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Congratulations to France from Germany, well-deserved!

And even though it's probably no consolation at this point, Croatia played an impressive tournament as well and was a true inspiration for „small“ countries across the world

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It seems as if the Twitter cross-posting tools are broken right now, there is no content from Twitter in the local & federated timelines

Everything is nicer and cleaner right now

(btw, I’m not against cross-posting per se, but if someone just mirrors tweets to Mastodon and isn’t active here, it’s annoying)

Visual story about the cave accident in Thailand Show more

One of my favorite Michael Jackson videos

His stage presence was truly impressive


Wow, es gibt tatsächlich noch die Zeitansage per Telefon

(für 20-40 Cent pro Anruf)

Today I learned about the „Open Access Button“ project

Basically it’s a tool that finds open access versions of otherwise paywalled research publications

Very cool!


A new (reliably measured) temperature record occurred in Africa last Thursday:

51.3C / 124.3F (Ouargla, Algeria)


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Mastodon idea: keywords to trigger automatic CW. An alternative option to filtering completely.

What do you all think?

Having had the possibility to experience Beethoven’s Ninth performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Choir a few years ago is still something I’m incredibly grateful for

List of defending World Cup Champions that were knocked-out at the first stage of the subsequent World Cup

1950: 🇮🇹
1966: 🇧🇷
2002: 🇫🇷
2010: 🇮🇹
2014: 🇪🇸
2018: 🇩🇪

Micro blogging, ambiguity and resulting misunderstandings and frustration Show more

The Register definitely deserves a price for creative headlines

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"Oh, this is a wonderfully balanced sword!"
"Mm-hm. It is evil, that sword."
"Evil? No, it can't be, it is such a joy to use!"

The state of Mastodon apps for iOS gets worse and worse. Most apps have seen their last major update 6–12 months ago.

The basic things still work but almost all new features introduced with Mastodon 2.0 or later are missing (e.g. custom emojis, ...).

Given my inability to code, the totally understandable time constraints of all the lovely FOSS developers and the lack of something like Twitterrific (for Twitter) which I could support by buying the app I don’t know how to solve this ...

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Let me give you some advice: don't try and cook spaghetti while installing Linux (or any OS) at the same time. It's too much multitasking...

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We need more data vis stuff like this.

A voronoi may of almost all commercial airports in the world projected onto a globe.


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