I would love to meaningfully interact with you. here, or in a greyhound bus station bathroom, or anywhere really

Oh no! The Teen Choice Awards ratings sink to all time low. I guess they'll have to add an "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" award to next year's ceremony. variety.com/2018/tv/news/teen-

Rarely is Trade Chat useful, but I just learned from there that the initial quest will be given in Silithus. Long flight but I'm on my way!

Guess I'll spend the next three hours or so parking all of my 110s in Durotar ahead of time. There's no way my computer can handle logging in to Orgrimmar when it's going to be packed to the hilt, but flying in from a close location after logging in will be mostly okay.

tired: old jokes

wired: retro jokes

inspired: long-forgotten, forbidden jokes discovered in dusty tomes -- jokes which killed every civilization they encountered through slow infestation, transmuting them into eldrich shambling beings whose values are alien to mankind and who bow only to SHARMASH, the pale goat of bricks and wires, eater of glass, mother of nails, father of masking tape, whose name is ten thousand canned screams and whose tongues number thirty eight and one half.

Wow, I like Mastodon's light theme so much better than the default. (Click the gear icon, bottom of the Preferences page!)

Did not realize that the Battle for Azeroth expansion is live at 6PM EST today. Feels weird to have a Monday evening release.

Good morning, please enjoy this trap house remix of the Veggie Tales theme. youtu.be/crg0WAlBdTo

the kind of belches that make me wonder if I cannibalized an elderly person in my sleep

Have any 3rd party Twitter clients added Mastodon support? I’d love to use Tweetbot here.

Yesterday, I had dinner with a group of people after the show. A fella asked me what I do, and I said I’m an engineer on Apple’s Health team. Without another question he proceeded for 10 (ten!) minutes to give me advice on how to do my job best because he used to be a nurse. πŸ˜‘

A crow loudly caws while flying over the house.
Baby: Chickens!

After months of thinking on it, I'm going to have a custom birthday cake made for me while we stay at Walt Disney World. The biggest things to consider now are, flavors, what I want it to look like, and which hotel bakery I want making it.

Helpful thread here for others who might consider it in the future: disboards.com/threads/official

Busy making this: youtu.be/vvmRn6xWEYo The woman in this video is formidable at spatchcocking a chicken.

Hi. Just quit twitter. My communities were celestial but that platform is infernal, so I had to leave. Feel free to ping me about trans/queer stuff, Smash Bros Melee, or just about anything.

I chose the name dirt because it makes me laugh. #introductions

When we first got Mazie I read a lot of advice from dog trainers and I still look back in disappointment at the one who always had the best advice until she said we shouldn't give dogs affection for more than five minutes per day.

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