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We're going to be Virtually Connecting from this week. Sign up and join us in the Virtual Connecting sessions on Thursday

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Our presentation ( @katebowles and I were in person) at in Ireland ended up being a giant shout out for mastodon. The topic was . Full details here, and the video is linked - our session starts at 53mins.

shout outs to @GeoffreyGevalt and our main author @tdorey and @Downes @dogtrax and @Ayior for being involved in our slides. :) @Gargron

Bonus, it looks like the @WithKnown mastodon plugin is no longer spitting errors when I POSSE to Mastodon.

A productive "quiet writing hour" which is 5:30pm-6:30pm before the Guadalajara meeting. I noticed that my update to @WithKnown was broken. I forgot to run the "composer update" from root.

So yuck. YouTube tracking. I need to replace my embedded @YouTube videos with the "privacy-enhanced" version. Especially since i updated my footer on my website. reference:

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anyone have any advice of what to do in Washington DC for a day? (beside look at political landmarks)

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The EU will vote on the during the March 25 week session, likely on March 27. That leaves you with only a few days to contact your MEP to insist that they vote against it.

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I had to reset Aurelia's Android phone and copying files (WhatsApp directory) back to the phone over MTP was *slow*. adb to the rescue!

@benwerd Failed opening required 'Masterminds/HTML5.php
I may dig into this myself. Not your problem fixing this. I have to run to a meeting but better post this on the GitHub repo for the plugin.

@benwerd Note that I just had an error on this post. I was posting to all of Mastodon/Twitter/LinkedIn via plugins.

So I just found out about the @withknown "Known - Open Collective" this morning. Putting in my support now. Keep up the great work @benwerd This is very much appreciated and I am looking into becoming active on the project.

Testing to Mastodon. Did the big update break that as @jgmac1106 reported?

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any UK cellists out there? (any level) I run a weekend workshop in early April and you are all invited. There's a nominal fee to participate, but if anyone needs to come for free that's fine by me. Poster is below and more info here:

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