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this is going to sound ridiculous but the person on fedi who has a squirrel-person profile shared a website to a 90s/00s esque looking website indexed with what i figure were made up planets. i thought i boosted and bookmarked, but i cant find either nor can i find it in my browsing history.

im willing to search for it if someone at least knows the user profile i'm referring to here lol

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"Never forget this: your body does not end at the skin...

...Becoming with and alongside others, you might begin to see with new eyes, smell with a new nose, and taste with a new tongue...

...Now drop down into your roots. Extend yourself into the cool, moist earth."

Natasha Myers, "Sensing Botanical Sensoria: A Kriya for Cultivating Your Inner Plant"


Yeah midway thru ep4 of this Adam Curtis thing I realized its just like a big mess with occasional flashes of genius. Someone needs to help this man trim this mumbo jumbo into something more coherent

Bonus points for those racist Seuss titles also being deepcut bsides that probably should never have been published in the first place.
Done and done

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"in a bit" = brazilian for "in about an hour or two"

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Wow, I got the Dell USB hub and I think it now beats out the computer for the single worst piece of electronics I've ever purchased. Nightmare.

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I got the Dell XPS 13 for work and wow, what a nightmare. Just one USB-C port? This is the lunatic shit people do because of Apple's "design-led development".

Apple people...you can't see me, but I am glaring.

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Ever come across a profile of someone and think they need a thousand books written about them?

Today was one of those days for me


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Black woman: *states thst queerness doesn't absolve you of racism*
Inevitably, one of you chucklefucks: "Yeah, OK, well that's transphobic, unfollowing :("

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This interview with Adam Curtis on Red Scare was very good and hopeful! patreon.com/posts/cant-get-you
I'm through ep 4 of Can't Get You Out Of My Head now. It's very enjoyable!

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Food Not Bombs of South Central Wisconsin is looking for zines for our community library. If you would be willing to donate some printed zines or give us permission to make copies of your work, let me know!

Can someone tell me why abolish the family? Why not just expand it?

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Hey, does anyone know of a group/community that use mathematical 'Chore Division' en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chore_di to allocate tasks?


I was sorta annoyed at Red Scare for going in on Carl Hart and his Drug Use For Grownups but then I kept listening and realized they are mostly right:

- campaigns to destigmatize things people do to survive capitalism are tools to protect capitalism;
- championing personal responsibility to address systemic problems is cruel; and
- we should be highly suspicious of people who take performatively defiant (and supposedly pro-black) positions to ultimately just advocate for state reform.

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Free idea to anyone owning crypto:

Sell it and donate the money to orgs fighting against climate change.

And stop buying crypto, ffs.

This Adam Curtis series Can't Get You Out Of My Head is as heavy as I expected it to be. How have so many people had time to digest it all? I would not recommend binge watching it 😬

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Requesting info - Florida, HRT 

Florida people a friend of mine wants to meet with a doctor to talk about HRT. They are nonbinary and in Fort Myers, and doesn't know where to look for resources.

Y'all know anything?

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How to Stop Shopping at Amazon

What if I told you that breaking with a cartoonishly evil company wouldn’t mean the end of free shipping and great deals?


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In addition to supplies, there is a high need for people to come and physically help, if possible. Especially high need for those with construction and/or plumbing experience.

Alt text:

Statewide list of needs
Support needed for Carrizo Comecrudo tribe
as they continue to support tribal members and communities affected by the storm and its aftermath, as well as prepare for more upcoming freezes, rolling electrical outages, and ridiculously high electricity bills...
(Bulleted list of supplies includes)
Plumbing supplies
Electric heaters
Drinking water
CPVC pipe for manufactured homes... sizes 3/8, 1/2, 3/4
Safety shut off valves
Pipe glue

Cashapp $CCTTx1982
Paypal CarrizoComecrudo@gmail.com
GoFundMe gf.me/u/y26snq

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