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Camille E. Acey

"In late capitalism, though, it’s easy to get swept along by prevailing narratives and for consumer choices to feel like a legitimate, accessible way to do good." Another powerful takedown of from the good folks at Racked

Sometimes when I see an article that says a group is marching for "LGBTQ Rights "or "Immigrant Rights" I just want them to remove the descriptor. They are not marching for some new-fangled rights, they are marching for the same rights the dominant group already has.

I guess more people should just be talking about "liberty" not "rights".

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Does this mean we should pay $25 for a 45-minute nap? No, Jesus, it means we need to fix our broken systems and live different lives.
I do so love these Racked articles. They are so secretly anticapitalist.

I finally sat down and watched the amazing documentary Kumu Hina about māhu/transgender Hawaiian culture activist and educator Hinaleimoana_Wong-Kalu. I am really struggling to understand what else whiteness could possibly be about aside from shaming, policing, and robbing people of everything that makes them who they are.

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No more presidents
No more mayors
Put the city
In the people's care

Fire all the cops
Get rid of the mayor
Let's really make
a city that's fair

early morning anarchist protest chant musings

Things I still love about the internet, despite all the things wrong with it these days:

The ability to bring culture from all over the world into my life.

Today's small example is radio streams from far away places. It's making me incredibly happy to hear unfamiliar sounds and rhythms in my living room.

This September, we're hosting our sixth cohort of Open Leaders — training and mentorship for open-source communities around the globe.

Learn more and apply: tweeted by @mozilla

You walk into the dark alley periodically looking back to see nothing but a dense fog. You meet your informant, shaking as they ask, "Is it safe to speak?" You announce in your best non-regional dialect, "Hey Google, Alexa, Cortana, Siri" and wait for a beep; "Good. We're alone."

"Black queer life is often this constant exercise of finding jubilation and camp in the face of tragedy and melancholy. Our protests are often mistaken for parades."

If you'd like to learn more about the Dream Foundry, a new initiative for helping out beginners in the field of speculative fiction (and hey, that includes artists, editors, podcasters, game writers, and translators, in addition to writers) you can check out the interview Jason Sanford did with the founders here:

I'm one of those founders, btw. This is a lot of what I've been up to lately.

I just re-discovered, a photo-sharing #fediverse site built by adding a new UI to #GNUsocial (I think). Would be good to test federation between this and #PixelFed and #Zinat @pixeldev @zinat