Want: @support@twitter.com and @media@twitter.com in HTML.

<div media="(min-width: 1440px)">
render this only on bigger screens

Among other, this can fix the disconnect between the DOM order and visual presentation of content we currently have with using CSS properties (order, ...) in @media@twitter.com.

An advanced HTML feature known only to a select few Old Guard developers: the hyperlink.


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📝 New Blog Post:

Ruthlessly Eliminating Layout Shift on netlify​.com


With a nice little bonus reusable announcement banner web component for you to use!

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I don't have trust that any JavaScript will run without errors.

There are too many unknowns you simple can not test.

That's why I feel much more comfortable using progressive enhancement to build for the web.

TIL: The <head> element was originally called <header>, but alter renamed.

This allowed <header> to be free to fill a different role later on.

You can see that on the first website info.cern.ch/

To BER something

Postpone something as long until it is not needed anymore.

<input type="password" minlength="12" value="ha">

This is valid and you can submit the form. If you however manually enter the same value "ha" it will be invalid.

Why was it implemented this way? Can't find anything in the spec.

DX = more time to build useless, inaccessible features

The next web framework should

- do a11y by default (e.g. enforce label for input, ... make it hard to ship inaccssible code)
- uses service/web worker
- not be free for commercial use (have a non-profit behind it where people are paid to develop/maintain it)

I still don't get it why so many like to overcomplicate things (often advertised as improving DX) and think if something works for big company X (which often does not really), they should use the same.

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SPA sold as the silver bullet architecture choice for all web development projects has caused irreparable damage to the web, both for developers and users

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Ever wanted to transition the opening/closing of the <details> element?

Here is my attempt using CSS custom properties and JavaScript.


Styling the <details> element

- How to change the default disclosure icon
- How to use transition for the opening/closing


When you only use <div> and <span> in your HTML

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When you only know HTML and develop a web application

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alt attributes like paragraphs by @davatron5000@twitter.com

I really like this thinking.

Pretend that image is just regular old paragraph text.


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