Elon Musk is just a better presentation of John McAfee.

Expect to have many haters when you are succeeding and they are not.
Success turns even (some) friends to backstabbers.

Technology dystopia is real, stay vigilant people.

It's good that the NARA publishes Trump's tweets on its platform. It helps next generations to not repeat the history.
As making his tweets accessible on Twitter, it's up to Twitter. Though, I can understand why they are reluctant.

Neither I'm a conspiracy theorist nor a control freak but I urge everyone to start investing, if haven't yet, on self-hosting everything you can and not rely on third party apps, platforms especially those that are closed source and produced by big tech.

I believe the situation gets worse only. More impositions, less privacy and essentially more controls by big tech unless we take action or governments intervene. The latter is a bit hopeless due to corruptions, lobbyists and boomer mentality.

I'd like to remind people to first invest on their own self-hosted platforms then expand to third parties.
It takes a while and is quite slow but 100% risk free and guaranteed safety.
Example: I started my own blog in 2013. In 2019 I began . Even though videos do much better than texts, still I have significantly more blog userbase and it's quite solid.
If tomorrow YouTube removes my channel, I barely lose anything.
Same goes to ,

IMO self-hosted is the key

3 months ago I got a community strike for a video tutorial.
Unsurprisingly YouTube is getting more aggressive. More and more YouTubers are getting such a ridiculous strike.

Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" πŸ™„

I push back on whatever that's forced upon me regardless of political orientation or ideology of an entity or a person does such.

Liberty and individual freedom is above everything else in my book.

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