The problem with Mastodon, is that you are stuck in the instance you fall into. There is no easy way to migrate, no easy way to belong to multiple instances. Until Mastodon decides which of those two directions to head in, your instance choice is basically meaningless, and the whole platform is unstable.

I wrote up some heartfelt words about why I left Twitter:

Please share it if you agree. Thank you.

guru’s, how do I mute a language? It seems a tremendous waste of bandwidth to get toots I literally can’t read.

my guy Eugen is asking for $60k a year for server upkeep, mod reimbursement, and full time developer salary. it's not uncommon for entry-level developer positions to pay upwards of $90k. help him hit $5k/month if you can afford it, he's certainly earned it

Supes wet! Gotta leave it to dry for a bit before continuing!

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I think my favorite thing about the fediverse is that it actually never feels like I'm screaming into a void. It feels like I'm thinking out loud to a group of strangers who, despite not knowing me, are supportive and interested in what I have to say.

Mastodon: The most advanced cat sharing protocol on the internet

I’m a Twitter refugee mostly interested in , , , and . Animal pics and references to good reads are always welcome. 👋

What is being done about the dearth of mediocre journalism? The incentive structure surrounding online content creation is driving most sites to a terrible local optima, and I’m tired of sifting through the trash.


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