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Camille E. Acey

How many times can you mutter "come on, [hallowed institution], you're better than this" before facing the fact that empirically, they clearly aren't

Susan Kare, graphic designer who created many familiar icons & fonts for Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and IBM.

Her creations include most of the iconography and fonts which shipped with the original Macintosh, and many icons which persisted in Windows from version 3 until XP.

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"Being ok with doing 'normie shit' if it actually makes you feel better is really central to ." This is a great episode of the (already pretty terrific) Delete Your Account podcast

Freedoms are not given, they are taken.
-- Peter Kropotkin

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I read this piece about the "decentralized startup" and was like "Hmm isnt this just describing most serious open source projects?" Or maybe it's better because it was provides good old capitalist "financial incentive" and also enables founders to more passively exploit the global labor market? What am I missing here? 🤔

Fun fact: You only use about 10% of your brain, because you're actually plugged into a computer simulation where the other 90% of your brain is being used to process transactions

Good point from @ericajoy from a tweet on birdsite: Tech peeps: Be aware that some of your coworkers that don't come from privileged backgrounds are making much more than their parents do and are possibly paying some bills "at home" because of it. / While I don't pay my parents' bills, I can relate to this a lot.

Not that #45 even deserves anyone's time, but this is a great thread from birdsite about and how it has been systematically disenfranchised by both the US and Europe - a great history lesson and good promotion for Katz's new book, which is now on my TO READ list.

Notice how the "positive vision" implies citizens hooked to their VR visors while corporate power goes literally hand in hand with the machines. Also, that single working guy (which just HAS to be a white male) seems to have a huge salary, given the amount of shit dem drones and driverless cars are delivering...

I just finished reading The reprint of CHARAS: The Impossible Dome Builders about LES group and their experience working with and building in the 70s. Very inspirational! I wrote a bit about it here

"We're in an ecology of inequality" - Professor Mindy Fullilove is amazing in this opening chat from the Hindsight Conference

"Fork the Economy" by @Rushkoff

"I've given up on fixing the economy. The economy is not broken. It's simply unjust. There's a difference.

We have to stop looking at our economy as a broken system, but one that is working absolutely true to its original design. It's time to be progressive -- and this means initiating systemic changes."

@Antanicus, I can't imagine co-ops laying cable nor displacing the national telcos, without government support. Radio comms, just maybe.

In less serious news, I'd love to chat with people about my abiding love for the infinitely flawed and racially/sexually problematic and . Oh Steven Knight! So wrong, yet so right.

So excited to come home and be able to dig into this copy of . All the articles are right up my alley!

It's worth noting that libraries are the last of the commons and public spaces not currently exploited by the corporations. How long it remains that way isn't certain

Loitering is banned
Panhandlers are persecuted
Homeless are threatened

Without libraries, there aren't many spaces left for some people to merely *exist*

On the plus side, if we're all in a simulation, looks increasingly likely we can break out.

Women of Colors! Whose Knowledge? is hiring a Project Coordinator I'm an advisor for this amazing campaign so feel free to reach out to me with questions.