Including a third-party script in your site is like giving someone the keys to your house, allow them to see all you do in your house and allow them to move everything around in your house.

A <button>/<input> not associated with a form is useless without JavaScript.

- Core feature - attach to a form and handle it server-side as fallback and client-side as an enhancement
- Enhancement - Add the <button>/<input> dynamically with JavaScript.

Consider adding text-to-speech for and now wondering how many would use this.

Do you prefer reading articles or have an article read to you?

If you are wondering what this is -> here is a demo from MDN where you can enter text and hear it:

The 4th edition of A11y Meetup Berlin will be on Sep 18, 2018

We're looking for you to give a talk 🎤 !

🌟 Submit your ideas here:

A brief guide to using WebpageTest

»Test on the lowest denominator. Fast sites on slow networks are still fast sites on fast networks. The web's greatest asset is reach.«

🚀New version of feediary is now available 🚀

- Rename feed titles
- Add Keyword feeds
- Open items directly in a new tab
- and more...

Getting to the Picture Element

»The new HTML element this time, the one that would solve the problem of responsive images, did not come from the browsers. It came from the community. It was to be called the picture element.«

- The power of progressive enhancement -

»The beauty of this approach is that the site doesn’t ever appear broken and the user won’t even be aware that they are getting the ‘default’ experience.«

Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS - clever technique to switch text color for different backgrounds and ensure a great color contrast.


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