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Welcome to all the Twitter refugees! 👋

Mastodon and the Fediverse does NOT use NFTs or blockchain or cryptocurrencies. No one is on here trying to get rich, no one is promoting anything.

The Fediverse (which Mastodon is part of) is a federated computer network spread across thousands of independently owned and operated servers. The millions of people on the Fedi can interact with each other regardless of which server they signed up on, because the servers talk to each other through federation.

Federation is a proven and stable way to make a network, it's how telephones and email work for example. It's how social networks should be.

We aren't trying to break anything or compete with anyone. There are no shareholders or venture capitalists. Instead, we work together, donating time or money, and collaborate to make a better social network for its own sake.

Here are some hints and tips for new users:


#Fediverse #Mastodon #FediTips #MastoTips #Introduction

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Just quick tips for artists who came from Twitter

If you post some tall vertical arts, Twitter will usually recognize or random the crop position from your tweet, but on Mastodon, you can manually reposition the cropping that you want.

Art by VonSketchz on Twitter

So like... all the normal (anti NFT) twitter users will come here any second now.


Mutuals, Any good accounts i should be following?? My tl is very empty.

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* GNU/Hurd release? I sleep.
* GNU/kFreeBSD release? REAL SHIT

The ultimate troll OS: It's not Linux! It's not BSD! It's not even UNIX, as the name clearly states!

It's a frankenOS conversation starter.

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@georgia you have no idea how much of a burden it is, every time I go out children follow behind me in a large group and sing mocking school yard chants about "that bitch who posts"

:underheart: dont mind me i just havent 'tooted' in a while

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Let's suppose that: there is a service called "shmebulocks", and it can be sold only by me and 9 other entities on planet Earth. If we proceed to (secret) agreements with each other, should it be considered as a free market? 

Here, you will find worrysome stories about super companies (Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Amazon, Huawei, Google, etc), conspire together against their users, or against anything else that oppose their unjust power and influence:

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Linux malware renders systems unbootable by running pacman -Syu

I keep forgetting that likes are anonymous on this app.

Do you know what that means? I have to actually tell the person what I think of their post instead of just going “post good. I gib liek”

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Very morbid ableism 

Can we please sink this fucking island

I tried using my EXP GDC again, and I narrowed the issue to two:

1. EMI, the EXP GDC is known to have really poor circuit design, so people resort to using ferrite beads and using a socket exclusively for it. I tried both but no dice.

2. It’s simply dying / already dead when I bought it. I mean, I have never heard coil whine as bad as that!

And on the desktop, “Walter” is found again on the About system page and the Haiku3d demo is removed

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On the installer, references to Haiku are removed and references to the code name, Walter, are present instead

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The bootloader has no haiku logo, which I find ominous

(The pic on the right is what happens when your replace the nightly EFI loader with the built from source one, it’s glitched out)

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Kescher, you will have to deal with seeing my posts twice.

Anyways, today I had to compile Haiku cuz I didn’t want to wait for the next automatic build that contains the fix for the UEFI boot loader, and I found interesting differences between the nightly and building it from scratch (a smol thread)

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@kQuote03 ah, apparently the mod actually includes a high-res 3:2 aspect ratio screen with a customized screen bezel! That's actually kinda cool, afaik the only PC systems with that sort of screen right now are the MS Surface line.
They also customize the stock heatsink so they can use a higher power cpu, and include some spacers/fillers for the ports that are no longer present or changed on the replacement board.

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