It's now more than one year since GDPR came in to force.

While many small sites now really care about tracking, privacy... it is not so on big sites. They either block european visitors or try to force you to accept all their cookies. I did have hope, but meh

Your first performance budget with Lighthouse

Setup a budget and integrate it in your CI process to ensure your site stays fast.

Are there guidlines/resources regarding color contrast between states? Eg. You may have perfect contrast for default and :focus on a button, but too low difference between the states. How to make sure the difference is sufficient?

If there would be a competion for dark patterns, this for sure would win a price. What the...

It is finally possible to use multiple accounts in the twitter PWA - time to remove the native app and try the PWA Version.

Accessible Icon Buttons on ways how to give your icon buttons an accessible name and why you shoud use aria-hidden="true" and focusable="false" for the svg.

CSS-Only Chat

An extreme example of something which can be done with CSS but shouldn`t.

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

The story of how a small team of web developers conspired to kill IE6 from inside YouTube and got away with it.

How to you all handle old comments when switching from something like Wordpress to a Static Site Generator?

Plan to use Webmentions in the future, but unsure how to preserve the old comments.

HTML Includes That Work Today

Clever technique to inline HTML and SVG in the DOM using an iframe and some JavaScript.

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