And I am worried about all this now.

Also, the view from the hole in wall looking out over the city was a bit like this.


So I started trying to fix the hole, and put up a sheet and some plaster board over it. But it turned out that also the roof was falling off, and suddenly it did, and the remains of the chimney stack fell off the roof, and down down down to the ground.

Well on the ground this caused some kind of domino effect and lots of other building fell down, including smashing a dam, and water came pouring out and washed away lots of houses and lots of people died.


I had a terribly complex dream last night. I was living in a terraced house, and sleeping upstairs in a bedroom, and for some reason lent against the wall between the houses, AND THE WALL FELL DOWN, and the chimney fell off the house roof and there was a huge hole in the wall going to next door.

Well two people lived next door, a man and a woman - the woman was called Justine, and Justine said "OMG thats unfortunate", and they said we should try to fix the hole.


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Local charity are looking for volunteers with web development skills. Even better, but not essential, Drupal, PHP or CiviCRM experience. If you know someone who could help, contact

anybody using Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, to graph network rate from SNMP ifHCinOctets ? I can't find a reasonable howto on the Internet. I have graphs from the derivative, that are the correct shape but the values don't match up with metrics gathered in different ways

For people in the UK at risk of the trial is likely to be doubling the number of places over the next year or so.
Particularly for women and other groups

Peter Sagan looks so sexy with that new moustache
"A sociological analysis of HIV rates amongst
Black British men who have sex with men in London"

Well Randy's Hamburgers in closed down ... can't say I'm sorry. It's nice to see that a website has been created to share some information about them

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