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German cops seize more servers in crack down on left activists.

This time from @systemausfallorg


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BBC radio4 was doing "are the tran'z peeps people?" debate this morning. Which is boring to wake up to, but it does tend to make think everyone is staring at me on the way to work.
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History of indy.im

I joined identi.ca late 2009 ? early 2010 ?  I'd always been interested in self-hosting and maintaining autonomous services, so set up indy.im. in October 2010. There were several motivations at the time. 
* So I could run my own bots.  I had some on identi.ca but they kept being blocked/banned; which was fair enough.
* As a proxy into twitter - so users could keep their own data, and to obfuscate location/ip addresses
* as a mobile interface to UK #indymedia. I published  a customised version of the mustard android apk, branded it with an indymedia logo, and hardwired some login credentials in it. Activists could use it on early smart phones and publish short pieces of news and photos to indy.im.  The RSS for these would be pulled into the national/regional indymedia's
* And as a personal microblog thing.
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quitter.se was older than indy.im by a few months. And before quitter.se existed I remember microb.se https://web.archive.org/web/20090609034651/http://microb.es:80/

Sometime towards the end of 2011 news that identi.ca was changing started spreading. There was a push by lot's of North American users to selfhost. Sites like fragdev appeared. I think the oldest remaining one of those is Gomertronic http://dent.gomertronic.com/notice/1

@jezra started selfhosting at that time ?  
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is indy.im the oldest/longest running statusnet/gnusocial instance now ?  quitter.se predated it by a few months, but that's gone now.

Webarchitects is an ethically based multi-stakeholder Internet services co-operative that clients, partners and investors can join and participate in. ..All members get access to a gitlab CE installation

FYI with all the github grumbles.

Git hosting for cooperators

Use of git.coop is free for all members of

@Gargron well mastodon.social started federating with indy.im two weeks ago, but then stopped again.

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@sireebob you forgot unreliable delivery of messages.
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Scrobblebots aren't as good as fediverse groups
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@thor o had a youth turn up with a Kali live CD, trying to connect it to $corp wifi recently. So I gave them a lecture on running as root, turned off network manager, and showed them iwconfig. Hopefully if they find a bug they will let me know rather than break something.
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I got told off before by a "social enterprise" for fixing computers for free.  I wonder if giving blow jobs for free wrong too.
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So, I'm walking home, alone. It was my birthday today, but my friends have all departed, so I am just carrying my handbag over one shoulder and gold paper bag containing some gifts of chocolate and coffee over the other arm

I live in the city centre, and it is always busy. I turn the corner to my flat, and notice a car behind me. The driver stops and beckons to me.

I go to to see what he wants. He opens the door and I get in.

We drive off. He doesn't speak good English. But eventually he says "Trans" and "Oral" to me. So I say yes.

We find a dark car park. In the front of the car I undress to the waist, and he pulls his trousers down to his knees. Shortly after we return to the city centre.

I leave the car, but forget to take my cardigan. He shouts something I don't understand, and throws the cardigan out of the window onto the pavement as he drives off.
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On April 30 we held the fourth demonstration for pensions in Briviesca.
A few days earlier, it was announced that there will be a pensions increase, which may have led to the belief that it is not so necessary to make more demands on this matter, or to attend events like this. The “Coordinadora” for pensinos differs and there are demonstrations called in many Spanish cities for next May 5, including Burgos.
Pensions April 30 https://indy.im/url/19909 #briviesca #pensions #cuts #politics #castilla #cyl https://indy.im/url/19910
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@benofbrown @cassolotl How could that voting record be any worse!!