The Danes had clearly won the cycling men's pursuit against the British. If a rider has dropped off the back.. they are not going to get back on.

The Danes had clearly won

Opinion.. Rogue one is the only star wars movie that's any good

And it's completely unforgivable to to call the bad alien monster Steppenwolf..

Which is forever in my mind linked to a middle aged man having a mid life crisis, after the Herman Hesse book

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Barry Allen/The Flash: "and what's your super power?"
Bruce Wayne: "I'm rich"


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I've been watching MCU series movies. Death of Superman, Justice League, etc..

Gosh they are all awful.

A new electric cooker will cost me ~£200 (excluding getting it fitted too.. (but I might just do that myself))
I wonder if I can get it repaired for less than that

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OMG Bethany Shriever getting the gold in the bmx race!

I hear that she received NO FUNDING from UK Sport, as they would only fund the male riders.


I am going to by a takeaway tonight

I felt like was on holiday today for the first time in the 2 weeks I've been off work.

I saw a sticker today by the antivaxxers saying

99.997% people have *not* died of covid in the UK

well I thought I should check the math

it's actually 99.8% of people who haven't died (130k deaths, 67m population)

so they are exaggerating by 60 times.

it appears the oven and grill in my cooker have stopped working recently.

How annoying. ... Let me say that again!


So here is the route of my today.. Not too far.. 16km took about 2 hours, I ran slower over the moors and rocks.. Also took a couple of photos ( reposted)

The final part over the top of the moors was the best bit, but I was a bit unsure of where I was, and didn't want to get stuck into anything too epic without an escape plan.. But I could easily make this further now

Had a beer in the Little John pub
in Hathersage, and got the train back.

I could do this again!

Someone asked me to describe the locus of the point

x^2 + y^2 + 1 = 0

Well clearly its got no points in R^2

but.. what if we think of it in C^2 ?

I can write

x = iw
y = iz (and maybe I can think of these as a rotations of the R^2 embedded in C^2)

and get

w^2 + z^2 = 1

which looks a bit like a circle..

I am trying to think of how to visualise this..

Like.. I don't think this a 4-sphere, but, something more like a fibre bundle of circles over something else.. ?

I dunno

Eating bacon sandwiches, but with out the sandwich

In the PuSH model you had a separate PuSH server, that did all the "pinging" when there was something to notify people about

But it wasn't part of Mastodon, and was a 3rd party (google) thing

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Does activity pub have _something_ like a PuSH server in it ? It used to be called PubSubHubBub in the olden days.

I mean.. I subscribe to peoples feeds (outboxes ?)
and when they have something new, I get a ping , to tell me to go fetch the new content ?

Is it like that ?

If so, what is the process in Mastodon ?

I've been looking at the docs but obviously don't understand them

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