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My day began like this. I actually left the house.

Officially too tired to reason with the materialities of the world. Is this year over? Are we there yet?

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walking along the seashore:

There's Capella, the charioteer, and over there you can see Cetus, the whale.

(me) next you'll say there's a fluffy bunny or a giraffe constellation.

yes, there's Lepus, the hare, chased by Ursa Major and Minor, and Orion is shooting his arrow at Signus.

I hear the ancient stories as we walk in the darkness.

Thanks to @Damage I have been reading bits aloud about Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

“Vegas?” said my partner, baffled. “As in Las Vegas?”

Meanwhile I have fallen into a rabbit hole of new intel on how bodies and brains work.

Simple amazement will get me through this day.

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Once again, the path-makers exerted themselves for our benefit.
#Scotland #photography #mastoart

Randomly curious about elevator pitches, I have just learned that 1.5 seconds per floor is a rule of thumb.

So if you’re promoting a two minute elevator pitch competition, that’s an 80 floor building.

On the other hand, the longest elevator in the Burj Khalifa can do 140 floors in one minute, so in two minutes you’re more or less in orbit around the earth with your startled executive audience.

Hello mastodon, what’s the best non iOS app that works nicely with instance switching?

Asking for a friend, @bryanalexander.

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woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

@bryanalexander I'm currently working with a student who is developing a thesis about "homefulness", a word she's using to describe the complex sense of home that international students carry when they're way. We came up with the term to combine "hopeful" as a sense of being for the future, and a sense that "homesick" wasn't the right word.

So, I think I also experience this hopeful/homeful sense when I'm mired in Twitter thinking about mastodon. @lauraritchie

I love that all @bryanalexander's questions earlier brought me back here. Something always does.

I've been thinking about why I occasionally end up stuck with just Twitter. It's like the gum on your shoe from a hot pavement. There are days you can't not step in it.

But I come back here with such a sense of relief and gratitude.

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My dudes, fixing the complex problems of artist poverty and IP is actually hard, and you might have to read a few books and be involved in the industry.

This is not unsolved but for a random person taking 20 seconds to crap out an answer.

This is not unsolved but for a Marxist sans any specific industry knowledge just applying 101 theory to their misapprehension of the market and the worker conditions.

Just... please have some respect for others and put effort in.

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I'm a futurist specializing in education and technology.

I've been using all kinds of social software for decades, and really want to get Mastodon working this time.

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Every moment, every idea, thing, person, place contains an infinity.

A street sign is full of doors of meaning, history, context, culture, connection.

Who selected the font for the words stamped on the bolt head that holds it? Did it rain in the afternoon, and did they splash in puddles as they walked to lunch that day?

I hope they were kind and found comfort when the world was cruel.

The little girl who lives next door is maybe 7, and she's been displaced from being an only child by a new baby. So she's learning how to climb trees, and now she spends her time lazing like a leopard on a branch of the tree that comes between our two houses, talking to herself and commenting on us.

Living under her surveillance is actually pretty lovely, although we have to remember she's there and try not to swear.

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ICYMI: Here is a link to "Negative Monument," a speculative proposal, practical intervention, and anti-monumental gesture.

The project is an open invitation to engage in the participatory yet imperceptible negation of a monument: bit.ly/2E2r7I2

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At the beach, thinking about human time and geological time, right there in front of us. I picked up a tiny stone and there it was, a fossil. But the footprints are already gone.

We are nothing in earth time, a feather, a single breath.

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what if we just took the things we have in our houses and made neighborhood co-ops out of them?

Tool shares, kitchen gadget community cupboards, DVD and book libraries, clothes closets, etc

As you think of reasons why this can't happen just remember that you are the reason that they could

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The first song on our most recent #MusicCollab album, "Be(com)ing" by @sixohsix and @masu , is an ethereal, dreamy reflection on what it's like to grow up and adjust to demands the world makes. You can listen, download for free or pay what you like here: awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/al

#Music #MastoMusic

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Y’know, I don’t say this enough (heck, I don’t think I’ve ever said it) but thank you to those of you lovely, caring, and wonderful people on the fediverse for being there and for being you. It’s an inexplicable joy just to watch you folks being kind to each other, taking care of each other, and sharing your everyday experiences with empathy and love.

You know who you are.

Keep being awesome!

And thank you!


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