@Gargron Hi there! What's a good way for me to find new people to follow that align with my interests? I've tried searching by hashtags (ex. , , ) but I can't seem to find much of interest. What's a good way to discover cool stuff on Mastodon in general? Thanks.

Check out my brand new game, Sophie's Quest. Help Sophie take a dump in Rob's room!


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make like a tree and stand right where you are for 200 years

now that's what I call elegant state management. outside of your view library, not a single import. credit to github.com/porsager

i wish you can put on haircuts like hats

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no C library will ever have a better name than libass.

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(the invention of dogs)
hey this wolf bites a bit less

do you look as good as you do in the mirror, or as bad as you do in pictures?

once while i was sitting in class, a girl sneezed, and at least 4 people said "bless you." not five seconds later, I sneezed, and guess what? not a single one of them said "bless you." so this is how democracy dies.


"i hold my breath when i check just to see that she isn't a goner"

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my flight getting cancelled led to me running into an old friend I hadn't spoken to for years. despite all the inconvenience, I am very happy with how this all unfolded.

i like to smell my hands for hours after i put american crew forming cream in my hair. the smell is so potent. don't judge me. go away.

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