everyone who grew up watching Disney animated Robin Hood is extremely left and/or furry that's just science

hey guys! this is an awesome org I work with that's sending ppl to Texas to do direct action vs the child concentration camps. if you can spare anything please donate! gofundme.com/stopchilddetentio

here’s some more pictures, and a link to my amazon wishlist if you wanna support as I’m currently making no profit lol amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishl
also I’m taking commissions rn so message on Instagram or Etsy!

Petrichor, that fresh aroma you can smell after the rain, is caused by a little molecule called geosmin. The name literally means "earth smell." It's produced by soil bacteria and gives an earthy flavour to beets.

Humans are extremely sensitive to this scent – much, much more sensitive than sharks are to blood. Some think we evolved that way to find fresh drinking water after droughts.

Grenade got fixed today so she has a cone of shame. I’m texting Hubs pics of cats in cones with mustaches and I’m laughing so hard everyone else in this pharmacy looks nervous.

ayn rand rly took 1000 pages to come up with the idea of "what if CEOs went on strike" and people still read it and go "damn shes up to something"

I got into botany and rocks and minerals as a child and that shit was like irl Pokemon to me and it still is

My neck scar is stilll taking a while to heal but I’ve got the shiniest lips in the tri-state.

never forget that time WW was sad because The Internet was mean to him, way back in 2001: metatalk.metafilter.com/859/Do

My friend was like "oh hey you used to play Dragon age, I'm thinking of getting into it."

Me having given the franchise like 650 hrs of gameplay and like 2 solid years of fandom activity: straight faced responding "oh yeah no, it's pretty good...you should try it...for sure"

Oh please. Oh please join me in this hell.

are there any instances formatted to look like a geocities page? asking for a friend

Just now catching up on the WW situation and ugh. I guess I’ll find a new instance when I get back to my PC. πŸšΆπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Awoo awoo, to you and you and you. *twirls, flounces up stairway*

We’re also planning a trip to Disney in December since we bought annual passes. Gotta get our money’s worth.

Social media is a fantastic tool to publicly criticize companies for broken or badly designed products & appalling support.

What we see too little of: praise for companies that try to do the right thing, without you having to start a huge fuzz on social media first.

So, here's a thread to say thank you to all the companies that respect you as a customer and deserve some credit.

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