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I started playing both Warframe and NieR so apparently this week is just Very Robots

i might be synthetic but i'm very bad at math
you can definitely program robots to be bad at math
because that's what happened to me

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feelin a lot better today. called off of work, went to the zoo with friends.

I'm not at BLFC! I have a snep visiting me instead. Please take me with you to BLFC D:

and then finally today put together a test in Unity! End goal of making it actually interactive, with how the layers interact

first two layers are application, next two are backstack, next is a flat render backstack, and then last is the background. I figure apps would animate moving between the physical layers as they come in and out of focus. idk the actual UI yet lol

Tested out how it'd look in After Effects by importing the AI file and moving them around in 3d

also wow cameras act weird in AE

Started with an idea - 6 internally projected layers that stack together [Illustrator]

Back layer is used for privacy and opacity, and gives the back of the display a frosted effect.

been making a UI thing! for this! [made in Fusion 360]

This is an OTC Electronics Datapad, a basic handheld datapad used in my Alliance of Core Worlds setting. Crystal glass used for multilayer holographic projection, and a solid grip with electronics.

*checks masto after not all day*

what the heck is going on in here

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Computer build success! Getting around to installing Windows now. Needs some extension cables to make the remaining fans work but it looks pretty good :D

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i think the first episode is my favorite for reasons that should be rather obvious once you've seen it

Love Death & Robots is a very good anthology series on Netflix

a little excessive on the violence and sexual aspects sometimes but it hits on some really good things and some subjects I wasn't expecting but hit really close to home (let's just say they're furry-positive)

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