Anyway I walked home, and spent the evening drinking water and eating malt loaf with jam on it, and more chocolate. Which made me feel better.

Funny how you get cravings for particular foods sometimes.

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I went out for a run yesterday, and realised both my ankle's tendons were sore. So I stopped briefly, then restarted at a much slower pace and felt OK.

When I go to the gentle uphill section through the woods, I started feeling faint, seeing flashes of colour in my vision,and the ground kept shifting and wobbling. Which could have been fun, but instead made me feel nauseous and dizzy

So I stopped and walked the 5k home, buying sugary fizzy drinks and eat chocolate.

I think I was dehydrated.

I bought a battery thing because I thought I it might be good to be able to play piano outside.. But I'm sending it back...

It needs a usb c pd 3.0 charger to put power into it . But one wasn't supplied.

Also it shuts down after 5 min saying there was a load problem.

The thing I need would be more like a 100w camping power bank but they are a lot more money

dunno if I should go and swim again or go for a run ?

Forget "Trans Women are Women"..

How about "Abolish Men" ?

selfie ec 

Went swimming today, at the pond up the road. Actually was really good.
No chlorine water.
No crowded lanes
No trying to keep up with the other swimmers
No bumping into people.

Able to swim next to duck and coots! !

Was nervous about leaving clothes on side.. but nothing bad happened.

Water was not cold, but not warm.

Swam for about 30-45min


Anyway... I did my bit for lockdown over frenzy.. I let some guy pick me up and brought him home. Middle eastern guy, Didn;t speak very good english. (but better than my arabic) . Couldn't be bothered with "are you a girl or a boy" palava so kept my pants on and just gave him a bj... He did seem keen for up the bum fun after I mentioned front hole was no no ...but .. best to keep it simple. Surprisingly well hung for a slender man.
Pissed in my sink though when he washed his cock after.

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Defo lockdown over here! all the "chav" bars are open full of people slobbering over each other.. Blokes in their finest shirts, girls in their shiny heels and bodycon dresses. The queues outside are even more crowded than the bars

More photos of the centre of Sheffield at midnight last night. Is this the last time it will look so empty and quiet ?

Some blurry photos from last night about midnight of the "party" district in

Is this the last time it will look like this now is over

I got some new shoes today.. good to know that they are for wearing and will be functional. Phew!

"When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
But that was long ago
And now my consolation
Is in the stardust…"

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