I just blew away the .git and fuck history. Who learns from their mistakes anyway!

They are playing "Baker Street" Gerry Rafferty! Fuck yeah! !

went swimming again last night. Might make this a regular thing

Can I just block all email that starts "noreply@..." ?

I have broken git

error in tree 47acde9b2f9b4ca4658a728536e4f5ed48f18ec9: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries

went swimming yesterday. I haven't done any exercise properly for some time now. Quite enjoyed it with

put the rubbish out, done the recycling, fed the wild birds.
Time for coffee

Previous image without comment as any would of course be inappropriate... Bit I can't help but feel they misunderstand 4'33"

It's about listening and hearing music in everything

Isn't it?

CVSS 4.3 weak ciphers.. Should I care? On this windows web server? How likely is someone going to attack the users via SSLv3 ? Can you even get a browser to do SSL any longer?

Any ?

This mornings BBC Radio 4 Today Program had an interview with Professor Tim Lang (city.ac.uk/people/academics/ti) about an article in the current Issue of The Lancet - No Deal Food Planning in UK Brexit
The interview is available here at bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0007bj8 at 1:44:00 in

The Lancet article makes interesting reading. TL;DR, keep prepping, don't panic.

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