in a useful way I mean

not the running off with all the ideas that will never see the light of day

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also kind of nice because it's kept me off my computer which is also good because now i'm not staring at telegram and twitter all day

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I've been binge reading Tower of God all weekend and see no sign of this stopping until I catch up

mood mh~ 

In other news, I have less than a month left at my job as of this week. I am super super not excited about the prospect of continuing to work in my field, nor looking for more office 40 hour 5 day workweeks. I think I have the skill but not the creativity to make do on my own x.x

there's a good amount of irony in the warframe website asking me for a captcha saying that i'm not a robot

I've been playing too much factorio again whoops

#korps secbird infiltrator @kauko is as dangerous as she is beautiful! (that's "extremely", btw. extremely beautiful, extremely dangerous. make a note of it.)

[want a piece of art like this? get a commission quote here: ]

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I got rendered in chee-D!

model by :D

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