So why is everyone annoyed with again?

is it just because she called herself a transsexual and had Buck Angel as a voice actor ?

Just thinking this morning, on how the Socialist Workers Party is like the Jehovah's Witnesses

1. Both seem to spend a lot of time trying to give newspapers to each other.

2. Both have meetings with rhetorical questions.

Q. Can capitalism be reformed?
A. No, it can only be stopped by raising the workers class consciousness through building a revolutionary proletarian vanguard

Q. Will suffering cease?
A. Only by prayer and faith, repent for your sins, join our church to pray for redemption

Anyway.. it seemed to be ok. Because he then asked if I had a boyfriend because he has never seen me with anyone. So I said "no I don't have a bf right now".. to which he invited me back to his flat.

I declined his offer because.. well I didn't really want to deal with things.. and that can become a life and death issue..

But.. you know.. life is good!

Well .. I bumped into a guy late on Friday night, and had a little chat.. things people always complain about here.. noise.. homeless people breaking in..

Then he says.. "can I ask u a question?".. and I'm like getting that sinking feeling and yes.. it was that question..."the guys are asking .. are you a man or a woman?"..

Well I said im a woman.. but I didn't really fancy explaining about trans things.. however he said they were confused because my voice is deep?

I did this because because I like people.. but also because it was a survival technique I learned as a squatter.

It is much easier to be awful to someone if you don't think of them as a person. By talking to people and having a commonality they stop thinking about you as "other" or "weird" and you become just the person who lives in flat 19.

It's a survival mechanism.

The guys in my housing block have been talking about me to each other..

So.. I've lived here about 5 years now..
When I moved in I decided that I would say hello to everyone I met.. if I met in the lift.. in the laundry.. in corridor.. on the stairs, I always say hello to everyone and make light conversation.

Access to this kind of care is so empowering in a caring society.

Also.. as well as giving peace of mind from mitigating risk. I found the regular 3 month health check very useful.

I would go every 3 months or so before. But it would not be quite so organised. It's been much better having a regular 3 month checkup.

I got chlamydia ( yes and I know and I am pretty sure who from too!) , and I wouldn't have known until much later.. but it showed up on a check, so I got it fixed quickly.

you know ... access to the magic pill that stops you getting .. if you like... have a "social" life ...

I often add the 11 and drop the third too..

So a
IIm7 V7

Looks like VIm7/11 V9

Example.. add the 9 and 11 to a D minor 7 but drop the F out of the chord, so it looks like Am7 over D .. and then take that to a G7 9.. and it resolves to C major 7

also.. Guitar players.

Just because you can transpose by moving a piece of metal up the nek of your guitar, doesn't mean everyone can! It's not always a sharp !

Also... can we make the ½diminished ø go away and always call it a "m ♭5 7"

hi people. is it OK to always add the 9th!

I mean I do!

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