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This is a quick reminder that all of the A Whale's Lantern music, made by wonderful Mastodon musicians in random pairs, is available at awhaleslantern.bandcamp.com/

#MusicCollab #music #creativetoots

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@katebowles "Universities have become steaming piles of shit..."

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#DailySketchChallenge #WordSketch #smallstories


I pulled over. We all did. Without a second thought. You hear those sirens. You see those flashing lights. You know one day it could be for you. For someone you love. And you hope.

Today, though, maybe it’s for someone else. Like...

The emergency vehicles scream by. And here he comes, following. The Opportunist. The Slipstreamer. First behind them. Cannoning along the path they cleared.

And you know, somehow, that he will be next.

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Introduced the concept of a PLN to my new A Level class this morning. I presented it as something that you don't have a choice about. Everybody has one. Be it your parents, teachers and classmates, the Internet at large, social media services. It simply exists. The question is are you aware of it and can you influence or build it to serve your purposes? And how might you do that? Mastodon? Twitter? Newspapers? Journals? Will be interesting to see how they respond

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Have y'all noticed how much our culture associates wit with being mean? Cutting insults get held up as the pinnacle of wit in a way that insightful compliments never seem to.

Let's celebrate wit that is joyful, positive, and sincere. Tell me about an insightful compliment that has stuck with you.

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Thinking about: how you make the decision about if your input is relevant to a conversation

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Kangaroo in the mist.
We have a group of these guys living just 500 metres from our house.
#kangaroo #australia #wildlife #nikon #mist #photography #photo

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i have taken
the profit
that was in
your labour

and which
you were probably
entitled to

forgive me
i'm the boss
or don't
i don't really care

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Tonight's Australian Wildlife is the Prehistoric Death Bird - The Cassowary.

These particularly belligerent birds are capable of disembowelling a human with their long toe claws and vicious kick.

They live in the far north of Queensland, on Cape York and the Daintree Forest.

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Constraints of social media affects #photography posted in it. Images are small, both in terms of the resolution (allowed by platform) and size (of the screen). Some photos works. Some, like this one, doesn't. This poses the question through. Is the photo on social media the photo itself, or its representation... or a social media #photo the same medium as a print photograph at all?

Edited using #Darktable in #ubuntuStudio

#artwithopensource #creativetoots #mastoart #infrared

Sweet pittosporum trees are suddenly flowering. For two weeks we all forget that they are classified as weeds.

Next week they’ll be back to normal: plain, sunblocking, invasive and dull.

They deserve this magical time of being loved.

Just came home from a couple of nights away to a ridiculously exuberant welcome from the rescue dog. She really thought we had just moved out and left her with teenagers.

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Ths little girl just came and sat down next to me. Not a close up!

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The most solarpunk place I've ever been to was a co-op in Togo, West Africa. The composition of the soil there is so mineral-rich that overfarming yielded swaths of land as inpenetrable as asphalt.

A couple of Togolese PhDs in engineering were able to buy ruined land super-cheap and using compost and hand labor were reclaiming the soil. They'd invented remarkable composting latrines and engineered buildings to stay cool and breezy. The whole place was beautiful, a beacon of ingenuity and hope.

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if a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, is a sufficiently mundane technology indistinguishable from its context?

ex: nobody thinks of language as a technology but here we are with a decentralized system of overlapping transient protocols that we use to hack each other’s brains because we literally cannot imagine a society without communication

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"This is a popular danish cheese, matured 2 years." the Danish cheese seller said.

"I'll take 500g" said foolish me, desperate for all that artisinal Danish pikantness.

Now, living with the cheese, I realise that "matured" must mean "has lain in wait on my shelf" and that "popular" must mean "was orphaned because of the smell" - very compact language, Danish.


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Four years ago I saw this van with a tire cover that said "BLESSED", surrounded by a sun and clouds and mountains. I drew it from memory and never expected to see it again

Well GUESS WHAT, today I ran across the van again!!! Blessed indeed

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