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Just thought I’d do a brief for my pinned toot.

Name: Kaydan

Pronouns: ne/nem/nir/nirs/nirself

Gender: agender

Age: 32

Sexuality: asexual and aromantic

Profession: program evaluator, currently working for a large LGBTQ-focused nonprofit.

Politics: socialism, currently leaning toward Marxism-De Leonism ☭. Also an ethical vegan.

Hobbies: hiking, rock climbing, skiing, D&D, MTG, obscure film

Family: me, my fiancée, one cat, and one dog.

@interneteh here is an Arctic hare changing from it's winter coat to it's spring coat

The more I see of “that other site” and its unapologetic transmisia, the more thankful I am for Mastodon. Wish all social media could be this kind, responsive, and equality minded.

@kaydan That being said. #autism doesn't/SHOULD NOT belong in identity politics.

Yes, there are LGBTQ+ people with autism. But their experiences are individual, at best. I support how their experiences are unique, and am saddened with how they're misinterpreted as conflating being trans as having anything to do with mental illness ... but that's their own identitarian community being wrong.

Meanwhile, I've been struggling with "educators" ignoring my needs, lying, etc. for 6+ years. (2/2)

Hey friends & followers: check out this thread on “that other site” I did on my experience as an intersex person.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes new high-resolution versions of artwork of Mario franchise characters in its Spirits mode. The character benefiting the most from this is Don Bongo from Yoshi's Story, whose previous largest resolution was 114x118 and is now 566x578 pixels.

Stalin: Our mills and factories are being run without capitalists. The work is directed by men and women of the people. That is what we call socialism in practice. In our fields the tillers of the land work without landlords and without kulaks. The work is directed by men and women of the people. That is what we call socialism in daily life, that is what we call a free, socialist life.

Happy holidays to all! Hope you all had an excellent time :).

Does anyone know what to do when you have no one on Christmas? It’s soul-crushingly lonely.

I’m tempted to drink until I pass out, but that isn’t exactly the healthiest option. Any ideas?

@kaydan Feel free to ask me any questions, and thanks for listening!

Gonna give up on identifying as neutrois, even though it’s how I feel inside.

The only way I’m seen as something other than male is if I present hyper-femme, and being seen as non-male (at least some of the time) is really important to me.

So I’m just goin to identify as an agender, femme-presenting person. Femme-presenting more out of convenience / moving away from my assigned gender, rather than identifying as female (I have zero female identity and this won’t change).

@Tiffany_Marlow @kaydan What sucks: I’ll never have a neutral body unless they perfect 3D body printing and mind uploading during my lifetime. My body is irreparably amab and my only options are male or an exaggerated femininity. This sucks beyond belief, but at least I know who I am inside.

And yes, I know this for a fact. I talked to 30 people today while presenting on the femme side of neutral and got sir/he/obvious male language from 25 of them. I used men’s bathrooms and didn’t get a single weird look. My body is irreparably male and it tears me apart.

Someone kill me please (not literally; I’m not suicidal so don’t worry).

Dysphoria is kicking my b**t today. It seems like no matter what I do I will always be perceived as male by the vast majority of people.

I’m 6’3”, with huge shoulders, big hands, a square jaw, and bony brow. Why would they perceive me as anything other than a man?

There is *nothing*# neutral or androgynous about my body. It is all male, male, male; wrecked by testosterone poisoning. Good god, this is a living hell.

@kaydan As in, I not only identify as neutrally gendered, but feel like I should have been born with no sex features and assigned neutral at birth. And I feel like no secondary sex characteristics are ideal for me and want to physically transition with neutrality in mind.

Didn’t know there was a term for this until recently. But there is. Happy, I am.

Leaning toward identifying as neutrois (gender neutral trans) rather than agender. Neutral gender + neutral body = me. I just don’t like changing a label I’ve used for four years, but this seems for the best. ⚪️💚🖤

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