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idk if I said it here but I am going to MFF! who is also going?!

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to be seen by an artist working the dealer's den at a furry convention when you're only 2'9" tall?

Art by - which I have neglected to post until now.

Did some color work! It actually kinda looks okay?? Orig lines still needs a bunch of cleanup from the scan tho.

Original lines by Kacey, comm+char+color by me

The new pokeball accessory makes for a great collar attachment :3 now I can carry my pokeball around with me!

i'm kind of feeling fed up with a lot of social related things and just want to hide with people I actually care about x.x

cons are not a good place to do that, at least anymore for me, sadly

I kind of think I'm done with cons
MFF and FC may just be it for me

Please remember that kobolds are not conveniently stackable.

We're kobolds, not cubebolds.

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