Ha, after two months being broken, Garmin Workouts iCal export has been fixed (silently). now imports correctly with DTSTART and DTEND for every event.

It seems that Garmin iCal Workouts calendar is a little broken at the moment, all the events are missing DTSTART and DTEND. My python script to get the next workouts is failing (since it checks those properties), Google calendar also seems to be unable to display the exported calendar properly.

It was ok up until a couple of days ago.

Che se non bestemmio guarda.... Questo è pane per @dataKnightmare

Monitorare tremila dipendenti con l’algoritmo anti-Covid

La facoltà di Ingegneria di UniBs ha predisposto in tempi record una app che ogni giorno si attiva in 4 aziende


I'm at that point of the lockdown that I miss the chlorine of the swimming pool. Today is the first day of the so call second phase of the lockdown, still there's no way of knowing when (if?) the pools will be allowed to open again. I know, there's much bigger problems than this (and I live just between two of the cities majorly beaten by the virus) but I still miss that smell.

You know you are staying indoor and training too much when the first thing that come to your mind when reading "FTP" somewhere is Functional Threshold Power and not File Transfer Protocol

The Risotto masterclass that my dear friend Fabio Bortolotti / kenobit did yesterday on twitch is here: twitch.tv/kenobisboch/v/602446 even if you consider yourself skilled in Risotto watch it and learn a few new tricks (I did, and made one of the best risotto alla parmigiana I ever did) /cc @jpmens

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Pardon my ignorance, does anyone know if Emacs style keybindings (C-a and C-e in particular) are something that started with Emacs itself or are older that that? I know that the name may suggests the origin but I had to ask :)

It's one of those days, being alerted that one of my boxes didn't complete the daily backup and finding out that.. yes. it was DNS.

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Un fantastico nuovo episodio con il keynote OEB2019 di Audrey Watters e una superproduzione che nemmanco la RAI.

Share and enjoy!

DataKnightmare: L'algoritmico è politico: DK 4x20 - Edtech Agit-prop spreaker.com/user/runtime/dk-4

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Our friends @nostarch are doing a 30% off sale for all security titles in honor of Data Privacy Day: nostarch.com/catalog/security

I now have Golden Cheetah set up as I want. It's not the easiest software to work with, but looots of customizations. also, being a noob triathlete wannabe is complicated :) (being a "normal" runner wasn't enough, eh)

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Unicode is hard, today's episode "Petzl�-�Actic Core Red"

it's almost 2020 and i'm still constantly looking up how to install 'dig' on a rpm based distro. ask me anything.

fixed the rear rim of my city bike with a wrench, a hammer and sandpaper. like one does....

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