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I am so sick of people weakening their rhetoric by doing ridiculous things.

If your summary of someone's ideas is, when one looks at their ideas in the original, not actually a summary of said ideas, it throws your entire essay into doubt.

If you can't stop calling the people you're arguing against names and railing about how bad they are when trying to debunk them, EVEN IF THEY ACTUALLY ARE BAD AND HAVE HARMED MANY PEOPLE, you just keep inviting your audience to come to their defense in ways that simply explaining their ideas, their actions, and why they are harmful doesn't.

I feel like the increase in political polarization has made people lose the knack of how to write a persuasive essay instead of an essay designed to make everyone already on ones band wagon clap and cheer.
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Thinking about it, I won't be surprised if we eventually used a corn-based polymer in our money. At least then it'd be literally a cash crop.
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re: transhumanism, immortality, shade (+) 

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transhumanism, immortality, shade (+) 

What does Aristophanes use to hook up his television set?

Brekekekex-koax-coaxial cable!

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I need to find some more Mastodon conlangers and language people to follow.

Hmm, you get a truncated 280-character Tweet with a link to the toot. I guess that's better than nothing (and a reasonable way to handle crossposted threads).

(I deleted the original toot from Twitter FYI.)

What happens when you try to crosspost a long piece of writing that would fit into one toot on Mastodon, but would be too long on Twitter? It would be nice if it were automatically split into two or more Tweets on Twitter, but I don't trust technology to do anything reasonable automatically. Let's just see what happens with this very long post that would have to be a thread on Twitter.

SciFi silliness, The Beatles 

Shh! Don't tell anyone that the Twitter outage was part of our plan to make Mastodon the dominant microblogging platform!

Which isn't to say that nobody should ever discuss politics, only that I'd like the option of getting away from it for... honestly most of my internet experience (and without unfollowing people who I like, but who post a lot of political stuff).

Is anyone aware of instances that (a) ban discussion of politics, and (b) *actually* ban all political discussions, rather than just the ones the owners don't like?

The conlang mailing list has historically been very good about this, but so far I haven't found anything like that outside of that sphere.

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Your 4th of July reminder that we are all immigrants, and everyone belongs here.

Courtesy of the Alameda 4th of July parade. 🇺🇸🎇🎆

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People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.
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@Shamar @lunaterra Computer literacy should be taught, but not in terms of how to use Microsoft products. It should be taught like mathematics and children should understand the basics of how the internet works. Things like what is a protocol and what are the main protocols. How to make the simplest web page. How to write a hello world program or a very simple game. What is the difference between fixed storage and ram? What is the von Neumann architecture and a Turing machine. Things like that.

Like learning maths, not every child will go on to be a mathematician or programmer, but having the background knowledge gives the potential to make better decisions and be less susceptible to fallacies and marketing scams as an adult.

Reading this makes me wonder if wearing surgical masks (possibly with sunglasses) might be a good line of defense against facial recognition (and surveillance in general). Wearing a ski mask in non-sub-zero weather makes you look like a bank robber, but a surgical mask can be explained away by saying that you're a germaphobe, or that you just felt a little gross that morning and don't want to get anyone else sick.

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