I won my first game of fortnite in like 4 years, i'm clearly the best gamer in existence

if any local friends [Seattle] need any stuff cut on a laser lmk

also like if anyone has any ideas for any furry laser cutter projects I can make and sell idk that'd be fun

I don't like how the art engrave turned out, my fault for not making it 16 tone grayscale like I did when I used the same method for the cardstock. Or using the normal dot method, but oh well, if I make another I can change the setting!

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back home from the Bay, that is such a long drive to do in a day x.x

it's not a million degrees today and I am much happier

that second one is one of my best photos I've taken ever

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sfw furry art, plush suit stuffing not a plush to become a plush 

I can overhear people in the sushi restaurant talking about Jojo

today kinda sucked and bleehhh

bad start to time off

time to be lazy and do absolutely nothing for the next 5 days in an attempt to forget about the crushing existence of work being the only thing I do

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