I moved my blog (using a self-hosted instance) and posted about Smalltalk mostly but also how much of where I am is thanks to Bjorn Freeman-Benson, and much more. Feedback welcome. known.kenbauer.me/2019/02/15/b

How are you connecting your Known install to Mastodon @jgmac1106 ?

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I posted a short blog post: "On Suicide" pithies.com/2019/02/11/on-suic

If you've lost a loved one, there are resources and people to help you too. afsp.org/find-support/ive-lost

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I'm hiring someone to work with me in the new lab we're creating Plymouth State University (NH) to support engaged pedagogies! Please share this listing with your best instructional designers & pedagogues, esp. those with passion for interdisciplinarity & open education! jobs.usnh.edu/postings/31996

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If there are designers looking to get involved in more projects or simply build up portfolio would love an EDU logo: here is style guide and logo info: indieweb.org/style-guide and indieweb.org/logo but put your own flair on project

Note: for the month of February, we will see after that.

Another up about why I will not be on Facebook platforms, so no Instagram or WhatsApp (mostly) as well. blog.kenbauer.me/2019/01/31/pa Hat tip to @twoodwar for the featured image for this post which is released under a @creativecommons BY-SA 2.0 license.

My daughter reports success in achieving the number of responses. Thanks everyone!

My daughter needs about 100 people to answer this two question survey. Can my friends help her out? I guess that first question is also "per day". Thanks in advance. goo.gl/forms/QN3H9m6SFUdwQqWj1

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"By justifying the belief that for-profit systems are the best way to improve public life, it has helped turn the expression of individual experience into raw material that can be mined, processed, and sold." harpers.org/archive/2019/01/ma

Currently contemplating for a post: The Dichotomy of Choice on Choice. Where is the balance in setting up scaffolding for my students (or the extreme of rails) and freedom to explore and learn? Can we do both (I think so) and work with our students on this?

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Slack alternatives
News broke a few days before Christmas that Slack was deactivating users it believed to have ties to countries sanctioned by the US government, including those of academics in my home province of British Columbia.

Slack closed my account today!
I’m a PhD student in Canada with no teammates from Iran!

Is Slack shutting down accounts of those eth

And a first stab at more blogging in 2019 than 2018. Should be reachable since I posted three times last year. blog.kenbauer.me/2019/01/03/ki

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Our E-Learning 3.0 conversation on experience and creativity with Amy Burvall @amyburvall starts in one hour. el30.mooc.ca/event/87

Eighteen years ago and it often seems just like yesterday. Happy anniversary Aurelia.

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