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Land reform is my Exhibit B -- coops being Exhibit A -- of what happens when you attempt to introduce radical economic changes without the commensurate radical political transformation.

(BBC) South Africa risks 'Zimbabwe-style land chaos' -

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Unfortunately cooperativism is an economic project without any associated political project, so history has already borne out that the answer to this question is clearly NO.

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I have been involved in coops for 20 years and have mentors who've been involved in coops since the 70s. I struggle to point to examples of coops being forces for broader radical sociopolitical *systemic* change. I'm all ears/eyes if you know of any. But effecting sociopolitical change is not some thing that is "baked" into the cooperative structure and that is why I call for an accompanying explicitly political project.
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My point is that the lion's share of cooperatives in the world would not describe themselves this way. I believe the majority of the world's cooperatives are, indeed, capitalist and pro-capitalist. I don't have data at hand, but I welcome it and am enjoying this debate immensely.
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Fired: software sucks; devs need to try harder
Tired: the development community is insufficiently diverse in identities and ideas to produce good software; devs need to be more diverse
Wired: #software companies have bad incentives which lead them to not care about producing good software; #FOSS needs to get better
Inspired: all software #development involves encoding our society's ideas about a problem domain; we cannot produce good software until we produce a good society

I need a hangout buddy who is dorky and likes to make out. Blazing a plus. Must live in bay area. Serious inquiries only, please. Submit to DMS.
OK: trans, men, women, enbies (I realize some of these overlap)
Not OK: Republicans cool with current politics, those judgmental of 420, anti-choice

If the phrase "sex industry" makes you think of massive exploitation but no other industry does, you need to ask yourself why

"Amazon is creating the problems it purports to solve. So why don’t we solve the problem, and take it over?" - The Case for Nationalizing Amazon

I finished the first draft of my speech for the UN. It was really hard-- I'm used to having 30 or 45 minutes to drive my point home.

Turns out that dismantling capitalism in a 7-minute speech is challenging.

ICYMI: Here is a link to "Negative Monument," a speculative proposal, practical intervention, and anti-monumental gesture.

The project is an open invitation to engage in the participatory yet imperceptible negation of a monument:

Dublin Story Slam Podcast has emerged as a true delight in my life. Heartwarming stories told in a range of lovely Irish accents. Some days it's the little things that pull me through.

a normal society: people need houses so we should build them

a commodity fetishist society: some people have to be homeless because otherwise some peoples money numbers will go down

need a gender to take to a family occasion so my aunties will stop pestering me
"when are you gonna get a gender"
"you're leaving it late to grow one now..."
"where's YOUR gender then?"
just need to borrow for one night. i'll return it in original condition i promise. hmu i can pay in boosts

Here is the Anarchism of Blackness btw Well worth a is everything in Roar magazine.

More racist white people EXPOSED on social media evidences the anarchism of blackness Show more

That said, I do think that the impulse here comes from a sense that there is wisdom and solution in the polity and this has been evidenced in many cases. Racists lose their jobs, their apartments, their social status . Call-out culture undoubtedly has its limits, but call out culture/ostracism is a step up from outright impunity which is often the result of appeals to the state. However, embracing and strengthening non-state security and justice could move us further.

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I mean just look at the unit economics. For the amount of money I'm sure Weiner was paid, Terence Nance could probably make like two more seasons of Random Acts of Flyness. You get max enjoyment from a quality black creator versus continuing to toss money at mediocre white dudes who produce mediocre white fare.

Every time I hear an ad for The Romanoffs, I think "Why did they give Matthew Weiner money to make ANOTHER showwith all white people?" To be honest, every time I see an ad for ANY show with all white people I'm like "COME ON, Y'ALL!"

you say: we can't end poverty. it's too expensive.
you mean: billionaires can only exist through human sacrifice.

@kavbojka @wintgenstein Whenever someone says “that’s just the way it is” this means “I know that there are compelling counterarguments and if you voice any of them security will drag you to the door.”

"Humanity, liberation, justice, belonging and, yes, paradise will never be on the ballot. But if we know where to look, we can still find them — in each other"

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