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There is now the faintest possible light in the sky over the lake.

When I was about eight years old my mum got me up in the dark to drive out into the countryside and listen to the birds waking up. She had a book with an illustration of all the birds in the dawn chorus. We sat in the dark and listened, and I was completely amazed that we did this crazy thing.

I’ve just remembered it.

While I’ve been airporting about the place I’ve been reflecting on feeling a kind of uneasy sadness here.

The thing about any social fracture is that those closely involved see two sides. But there’s very often a swirl of others who experience the antagonism and yet aren’t closely involved. I found myself stepping back, and I was surprised by this.

Now I’m wondering again about changing instance but I know that what enables progressive change is diversity, not zip code.

So, thinking.

I’m in North Queensland, sitting in the dark at a retreat in forest, listening to rain drip in gutters and curlews calling in the dawn. The world seems quite far away.

I have been travelling for three weeks, from winter to summer to winter to summer and now up here which is tropical winter so neither and both.

Sometimes just how much the world holds is enough.

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This deli actually used to be the Hollywood Video where I worked when I was 19. It's changed a lot.

Here’s another workplace moment.

There’s an Indigenous teacher who has developed a program to help us all rethink how knowledge is shared. Yesterday I was working in a yarning circle of maybe 15 women and him.

Before we started, he said that he was the only man, and if we needed him to get out of the way at any point, we could just ask.

The exact opposite of how things typically work in universities.

Thanks mastodon, seriously. I’m assisting a student who wants their record changed to reflect their chosen gender and the everyday way this is practised here has taught me how to use the language needed to get this done.

I’m better at my job because I’ve been included here.

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Today at work I was happy when an older colleague asked me about meditating. "Big market in wellbeing", he said.

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this actually makes a lot of sense to me. maybe i should get my life into a position where i'm just doing things too. :p

like, often i find that while i think i want to do things or should want to do things, i never actually get excited about doing them and so don't do them

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Hello new people!

It's one in the morning
I'm a little bit tired
But I'm glad that you're here!

It's so wonderful to meet you
And I hope you enjoy this
Community we've built

...so have fun!

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You really should follow @Altruest. He's weird and so pleasant. The quality of your feed improves instantly if you make him a part of it.

So today in a meeting I watched my colleague, a quiet lawyer, graciously refuse food that was passed round the table. Each latecomer had another go at offering the plate of cake to him. All the thoughts were kind.

I saw in that moment, and in his grace, what it means to him to fast, to be the solitary Muslim in our not-Muslim workplace, to have no one ever remember what time of year it is, to not remember who he is.

I think we can do better.

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Goodnight friends! Those tall grey looming pillars collapsed into a stuffy, pale blanket of low cloud overnight, swathing everything as far as the eye could see in a rheumy not-quite-full daylight.

I felt very creaky & sore in the morning, cloaked in heavy lethargy, so I only felt easy enough in my body to walk in the evening. There was an aura of incipient rain, the feeling of tiny droplets crystalising out of the air against my skin.

May we value & take care of ourselves & each other today!

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tech bros on twitter arguing against libraries in favour of "spotify for books" because authors/publishers (or rather VC investors) can't use libraries as their primary source of profit is just a perfect example of silicon valley's willful ignorance or complete contempt for the ideas of public service and the commons.

rather than everybody creating a public space and sharing resources they'd have us all completely separated and paying countless times over for the same thing.

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Goodnight friends! There's something special about a tropical-feeling sun-drenched day framed by glowering thunderhead walls—and not just the ominousness or the juxtaposition.

It helps me reflect that everything is provisional & in flux, so many things loom full of potential dread. How do we live compassionately in those storm shadows? So many grim cloudy days must be bracketed by unseen blue skies.

May we find ourselves unafraid of uncertainty & filled w/a spirit of joyful exploration today!

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"I can't convince my friends to come to because it is too complicated to set up!"


"We need a decentralized federated replacement!"

2 different issues. We don't need something at the scale of Facebook. Mastodon and federation work because it is people coming together in instances that connect to other communities, think neighborhoods to cities to provinces. It took a long time to build these nations, give Masto time to create more shared interest instances.

Talking about “the community” in a singular way is a move made in many sociopolitical conflicts. Community is good for gardening, but it can very quickly become conditional upon loyalties. What appears then is a kind of institution.

In institutions, even informal ones, generosity is difficult. It feels like weakening of the cause, diminishing of what’s just.

In general, humans are better at negotiating creative solutions in less polarised situations.

We don’t yet know all that we can do.

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What really needs is not to ragequit, but to federate *development*.

What if instead of a project fork happening because there was a big fight, a project fork happened because some people like to work solo (hi!) and other people like to work in groups with a specific goal.

And instead of developing competing, fragmenting forks, everybody worked with the intention of keeping everything compatible. Plugins, optional features, add-ons, etc.


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tired: "I'm not good at <thing>"

wired: "I haven't had as much practice or training as people I think are good at <thing>"

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Time to heal & purify the tl with some sanctifed dog energy

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@dogtrax This is my issue with honors ceremonies and valedictories. Let us now hear the untold stories or at least let us not revile them with faint praise. We need more writ larger.