First flew the greedy Pelican,
Eager for the reward,
White wings flailing.

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Neues Level an Sonntag: mit dem 9-Euro-Ticket durchs Ruhrgebiet fahren und sich in viel zu enge Züge pressen

Imagine having a beautiful and practical interface and replacing it with GNOME
RT @siracusa
This comparison (suggested by @gruber) is particularly harsh.

the Mac's startup chime is insta-soothing

Ich wollte ein Biermischgetränk kaufen und musste meinen Ausweis vorzeigen 🥲

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This could be an entirely reasonable time to go to bed! Let's see how I will mess it up this time.

guess i am the only person who makes a new Winamp plugin in 2022

the kind of thought you come up with after writing a Win32 program in C

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Hair is the ultimate sociopath. Hair doesn't care, Hair doesn't feel.

... but eager to get back to business, Stanley took the first open door on his right.

oh hm yes these crumbs on the kitchen counter should definitely be blown away!

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