this is my favorite history of the universe. tells you everything important that's ever happened, at a glance

A back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests you'd need about 20 people per kilometer to make moving sidewalks economical, compared to single occupant cars. Which is kind of disappointing, actually.

The Good Place spoilers and speculation 

my current theory is they'll find out basically no one goes to the real good place, but they'll try to build their own good place based on Michael's fake one. then, just like season 2 was about the impossibility of hell, season 4 will be about the impossibility of heaven, as they won't be able to create a good place without flaws

An infinite, procedurally generated city, assembled out of blocks using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm.

I'd never heard of "supercritical atoms" before, but apparently very large nuclei (past element 173) might rip electrons from the very vacuum itself

So the real problem is that labor force must be being exploited for ends that don't involve these people solving their own needs.

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"As we have these newer cities with lots of less wealthy people in them, those sewers have not been built and in fact, it's not likely they ever will be, so the question is, could you do it? Could you process human waste without that sewer system?"

The problem isn't lack of wealth, it's lack of will; if you have a lot of "less wealthy" people then you have a labor force capable of building a sewer system.

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This toilet would be great for individual/off-grid solutions, but advocating for it to replace sewers in large cities altogether is absurd:

sometimes i wonder if i should fix my bug in .bash_completion, but there's something comforting about setting the error every time i log into a terminal

The earth is, on average, 1 AU from the sun, and orbits once a year; thus relative to the sun, it travels at a speed of 2π AU / year.

The nearest star, Proxima Centauri is 4.243 light years away, which turns out to be about 42,700 "earth years" away.

Travelling at the "speed of earth", it would take 42,700 years to get to the nearest star. That's an almost human-graspable magnitude -- 42,700 years ago, humanity was just beginning to create art.

if you have ever deleted 10 consecutive characters in vim: congrats, you're a 10x engineer

uhhhhhhh there's infowars & "intellectual dark web" stuff in the local timeline so I guess it's past time to server-hop

has anyone ever tried a chess variant where you can capture your own pieces? how do you deal with the fact that your king starts off in check from his own queen?

Northeast Arizona contains an enclave of central time, surrounded by mountain time, surrounded again by central time

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"these islands would form enclaves of Monday in an ocean which has Sunday"

this collision of time and space is interesting. i suppose there must have been gregorian calendar enclaves back in the day, one month surrounded by the following month

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