The wooden acting in Little Fires Everywhere is passable. However, Kerry Washington's dollar store wig is not. I'll need to speak to the manager.

The eyewitness preferred to remain androgynous

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The Great White Heist (The Other Reason For Reparations)

Slavery is the usual argument for reparations. But there’s another rationale.

"Punishing a thief is not justice, it is retribution. For justice to exist, the victim must be made whole and their losses must be repaid."

We built this city ... on THC

Potheads save Chicago

"Lightfoot cancels 350 layoffs tied to her ‘pandemic’ budget"

Buoyed by higher than expected marijuana revenues, Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Saturday canceled plans to lay off 350 city employees to help secure the 26 City Council votes she needs to pass her “pandemic budget.”

Revenues generated by the sale of recreational and medical marijuana have “gone through the roof”— topping $100 million statewide for the first time in October and $800 million in the first 10 months.

That will allow the city to cancel the layoffs and “bond against” a “conservative estimate” of future cannabis revenues — to the tune of $15 million in the corporate fund. ...

can authors criticizing white women plz stop talking about transness as if it exempts white trans women from whiteness

stop letting us off the hook, i promise you we do not deserve it

Tired: Struggling with your sexuality.
Inspired: Snuggling with your sexuality.

Would you like to volunteer online with the San Francisco Public Library to help young readers?

We shouldn't forgive student debt, but make it easier to discharge it in bankruptcy instead

That way the predatory lenders get nothing and the bankrupt borrowers aren't stuck with a huge tax bill.

prison correspondence there's a campaign for holiday cards right now, if you wanna spread some love to incarcerated queer folks :_gayheart2:

leaving black women the fuck alone is free and easy

Hi I'm Rhys! I'm a low/no income trans-nonbinary artist in Texas in my 30s.

⭐ I do commissions! You can purchase one here:

if Paypal is not an option, DM me letting me know which you'd like. I also accept Venmo and Cashapp.

⭐ I have an Etsy shop!

⭐ I run a Patreon!

and I accept tips/donations at

Received via email:

Proposals are invited for individual papers or for a panel of papers on topics relating to #LGBTQ+ music studies at the #RMA Annual Conference, to be held at the University of Newcastle, 14-16 September 2021.

Full details can be found here:

Please send your proposal in the requested format to the RMA LGBTQ+ Music Study Group chair, Rachel Cowgill, at by 14 December 2021. Informal enquiries pre-submission are welcome.

What do you think is the best Slack alternative from the Open-Source area in the focus of engineering offices?

If not listed please mention as a comment.

#boost #poll #slack #floss #foss #chat #business #opensource #alternative

"Most tech companies disrupt by displacing existing middlemen and acting as a new gatekeeper. Uber displaces taxi services. AirBNB displaced couchsurfing. Facebook displaced your friends." 🙀 😹 😿 👏🏼

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>.< At what point is everyone in the news business just going to be a columnist at the New York Times and can we skip that dystopian timeline?

Y'all, I think it's probably time to start talking about abolishing school now. I mean, let's be honest. Now that we parents watch what is going on via Zoom, the jig is up. I am certain we can figure out how to get and deliver education outside of these nurseries cum prison camps.

it costs 0 dollars to not be weird to PoC online

The Conversational Collective is looking for speakers who would like to showcase their conversational technology work in 2021:
• designers
• developers
• marketers
• engineers
• hardware experts
• researchers
• linguists
• entrepreneurs
• project managers
• voice actors
• machine learning specialists
• and the many more who are innovating in this space
CFP closes November 30th. More details here

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