"How to Git going with FOSS" Cool title, and love the idea of a generic introduction guide that covers both specific technologies and community principles. Definitively going to check that out.


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Excitement! 😃 Taking the new Sprinter 🚊 in The Netherlands for the first time. Full of
🎨 Mondriaan-inspired art,
🔋 sockets & usb power ports,
🚽 (disabled-ready) toilets (long awaited in these short distance trains) and
🗑️ waste separation bins. Only the automated voice announcing the stations should be replaced by an actual human ^^ (Meppel ≠ Mebbel).

Conclusion of the debate: the visuals were more spectacular than the political duels on stage. (And I missed the usual condemning of )

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Interesting proposal by Vestagher: let's communicate better. How did we call our law on digital citizens rights 'GDPR'.
At the same time: if only Europe would be a social & environmental union instead of ALDE's big business ideal, I'm sure more Europeans would care.

Watching the debate is both provides a useful insight into the differences between the political parties and a great exercise to improve your Frenglish skills. m.youtube.com/watch?v=LeExiSZg

Just wanted to share the most promising tool ever: keeporsweep.net
'cause I'm a (digital) hoarder and need a fun fix.

Present wrapped in newspaper page with picture. Due to absence of actual wrapping paper. But doesn't look too bad at all. Maybe I should start collecting colourful pages :)

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Ayone here who can explain me how to set up a mirror of a Twitter account on ? @internetofshit@twitter.com (twitter.com/internetofshit) really deserves one.

This new calculator window dressing looks like a super fancy desktop widget, but isn't really practical when having the window on top of anything else. (?)

Me: so you suddenly have no internet on your PC?
Dad: Yes.
Me: And you checked the ethernet cables?
Dad: Yes.
Me: Hmm. That might get difficult to fix from remote.
Dad: But you have that programme that allows you to log in on distance, right? Teamviewer or something?

I do in fact find the amount of cats in my mastadon timeline distasteful. Guess I should diversify my following base.

RT @Gargron: Apparently the cats are too distasteful to be posted on other platforms!

Secretlly crying in bed tonight. "Breaking: The text of Article 13 and the EU Copyright Directive has just been finalised" juliareda.eu/2019/02/eu-copyri via @Senficon@twitter.com

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