tf mood 

also I guess I seem to perpetually be a kobold over here

i'm fine with this

someone force me to play videogames so I stop having so many I haven't beaten

so yeah I'm gonna sell my fri/sat pax west tickets if anyone's interested, I really shouldn't be on my paws all day two days straight x.x

help I've been playing a lot of apex and i'm sort of slightly okay at it

I’d love to find an artist open to doing a batch of sketches for uniform/spacesuit designs

need me some Core Universe clothes yo

I need an artist that can just kind of dive into my brain and draw what's in there because I am not good at putting things into words

nsfw rl body appreciation 

if we haven't talked in a while, I want to

I feel bad about not being able to keep up because half the time I really want to talk to people but I don't know what to say and I'd just be bothering them >.<

I wanna pick up ffxiv again but
* the expansion is like $40 and
* I'm not done with the original story content yet and
* I need expansion because must be bun

i didn't mean to mark this as sensitive unless cat butt is sensitive in which case okay

how tf do you talk to people that are clearly into you but you're intimidated by / ridiculously shy around

they don't teach you about this in school D:

i have watched /so/ much anime the past few weeks

isakai quartet got me to watch /all/ of the shows that are in it haha. i'd already seen Overlord, I finished Re:Zero and Tanya, and am a few episodes into Konosuba

sfw tf art; body swapping; moo 

@Oneironott haha dangit I just saw you have the bot tag set in your profile and now i am SO tempted to do that >.>

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