nsfw furry art; tf sequence, hypno 

who doesn't love being hypnotized into another species?

art by @yesthisisran@twitter.com

FA: furaffinity.net/view/41746307/
Weasyl: weasyl.com/~kauko/submissions/

Is a heckin nice day out, this better keep up

Brain: make a short movie with your 3D model on your week off
Me: I’m pretty sure a week isn’t gonna be enough

I keep this tab open but always forget to post stuff on here instead of just twitter

thinking of writing a "pcb design for people that know how to breadboard already" video tutorial sort of thing? I know it would have been super helpful when I started out

sfw furry comm, synth with lots of cables plugged in 

Sometimes you have to plug everything back in and try again.

art by @\distressedegg@twitter.com

FA: furaffinity.net/view/38967673/

Weasyl: weasyl.com/~kauko/submissions/

collar 3d art and ic text 

This should be the finalized version of this! Done! @.@ Only about *checks* 16 hours of work

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collar 3d art and ic text 

i've made some revisions but I felt like posting this here and haven't rerendered everything back out yet so nya!

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collar 3d art and ic text 

Here we can see 012 willingly* demonstrating the collar off with a custom FE-SP-CH-S1 genepath. Get one** for your debug frame generation 4 subject today!

* - subject in S2 override mode for testing purposes
** - Access restricted, talk to the project manager for your floor

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