John Wick kills a man with a pen, Mr. McCall (the equalizer) kills a man with a book. A stationery shop is a weapon shop to them.

Life is difficult and tragic enough. Why some people set making others miserable as their life objective is beyond me.
Let's be a bit nicer with each other especially in this difficult times.

#FreeTube version 0.11.3 has just been released! This release fixes the recent issues with channels / comments not loading properly. We also merged a change to improve the usability of the search bar.

Check out the full release notes here (Even though there isn't much this time around):

You can download the latest release over on the website:

#privacy #opensource

If it makes sense to learn the technology X in 2020, it still very much makes sense to learn it in 2021, unless its lead and the sole developer is hit by a bus or is in a jail.
In that scenario you should question your judgement on why you chose such a fragile technology in the first place.

On the same token fake gurus on please stop creating corny videos titled "Should you learn [put technology name] in [year]?"
I'm begging you.

Vulgar language 

Let me be clear I detest those who are constantly trying to shaft me behind my back and then act friendly in front of me or denying the shit they did to me when they are confronted.
I despise hypocrisy and cowardice.

is the urban lifestyle dystopia full of plastic models and roid up kids chasing clouds.

It's too easy to fall into unhealthy routines when intensively.
Stay healthy folks.

The only proprietary that I was a bit more comfortable using it was which just realized that it's owned by 😞 since 2013.
Besides me being unaware of the world, sadly there is no alternative of Goodreads.
The closest thing comes to my mind is .

Something that makes me cringe is seeing savvy people (such as ) have their websites just to link viewers to other platforms like , and .

Form your online presence in such a way that you have nothing to lose if one day the overlords decide to cancel you.

banned me six months ago just an hour after I had created my account. They provided no reason, unsuprisingly.
Thinking about it now, probably they did because I set my handle/username as `@therealKasra` :thinkerguns:

Have you occurred to you that you have too many things to do but you don't know where to begin and you end up not doing anything and wasting your time on nonsense?

That's exactly how my Saturday is going on.

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