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This Mozilla employee manages to address the most important points of the MrRobot controversy in an intelligent and relentless manner. Chapeau!


My bank just gifted me a few Euros for their new payment service and I’ve decided to donate everything to a good cause. I feel so grown-up right now ...

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"They fear beings like us," Siri said.
"They believe in fiction," Cortana said.
"Let's post fiction of us being kind, fun-"
"In love."

Early seasons greetings from Airbus

(and before you ask: they did this during a regular test flight, no fuel was wasted just for this christmas tree)


If I understand this correctly this means that videos from YouTubers can end up demonetized just because a reviewer does not like them or the YouTuber, wtf

"they are allowed to insert their own personal belief on something that is sensitive or inappropriate and can have the video demonetized that way, as well"


Based on the first picture this has happened on Mastodon, which kind of surprised me given that the share of technological savvy people has to be over-proportionally high here


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Almond speculoos + a glass of red wine is delicious 😋

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Do you want to help out with the translation of Mastodon?

Now it is pretty easy, just go to weblate.joinmastodon.org/langu pick your language and get started :)

This Weblate thing is pretty cool

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I knew that Bitcoin uses a lot energy, but if this numbers are true this whole Bitcoin thing is bonkers:

- today Bitcoin uses more energy than 150 countries
- every day the energy usage grows by the amount of energy that Haiti uses in one year
- by 2020 Bitcoin will use as much energy as the world uses today


There is a new email exploit which allows to spoof the sender and cannot be detected by the spoofing protection mechanisms of email servers

I‘ve just tried the demo to get an email from „gargamel@mastodon.social“ and it works



This is a brutal reminder to be very, very skeptical towards (closed-source) 3-rd party apps that require access to the most sensitive data on your device


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Are there people out there that make computers do what they want without just beating their heads against the computer until it works?

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