However you can't use aftertouch on a fast note run. there is no time to push down on the key..

Channel aftertouch can work here, because if you are sustaining a chord or a bass not e down, you can use pressure there, to modulate the lead line. BUT this would not work in a polyphonic aftertouch scenario, where the modulation of each note is separate...

So I dunno, quite how useful poly aftertouch would be.

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I've been considering getting a keyboard with "Polyphonic Aftertouch"... However.. I am having second thoughts..

When I use "Channel aftertouch" which I very much like. It's like having a "swell" pedal on the keys. You play a chord, and then push down on the keys, and that modulates all the voices.. say .. opening the filter, or increasing a LFO depth.

Apologies in advance to everyone who likes food. But... I cooked sausages with grapefruit juice.

Recipe: Onions, Cabbage, Sausage, Potato, fried for a bit, then cooked in some grapefruit IPA beer with vegetable stock.

Anyway.. it was horrible. I just had the beer left over from falling asleep a few nights ago. The beer was actually quite expensive (and quite nice in a different context) so I didn't want to throw it away.

Anyway I've done it now so you don't need to. Still ate it all!

I've just been for a run, but it hasn't taken enough of the evening to do.

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or maybe I will go for a walk and drink beer.. which is outside, so I don't need to look at the mess.

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maybe I should tidy up at home.. It's a well untidy at the moment.

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i feel lonely today.. i have been for a few days! not to worry.

I don't want anyone to help me, or offer words or anything.

I just wanted to say it.

Wynton Marsalis on learning the blues.

"The best way to learn is to listen to blues songs and imitate the melody. There was a time when we used to learn the scale first, but you could play up and down this scale forever and never come up with a melody... One good melody is worth a thousand scales"

Wout van Aert wins La Classicissima di primavera from Alaphillipe ..he caught Alaphillipe off the Poggio with magnificent descendingalso when Alaphillipe wouldnt take a turn in the final 2km with the bunch chasing only 7seconds behind, van Aert did not panic.

Tbh I think Alaphillipe was cooked and couldn't really take a turn.. but you never can tell with these pros!

Rumour has it Evenepoel is on a 50km solo break at Pologne

Nasty crash at Pologne :-( Groenewegen should not have changed his line or put his elbow out. But you shouldn't have sprint finish downhill. 60-70km/h on a bike.

When I did amateur racing one course had a sprint downhill. People liked it, but it was often causing crashes and injuring people.

Riding and racing in the bunch is exciting and demands skill, (that often amateurs lack). Professionals should know better, but are paid to win.

Race organisers shouldn't have those courses.

The man who begs nearby who I don't like shouted .. "shes got a cock between her legs" really loudly. As I went in the supermarket..

I've known him for years.. he was homeless and sleeping in the university car park 5 years ago.. but now he's just a nuisance.. he's not homeless and just annoying .. I know life is complicated .. but he is just a nuisance..

Anyway. I found that quite annoying.

I bought some cheap beer.. sitting outside looking at the sky get dark and the stars come out.

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Then I went for a swim at the pond. That was lovely.. 45 min swimming... Then sat in the sun to dry off..

I got home about 7pm and thought... It's a lovely evening.. I'm going to play the keys somewhere. So I got the synth and battery and caught the bus to another park and pond and just played and improvised a bit.

Felt very good... Eventually the midges started biting so I came home

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