Walking in , I was asked if I wanted to see a show with women with nice titties. I smiled & could only just suppress a "sorry I'm gay". Lovely city, otherwise.

They've put it the wrong way around: the general public and election officials don't understand security (and how that's crucial for fair elections).

Instead of introducing tech to deal with complexities, get to the root issue: this rediculously difficult process.


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What should we prioritize next?

(S3 support, ComposeUI v4 and Geotagging are ready to ship, thus not included in this poll)

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I so often hear the complaint that Mastodon is named after an extinct animal but like, if I named it after coral reefs or the honeybee we'd be having that conversation soon anyway

Blegh. Awake way too early - or perfectly on time, as my commuting colleague would say. At least I'm not alone.

@omgubuntu I guess one "A" and one "B" were meant to represent some functuonalities, or am I just not understanding some narrative? ;)

@fedilab I've added some lists and columns in the past to test it out, but don't see a way to delete them again. Is this indeed not possible (from the app) or am I missing something?

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Janus Schipper, climate researcher at the Institute for Technology in Karlsruhe:

"Climate change is no longer due to natural factors. Of course, it's a very common occurrence in Earth's history. However, the speed and momentum of the last 100 to 150 years is so severe, one can not explain it any other way."

Just started a group for Dutch translators in the Open Source community. Whomever made Mastodon & its website (or any other FOSS project) available in are warmly join! I need your expertise for another federated project 😇 riot.im/app/#/room/%23osvn:mat RT = ❤️

"How to Git going with FOSS" Cool title, and love the idea of a generic introduction guide that covers both specific technologies and community principles. Definitively going to check that out.


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Excitement! 😃 Taking the new Sprinter 🚊 in The Netherlands for the first time. Full of
🎨 Mondriaan-inspired art,
🔋 sockets & usb power ports,
🚽 (disabled-ready) toilets (long awaited in these short distance trains) and
🗑️ waste separation bins. Only the automated voice announcing the stations should be replaced by an actual human ^^ (Meppel ≠ Mebbel).

Conclusion of the debate: the visuals were more spectacular than the political duels on stage. (And I missed the usual condemning of )

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Interesting proposal by Vestagher: let's communicate better. How did we call our law on digital citizens rights 'GDPR'.
At the same time: if only Europe would be a social & environmental union instead of ALDE's big business ideal, I'm sure more Europeans would care.

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