There is a silly bit of wasteland near me, that is used for rubbish dumping and car parking, and it's covered in wild flowers at the moment

Just watched Evenepoel totally destroy Tim Wellens... Solo chased Wellens down at the Tour of Belgium, with two other riders wheelsucking him. Got 1-2'd by Victor Camempaert, but then chased Camempaert back and pulls all the way to the finish.

People talking about having backups encrypted by ransomware. Are (over)writeable backups a thing now ?

"If an infinite set of point in the plane determine only integer distances, then all the points lie on a straight line" Nice!

Bartosz Milewski videos on my lunch break. He speaks r e a l l y slowly.  So I watch on 1.5x and it seems normal

I've just phoned in sick... :-( I got up at the correct time to go to work, but just felt so tired and run down. I couldn't face the morning dash.

Sex life nsa 

Drugs, cops, tories 

Drugs, cops, tories 

Drugs, cops, tories 

@_sizeofcat The only thing left to do then was set up a bunch of port forwards from the VPN endpoint AND on the OpenWRT router, so I can get my bittorrent and SSH into the home LAN to work.

The FW rule set on Algo seemed simpler to work with than the one that came with Streisand too.
Streisand used UFW ( uncomplicated Fw) to wrap te IPTables config which I found quite complicated. 🤷‍♀️

Algo had some just iptables rules stored using netfilter-persistent package, whihc seemed easier to modify

@_sizeofcat I would have liked to use ipsec. Because previously I was doing a site to site ipsec so all hosts connected via that subnet could get use of the vpn.

Anyway.. re-engineered the solution to use double NAT and wireguard PtP. Setting that up via Algo and OpenWRT was easy helped, and adding the new wireguard interface to the WAN zone on the openWRT firewall.

I went with algo eventually - thanks @_sizeofcat , and transitioned over to using wireguard instead of ipsec.

I tried to get the algo ipsec implementation working against openWRT 18.06.2
BUT ...

As far as I could tell the strongswan implementation in OpenWRT has no support of elliptic curves, and the certificates and keys generated by Algo were all ECDSA keys... So I gave up with that.

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