With a bit of trickey I can now control hackers.town:2600 playback and volume from Node-Red, the setup involves mplayer -slave running via websocketd (github.com/joewalnes/websocket) Node-Red connects to the websocket and via UI sends pasue/volume strings as needed.

bonus: mplayer writes to snapcast (github.com/badaix/snapcast) fifo and that means multi room audio in sync :) Thank you Gibson! @thegibson

on the other hand, if you already have the three single certificates, you can't take part to a TRI event.

In Italy they really don't want you to become a triathlete. If you are already "medically fit" for, say, running and you have a "PRO" certificate saying so, it's stricly for the sport listed.

that makes sense somewhat but the irony is that if you have a triathlon certificate you can't run a marathon...

So bike, swim, run, and triathlon are considered four separate sports and if you're fit for TRI it doesn't matter, you have to get the other THREE separate certificates.

Ah, the glamorous life of a long distance runner!

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Why do people hate on ~ gender neutral toilets ~??? did they check their own homes?

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Added "Gamera, the Giant Monster" (1965), you can watch it here:


Japanese monster movie about a giant turtle woken from its Arctic slumber.

Also known as "Daikaiju Gamera", this is the original Japanese version with English subtitles.

#Gamera #GameraTheGiantMonster #DaikaijuGamera #Kaiju #Monsters #MonsterMovies #Film #Movies #Japan #Japanese #1960s

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The Orville has way more Star Trek in its core than ST:Discovery and that's the hill I'm willing to die on.

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Vous aimez suivre des bots mais vous trouvez qu'ils postent trop souvent et que ça pollue votre timeline ? Vous pouvez simplement les suivre via leur flux #RSS ou #Atom : il suffit d'ajouter .rss ou .atom à la fin de l'URL de leur page de profil 🙂

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Zur Erinnerung: Menschen mit Depression brauchen in der Regel mehr als “eine kleine Aufmunterung”, denn sie sind sehr viel mehr als traurig #notjustsad

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Hot take:
"anti vaxxer" is way too benign...
Let's call them "plague revivalists"

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Altra curiosità. Sapete cosa sono quelle strane sigle che si trovano nei nomi dei font? Tipo URW Antiqua, Californian FB o Goudy Modern MT? Sono le "fonderie" che una volta letteralmente fondevano il metallo per i caratteri tipografici. Ora non fondono più, ma il nome è rimasto lo stesso.
È curioso scoprire come alcuni font superino il secolo e vengano ancora usati (e siano ancora coperti dai diritti delle "fonderie"). cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/1740477

Speaking of Mopidy, if you are experiencing issues with spotify playlists (the ones created by Spotify itself like Weekly Discovery in particular) here's a fix: github.com/mopidy/mopidy-spoti

Ah! Mopidy-SoundCloud latest version unbroke the plugin (so we can browse followed accounts instead of relying on favorites) github.com/mopidy/mopidy-sound

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infine la #scienza ha saputo rispondere alla domanda che attanagliava il genere umano dall'alba dei tempi: "se mangio la testa di un #LEGO, dopo quanto tempo la cago?" :breadthink:


grazie, #arstechnica

Ladies dresses and running shorts have the same issue... POCKETS. why it is so hard to include this basic thing into these? I found just one model of shorts that can accomodate like four carbo gels (but then I look like a sort of giant bee, guess why)

Fashion designers, please include pockets everywhere! let us run with fancy dresses :)

it's no secret that it's always DNS, right? ... Oh, and puppet. go die in a fire!

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"when nerds talk to normal people, the normal people's feelings often get hurt because the nerds don't apply tact, assuming the normal person will take their blunt statements and apply whatever tact is necessary." mit.edu/~jcb/tact.html

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