I keep this tab open but always forget to post stuff on here instead of just twitter

thinking of writing a "pcb design for people that know how to breadboard already" video tutorial sort of thing? I know it would have been super helpful when I started out

sfw furry comm, synth with lots of cables plugged in 

Sometimes you have to plug everything back in and try again.

art by @\distressedegg@twitter.com

FA: furaffinity.net/view/38967673/

Weasyl: weasyl.com/~kauko/submissions/

collar 3d art and ic text 

This should be the finalized version of this! Done! @.@ Only about *checks* 16 hours of work

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collar 3d art and ic text 

i've made some revisions but I felt like posting this here and haven't rerendered everything back out yet so nya!

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collar 3d art and ic text 

Here we can see 012 willingly* demonstrating the collar off with a custom FE-SP-CH-S1 genepath. Get one** for your debug frame generation 4 subject today!

* - subject in S2 override mode for testing purposes
** - Access restricted, talk to the project manager for your floor

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collar 3d art and ic text 

Now available, the newest iteration of the GSP Debug Frame Harness for 4th generation subjects! Special features with this revision include a flexable metal to support changing body sizes, and a simpler GNSS overrider / RFID disabler.

This model also includes the ever-popular maglock handle support, standard nfiber connection to the neural lace, and local area Universal Network support. And of course, the (corporate required) software-controlled Z-interlock.

i am very sad because now all my weekly anime are done until winter and i have nothing to watch, rip

hot take: there's some pretty good anime this season

People keep asking "but how do lesbians have children!?"

the answer is like this

sfw furry art, some tf, arknights 

Trio of Ceobe and Kauko art by Drakky! Arknights etc etc


barely-sfw kigurumi tf art 

This is the standard manufacturing process for new kigus, right?

Art by @yesthisisran@twitter.com feat @dryeena@twitter.com

FA: furaffinity.net/view/38040034/
Weasyl: weasyl.com/~kauko/submissions/

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