Today has been full of good things. For context: flooding rain, wild winds. weather warnings. But this day had late breakfast with very old friends; driving along the beachfront to marvel together at huge storm waves; and a deep warm nap. Nothing today felt rushed. @3goodthings

Other people’s summer is giving me life on this winter night. If you’re somewhere else missing your rain, it’s here. We have it.

Today’s : workshop facilitator just being calmly trans; the tiny kitten that has come into the life my daughter and her girlfriend are making for themselves; the wagtail who stayed close through tree planting. @3goodthings

: I ran into one of my oldest friends at work; someone helped when I got stuck with something; and I ended the day waiting for a ride home watching a grey heron search for worms at twilight. Kindness and reflecting time. @3goodthings

#3GoodThings in a hospital setting 

Quite a day. Spent time in the ED quietly observing what trans teens go through in hospitals. The misgendering is relentless. But today’s : the nurse who said she’d put a note in the system “because we’re a bit behind society”; the nurse who told stories about her own teenage son in solidarity; coming home together and having a home to come to, in this world as it is. @3goodthings

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If you're interested in getting more engaged with plants in your day to day, here are some ideas to help you get started:

- learn about basic plant structures and plant families
- make a list of the plant foods you eat, or consume/interface with through other products
- try to identify what parts of the plant food you are eating, and their plant families
- pick one plant you see regularly and start a plant diary about your relationship with them. Doodle them. Write poetry for them. Imagine them in the winter. Introduce them to a friend.
- pick several varieties of one plant, potato, eggplant, apples, and try to get a sense for what varieties you like the best. Try to figure out what aspects you like the most, or don't, or what they share.
- trade a family recipe with a friend and ask each other about the food plants used and where they came from
- if you are ever passing through a place, use an app like Seek by iNaturalist to participate in citizen science to identify and document plants that make up your surroundings

Fungi are a little more ephemeral (some are only visible for a few moments) but many of these still apply!

#florespondence #sporespondence @plants

This week it’s been about noticing the good in difficulty. Today’s : the teen who left school unexpectedly cleaned his room and made plans; I restored the soil around my neglected clementine which was very parched; and when the wind dropped, the air was suddenly warm. Things turn out ok. @3goodthings

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Maybe I'm too online but every time a normal-seeming person tells me they're involved in crypto it throws me a little bit, like if they just casually mentioned they bet on underground dog fights

today: I walked with my friend by the sea, another friend came by with wood for our fire, and in the evening we sat by the fire and all our loved ones are safe somewhere. @3goodthings

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Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. - Mary Oliver

#3GoodThings all joy 

My teen made pavlovas for his friends, dancing in the kitchen to “Walking on Sunshine”, and I listened as he talked to me about why 16 year olds are so distressed. It all made sense. Third thing: dropping him at the train into their arms for a trip to the city. Green hair, purple hair, hopeful, hanging in there. @3goodthings

#3GoodThings on a windy day 

Playing Julee Cruise to my daughter while driving to Sydney, eating hot fresh roti together in the car, and hanging out with Alf who has cut her hair since she was tiny and sat on a phone book. Now twenty years on she’s taller than him, and he asks after her girlfriend. Life.

Some days just go by, and it’s easy to miss good things happening. Today: the cat sleeping in a pool of sunlight with her paw over her nose keeping warm; taking a desk break to do some hand watering with saved water from the gutters; making stock for soup.

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I got a lovely reminder today that projects I worked on in the past may seem like ancient memories to me, but will be new discoveries for people when they find them later.

As a person who's most familiar with making live performances, asynchronous creativity at times still feels like a magical new idea.

Keep making stuff.
Keep sharing stuff.

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Fedi-wide survey, boosts appreciated!

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3 good things despite the dentist 

on the day of the terrible dentist visit: the dental nurse whispering “I hate the pain too”, my teen making me a soft omelette, and the dog somehow knowing and putting her head in my lap. Time passes just the same. We are all ok.

I’ve been learning a bit about this palm that I found at work today doing a beautiful thing. It seems to be a sago palm, and it’s very toxic to dogs, so don’t try this at home. But also, truly, look at this big effort. Cycas revoluta @plants

were hard to find today but thinking about it: I’d forgotten I cleaned my desk last night and it was a surprise gift this morning. In a work break I stood in the yard and felt the sun on my shoulders. I made a pot of tea and sliced ginger into it. This practice is actually very helpful on a tough day. @3goodthings

Teen who has slightly stopped attending school has discovered Python and is learning stuff. That'll do.

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