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On the one hand, biodiversity loss is a major issue, and when you’re talking about losing plant species you’re basically on the road to losing whole ecosystems. Every species is intrinsically worth saving, for its part in the greater whole.

On the other hand, I do despair of a world in which we have to motivate people to fight biodiversity loss by warning them that we’re running out of coffee (or chocolate, or wine, or bananas, or whatever people feel they can’t live without).


We’ve hit Peak Everything, people. Moderate your fucking consumption.

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I've said this before: curate your own experience.

Unfollow people, turn of boosts from certain people, make lists of that's your thing, follow hashtags, mute & block liberally.

You do not owe anyone your time nor energy.

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We will be performing maintenance and deploying updates on January 20. The site may be unavailable during this period.

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@garbados I would argue that the underlying model of the guild is something we desperately need today. Specifically, that it was the responsibility of the “master craftsman” to help other craftsmen become masters, not only by sharing his knowledge of the “secrets”, but also by employing them on terms which would allow them to assemble a complete set of tools (the formation rate of capital being very low before the emergence of the steam engine).

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People to follow who are doing decentralised stuff Show more

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that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

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@fgraver: how do I add a comment that links to a person in pixelfed?

Back to work day, already facing two meetings that are double booked and all I can think of is to buy new pens and is it lunchtime yet.

Meanwhile the place where I work that Did The Bad Thing just before Christmas has promised “consultation with stakeholders” in January and there is no way this cannot be a dismal charade. Our bad thing is like Brexit, it won’t be easily reversed.

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Ways to improve the world that aren't confrontational

- Teach
- Model what you want to see
- Ask people to explain their motivations a bit
- Dissent, but move on
- Decline to participate
- Hang out with who's been left out
- Share resources

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I find myself often getting frustrated with the web because it can be so much more. I get tired of negotiating with the limit of what people think the web could be.

But we're in a weird time now. Where access and opportunity finding each other more and more.

Of course that means a lot of shit is getting made, but that's just a part of it.

It feels like a fundamental shift on how we use the web is happening.

And I'm chest deep in that shit. I love it here.

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Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

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In 8 hours' time - 2.30am, the 1st of January, 2019 - it'll be 100 years since the Iolaire disaster. 205 men died, almost all of them men from Lewis and Harris, and it was an event that absolutely devastated the Western Isles. I'm going to mark the centenary with a thread about this.

Big thanks to @dansup for pixelfed.social. What a lovely project.

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slowly seeing all timezones reach new year one by one is wild

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Happy New Year, fediverse!

Here’s to working towards more freedom, justice, and equality in 2019. It’s not going to get any easier. It’s probably going to get harder. All that matters is we keep chipping away at the problem and working on the solutions. Every little thing we do, whether it’s raising awareness or reducing harm or creating ethical alternatives… it all matters.

Heck, the fact I can write this on the fediverse is reason enough to be hopeful.

Lots of love to you all :indieHeart:

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