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Kai Engert 🦎🇪🇺 @kaiengert@mastodon.social

New post-quantum paper by DJB and Tanja Lange is worth a read (very readable and targeted for a lay audience.)


@Gargron good morning, Eugen! Good luck with the user firehose today and thanks for your great work!

Hello friends, I'd just like to interject here for a moment.

Eugen needs money to live, and mastodon.social has server expenses, but money doesn't write code by itself. There's still 183 open issues on the Mastodon project github.

Writing a code patch to fix a problem or work in a feature helps not just mastodon.social, but also everyone else running Mastodon, too, and you'll have @Gargron's gratitude, and all the other devs' too.

Love, Trev

Friends, @Gargron's going to have to scale up to support this crazy (and awesome) spike in new users. Let's pay the man: patreon.com/user?u=619786

(Also consider new instances, etc, but we all know mastodon.social's going to get most of the growth for the time being.)

n., "twoot", to tweet and toot simultaneously