Clearly, a website don't need to look the same in every browser.

But, is it also okay, if a website looks different on first visit and after reload? E.g. system fonts on first visit, web fonts after that or some enhancements only when already visited before (already in cache).

Looked up browser support for three features today .

All were fully supported in Firefox, Edge (old and new engine) and Chrome.

None were supported in Internet Explorer and Safari.

Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode

- Custom focus styles + a transparent outline
- SVGs and currentColor
- CSS properties
- Media Queries
- Browser testing
- ...

🚀 Added reports for the Better Image Descriptions browser extension.

Great to quickly see what images need better descriptions.

What do you all use for your email newsletters?

- Has to be privacy friendly (opt-in confirmation, easy unsubscribe)
- Should support very basic HTML (headlines, list, links)
- Ideally can self-host

The Chrome Web Store is driving me crazy. Rejecting my Better Image Description Extension claiming it handles private data (it does not) and has no privacy policy (it has and added there). Only bots answering.

Does, by any chance, somebody know a human I can contact about this?

Wanted to start a site dedicated to HTML forms for years, now I finally launched the site.

Still very much work in progress, but it will get there.


The site is now live!

First post is about the form attribute


Speed Lab

Test your website speed across browsers and devices

Gives you a good feeling how slow your site is

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