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I swear to Gawd, some of the toots on here. I might seriously open a store that sells mugs and shirt with my faves. Starting with this one. @jacethechicken a month later and I am STILL laughing at this one.

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Land reform is my Exhibit B -- coops being Exhibit A -- of what happens when you attempt to introduce radical economic changes without the commensurate radical political transformation.

(BBC) South Africa risks 'Zimbabwe-style land chaos' -

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Unfortunately cooperativism is an economic project without any associated political project, so history has already borne out that the answer to this question is clearly NO.

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I have been involved in coops for 20 years and have mentors who've been involved in coops since the 70s. I struggle to point to examples of coops being forces for broader radical sociopolitical *systemic* change. I'm all ears/eyes if you know of any. But effecting sociopolitical change is not some thing that is "baked" into the cooperative structure and that is why I call for an accompanying explicitly political project.
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My point is that the lion's share of cooperatives in the world would not describe themselves this way. I believe the majority of the world's cooperatives are, indeed, capitalist and pro-capitalist. I don't have data at hand, but I welcome it and am enjoying this debate immensely.
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@denikombucha happy deniversary! National holiday of the denican republic

Reinventing the Small Wind Turbine

"...the machines are produced locally, meaning that the purchase of a wind turbine supports the local economy. The wood for the blades comes from a nearby province and is processed by companies in the region."

When Does a Person of Color Get to Be an Expat?

Around the world, the term is often synonymous with White people from affluent countries.

I remember struggling with both this term and "immigrant" when I lived in Slovenia. I ended up embracing "foreigner" above all.

White people are more careful about avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers than they are about avoiding racism.

Hey, if you're in school and are having trouble paying for your textbooks, search them up on to find them for free.

I'm realizing that a lot of people at my college don't know this and are skipping meals to afford overpriced textbooks, so it may help someone on here too. #sharingiscaring

Reverse engineer everything!
Break DRM!
Fuck IP law!
Be Gay!
Do Crime!

Hi! a friend of mine is looking for a #mastodon #coder or #technology #advice for using mastadon for producing this prototype for a group feedback application.

Do you know anyone he could speak to?

@mayel @mattcropp @emi @ntnsndr @kavbojka

I'm looking for someone to do a comic book super hero rendition of the team I manage. I have the concept, I just wanna find out whether it's feasible and how much it'd cost. Halp?

when people get mad that their specific topic isn’t on/in your list of things in a post...

not everyone is thinking about everything all the time. make your own post connecting those ideas. it’s ok.

you are not forgotten about. they are just focused elsewhere.

if you don't want poor people to be mad at people with more money than them, fix poverty

if you don't want PoC to be angry at white people, fix racism

if you don't want Trans people to be angry at cis people, fix Trans hate

if you don't want women to be angry at men, fix misogyny

Capitalism loves to be like "just be your own boss!" but what they actually mean is "be a freelancer with no employment rights and no health insurance"

Freedom of the Press Foundation is hiring again :)

This role has more of an administrative bent -- managing relationships with news orgs who use our services, e.g., SecureDrop support & digital security trainings -- but it also includes tier 1 support for SecureDrop, and room for technical advancement.

A great "starter" role if you want to get into tech nonprofit work, are super-organized, & are into digital security in particular. Remote -friendly (US time zones):

Blameless postmortems: "Brought to you by the makers of National Dialogues on Race"

It had to be a white dude that came up with "blameless postmortems". It smacks of some kind of "All Lives Matter" relativism.

Sometimes shit is someone's fault. They should take responsibility.

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