages):

Reading this story about delivery robots in the US being operated by remote workers from Colombia immediately reminded me of Richard Baldwin's theory that the emergence of better technology will make it easier for companies to replace relatively expensive white-collar jobs with cheaper "telemigrants"

What I’ve learned to value and worked on myself over the last years is being precise and clear when communicating with others

It saves you from a lot of unnecessary drama and additional work

The massive steel and fabric ring beam roof construction of the Sony Center in Berlin is truly impressive!

I’m really looking forward to this new series of articles by Tim Urban about our society

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"Have you seen the news? We are in the worst timeline!"
"No, we are not. We are in one of the better ones."
"How can you say that?"
"Because we will bring the world back from the brink."
"How? How can you still have hope?"
"Otherwise this would be the worst timeline."

This is an interesting article about why bringing Swiss and Dutch ideas of nationally integrated rail planning to Germany („Deutschlandtakt“) might not be the best way forward for Germany

What fascinates me about MS Excel is that while it’s often not the most efficient way to do things compared to specialized software, it’s often still a good choice, because many people already have it, it’s very reliable and people kind of know how to use it.


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