can put off upgrading that Jessie server for another year!

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This is a great album .. super jazzy.. less funk.. but seriously onpoint for 1971 - and incredibly spacy, but not in a tacky way

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the fact that they use "K" instead if "C" in "Komplete Kontrol" is probably a big red flag

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Also.. When in "Library" it also showed about 10GB of "stuff" from Native Instruments that is free but I've not installed.

so it's doing that now, rather than me playing it.

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my Maschine+ just barfed.
I went to start a new project, and load a group. And there was nothing. OhNo!
Did I press the wrong button? Have I forgotten how to do it? (a good possibility)

So I pressed some buttons and went into "Library" "Show Installed" and it said "Error" 😠

So I did it all again ... and again .. and again .. then it suddenly found things.

WTF! I feel sad about this.

My friend gave me a jar of wild garlic pesto he'd made.

I ate it tonight with some tagliatelle, chicken, lemon juice, black pepper and green chilli.

it was amazing.

Thank you Andy!

There is an election in the UK tomorrow.

It all seems highly tedious.

Should I vote for the boring Labour candiate... or the local transphobic Green Party ?

Do I give a shit about the "police and crime commissioner" ?

Should we tinker with the current hierarchy of the council or not ?


The crows were eating a dead rat today.
So .. winning at something.

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I got quite invested emotionally in the life of the crows last year.

When their nest got blown out of the tree with baby crows in it, I felt quite sad.

Anyway.. This year, they decided to build a nest in the same tree, a silver birch, and in an even higher spot, and hence.. even more unsuitable.

Oh No! it was really windy for the last couple of days, and would you believe it their nest got blown out again.

It was a much better nest than last year. But still unsuccessful.


nsfw humour real 

thank the godess for oestrogen

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nsfw humour real 

If anyone ever needs any help with relationships..

This is my general seduction technique

Forget "lingerie" .. think of the reveal from your boiler suit instead.

I got a new bra.. thank goodness for some actual support at last.

Whenever I get request for info about "your GDPR compliance" .. I know the person asking has not actually thought about it.

Ok that was fun.. bit less than a 1km .. we are only in 45 min and I'm a slow swimmer. One of my arms is stronger than the other. I can feel my back ache slightly on opposite side to the weaker arm where I must be working slightly harder to hold straight

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Going to the pool for the first time in months. Feeling a bit nervous!

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