Cheap AI workarounds: Instead of programming them to deal with fork bombs or understand logic contradictions, just make the preprocessor strip them entirely.

N: "This statement is false."
AI: "Doesn't look like anything to me."

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hi i'm dog
or kobold
kobolds are kind of like, a dragon's dog, right?

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<Event Completed: Birthday>
Kauko is now level 30!

Event Rewards:
* Wonderful friends
* Some cute dog plushes
* 324,669 XP
* 0 GP
* One Starbucks gift card

Today's been a really nice day, thank you all so much for the nice bday wishes <3

tldr I miss having my own racked server I could spin up VMs on cause that would make this much easier >.>

like, I went through a lot of effort to get my servers up and managed with ansible and k8s and (optionally) helm make it feel much more like ansible for containers

the more I fuss around with running my own services on a host the more I want to make my server just a kubernetes cluster and run containers for /everything/ instead of trying to fuss with docker on one node

if I were going to join another instance it'd be my own and then I'd have to deal with federating with all the others and ugh

this is more than half the reason I'm on this instance to begin with, because most fed with it. I know why masto does federation the way it does but it's still a huge pita for the individual user that just wants to follow their friends on another instance

looking at this federation discourse and like, I sure don't want to have to make a million accounts just to be able to connect with my friends, doubly so while there's no good clients that support it

Having a very nice vacation watching anime while snuggling on foxes <3

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