What still blows my mind is that LFL literally cast a next-to-perfect post-ROTJ Luke Skywalker with Graham Hamilton – and still did that deepfake stuff. I just don't understand.

Gosh, US progressives need to play the very long game & establish a 3rd Party. I mean, 2024 is already lost & in this decade there will only be progressive policies on some state levels. Unless you're able to overthrow the Dem establishment, go 3rd Party.


🌍 Wenn alle Menschen so ressourcenintensiv lebten, wie wir Deutschen, würde der auf den 4. Mai fallen. Das ist das Datum, an dem die Menschheit mehr ökologische Ressourcen verbraucht hat, als der Planet in einem ganzen Jahr regenerieren kann.

And here I thought this take would provoke angry reactions from some fans 😅

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Any fans on here who like the show? Let me tell you, I do! The last two episodes were fantastic and I just love Pablo Schreiber's face 💕

I do love but it often takes me forever to play "new" titles, so here are some games I played in 2022 and had an absolute blast with:

When it comes to sci-fi these days, there's nothing that compares to , both the novels and the show. It has everything going for it: great and diverse characters, real physics and real politics, great world-building, moving from gritty 21st century social issues sci-fi into almost classical high concept sci-fi of the 1950s/60s. And it has the BEST couple with Naomi (the beating heart of the story) and Holden (its unbending moral compass) 💕

The best non-movie content of the new canon for me was (a) (quintessential SW, up there with the OT in my book) and (b) the two new novel trilogies by Timothy Zahn. I also enjoy a great deal, but I'm not sure in which direction SW is going on screen. I rather have a new movie trilogy than endless streams (hehehe) of TV shows.

Ok, let's start with some opinions to get going. From 2014 ( season 1 comes out) to 2017 ( premiers) I had the best of times as an SW fan. Then came the backlash and endless shouting matches, as if the the dark times (the anger about the prequels) had returned. I still love Star Wars with all my heart, but talking about it on social? Gosh, that's taking courage and a very well curated mutuals/block list. What about you? Könnt auch auf Deutsch tröten 😃

So where are my peeps on Mastodon? Ich spreche Deutsch as well as English 😊 Would be delighted to get into good conversations without shouting matches. Wenn ihr Lust habt, einfach mal in meine Richtung tröten. Just toot at me (and I'll tell you why your DW opinion is wrong 😉 )

Hello there Currently checking out alternatives to Twitter where I can find idiots like me who love geeking out about sci-fi in general and Star Wars/Trek (yes...), Doctor Who, The Expanse, Mass Effect, etc. I'm not here for shouting matches, this should be a fun place for me. You can check out my Twitter profile as well, where I'm still rather active.

Likes: obviously nerd stuff, Green politics

Dislikes: US/Anglo culture war drama, Putin


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