Accessibility report from the

All very depressing.

- Only ~12% use associated labels for all form elements
- Only ~42% provide alternate text for all images
- Only ~43% of sites provide an accessible name for all buttons
- ...

I am always amazed how much time and effort sites put into making content discoverable for SEO (Searchbots) and at the same time complain that it takes to much time/effort to make content accessible for people.

Accessibility Tips in SPAs by

»It’s unfortunate how few good examples there are of client-rendered applications like these, but with the right knowledge and best practices we can put much better accessibility examples out into the world.«

It has really been a wonderful day! Thanks to all speakers, organizers and people interested in accessibility. See you next year.
RT Wow! Such amazing feedback. Thank you to everyone who joined us today, in person or online 💖


The CSS Working Group At TPAC: What’s New In CSS?

- CSS Scrollbars
- aspect ratio units
- :where() pseudo class

That's totally me - I often see things in real life and can't stop thinking about how I would achieve an effect, a layout with CSS.


Finally found the time to submit the feediary PWA to the Windows Store - let's see how long the certification takes ⏳

WAI-ARIA menus, and why you should generally avoid using them
The WAI-ARIA standard defines a number of related menu roles. However, in 99% of all cases, these should not be used. A bit of history In the mid 2000s, people were arguing over whether HTML4.01 or XHTML 1.x was the better standard. Both markup languages had in common that they hardly[...]
#ARIA #DontUse #menu #menubar #menuitem #menus

In the last ~12 years building websites I often thought: This time I build the perfect website - and it never happened.

I tried it again and again until realizing that this is not what I should aim for. Better make it good for all instead of perfect for one.

One will never build the perfect website.

Our job is to:
🙂 Make it usable for all
👍 Make it good for most
⚡️ Make it great for many

In short: Progressive enhancement

Including a third-party script in your site is like giving someone the keys to your house, allow them to see all you do in your house and allow them to move everything around in your house.

A <button>/<input> not associated with a form is useless without JavaScript.

- Core feature - attach to a form and handle it server-side as fallback and client-side as an enhancement
- Enhancement - Add the <button>/<input> dynamically with JavaScript.

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