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It's a spectacular afternoon. Here's a picture of two baby bunnies who've taken up residence in our backyard

“I think she uses Swarm.”
“Is that like Tile?”
“Yeah, sort of. Except for people.”

It's weird that every blog post & tutorial on writing code on Chromebook seems to start with "turn off trusted boot Verification & enable Developer Mode". That's like jailbreaking one of the most secure OS's as a matter of routine.

Especially wild considering they're capable enough to support the upcoming Android Apps in the next Chrome OS release

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I just saw Samsung Chromebook 3's on clearance for $129 at Walmart. Crazy.

I think I just witnessed peak suburban dystopia: 8 year-old talking on his iPhone 7 Plus at Chipotle, ignoring the tan white dude with dreds (sporting an anarchy tatt) asking the kid what he wanted on his burrito bowl.

There are 3 bunnies chasing each other around a tree in my neighbor's backyard right now and it's hysterical.

Them: Kenn, what do you know about Scala?
Me: ::blink:: ::blink::

Them: Here's an undocumented production system you now own. You're a quick study, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Current status: “That's pretty broken. It's YOLOs all the way down.”

Just posted my slides from the Duo Security tech talk last night on real world crypto, system threats, & trust signals. Really fun crowd.

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