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I really hate to ask this... because I hate that I've done it, but I need some mainstream Social media presence for BlackFire...

If anyone wouldn't mind following @blackfiresec on twitter, I'd be very grateful.

Please boost. I could use the help.

@jpmens this little gadget could pique your interests github.com/mcer12/Hugo-ESP8266 It's a 4-button programmable thingy with optional mqtt firmware included (* but that doesn't support username/password at first glance, but trivial to add I think)

I don't have a road ready race bike but I've just bought a pair of triathlon bike shoes. AMA.

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There's a BBC4 Good Omens radio dramatisation, and they're playing it over the next couple of days.

There are three (of the six) episodes online already:


It turns out that Shimano Ultegra 6500 replacement hoods are impossible to find. no compatible spare parts.. I was hoping to get the Cannondale CAAD4 Saeco that a friend gave me in good shape. :(

awx job n. 404 failed.. what did I expect? 😩

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- J'ai rien à cacher.
- Okay tu peux me montrer tout tes sms, tout tes messages sur messenger, Tinder, et autres.
- T'es fou c'est privé ...
- Bah non t'as rien à cacher.
- C'est pas pareil, ça te regarde pas.
- Ah donc FB, Google toussatoussa ils peuvent (et en plus ils revendent derrière) mais moi non ?
- ... ...

Voilà voilà

#Privacy #LesGens #OnEstPasSortiDuSable

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As a developer or designer you’re sitting in front of the fucking computer all day every day—IMO it is self-care to get the best thing possible.

- Get a really fast computer so you get shit done quicker.
- Get a really good monitor so you minimize eye strain
- Get a good mechanical keyboard so typing is a joy, not a chore
- Get an ergonomic desk and chair
- Get the best quality, life is too short for crappy tools

TIL Virtualbox 6.x supports nested virtualization on AMD CPUs.

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#DNS based threat #hunting and DoH (DNS over HTTPS)



Comunque ogni volta che @dataKnightmare nomina GdA a me vien la pelle d'oca. Pure ora mentre sto scrivendo. Eh oh.

Grazie, di nuovo, a DK.

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@jpmens hared RUNNING pid 657, uptime 394 days, 23:24:20

feels good :-)

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Software is like running a french bakery.

It's a pain to make.

flat tire while commuting to the office. I usually work from home but there is a kubernetes two day course... ended up being 45 minutes late.

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