TIL about the hyphenate-limit-chars property which lets you specify the minimum character limit and minimum number before/after a hyphenation break w3.org/TR/css-text-4/#hyphenat

Sadly only supported in IE/Edge at the moment. @FirefoxNightly@twitter.com @ChromiumDev@twitter.com Any plans to support this?

What to you use to follow and listen to podcasts? Want to improve podcast experience on feediary and I am really curious what's most important to you?

Web Standards: The What, The Why, And The How

»Web standards were introduced to protect the web ecosystem, to keep it open, free and accessible to all.«


The Ethics of Performance

»Performance is an ethical issue, and it’s one each and every one of us can work towards improving.«


Accessibility and Performance go hand in hand.
So does Usability and Responsiveness.

All belong to the accessible umbrella

Your new year resolution is to spend less time on social media?

Great, there is a thing called RSS and I launched an app for it last year: feediary.com/ - try it out!

Browse your favourite content, with zero tracking & zero ads.

One of my goals for the year is to move my blog from wordpress to a static site.

So, as a first step I am currently writing a tool using puppeteer to extract all my posts, get the content and save them as markdown files. Works great so far.

Making Future Interfaces: Algorithmic Layouts

@heydonworks@twitter.com talking about creating CSS layouts that are self-governing, using Flexbox and Grid.


Need to improve my frontend testing. What are you all using to test the frontend? cypress.io, TestCafe, puppeteer or something else?

I don't care how you write CSS. Do it in JavaScript, do it in PHP, do it in SCSS, do it in CSS or in whatever works for you.

... as long as you don't compile it all in the browser.

Accessibility = innovation by @MischaAndrews@twitter.com

»In a perfect world, we shouldn’t need accessibility meetups. In a perfect world accessibility would be embedded in the way we design and develop products; «


websipp (noun)

1. a portmanteau of web site and app

Is it a web site or is it a web app? What is the difference between a web site and a web app? All this disscussions can end now - it is a websipp!
You are welcome.

Accessibility report from the @HTTPArchive@twitter.com httparchive.org/reports/access

All very depressing.

- Only ~12% use associated labels for all form elements
- Only ~42% provide alternate text for all images
- Only ~43% of sites provide an accessible name for all buttons
- ...

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