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some to bring to your attention!

Martel Innovate has two vacancies related to and @EC_NGI

"Passionate about engaging innovators' communities and promoting R&D projects across and beyond?

We are looking for you! Join the Martel team in the as Communication & Dissemination Specialist"

- Communication & Dissemination Manager

- Communication & Dissemination Specialist


Je suis tellement le boss de quantités!Filled up our glass cruesli jar by buying just the the right amount - on the eye. One of the little pleasures of doing plastic-free groceries :)

The boyfriend playing @play0ad in bed. Was too tired to join for a game. But listening to the background music and watching every now and then is also nice – and a lot better for my melatonin levels :)

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Please boost for visibility: Global Accessibility Awareness day (#GAAD) is on May 19th. I’d like everyone that can to turn off your monitor, or close the laptop lid and connect a keyboard, or close your eyes, and turn on your OS screen reader, and use your computer with it. How does it make you feel? Do you know enough keyboard commands? Does it give you enough info? Does it make you enjoy using the computer? Do you feel productive? Why or why not? #a11y #screenreader #blind

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

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We shipped quite a few improvements to!

✨ Popular + Trending + Recent topics

⚡ Call to action for easier submissions

✨ Secure mode supported (signed requests)

⚡ Improved profile resolution w/ webfinger support

✨ New projects added, and pleroma added to feature table on landing page

What else would you like to see?

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Happy to see that @EC_OSPO has published the study about "funding mechanisms for sustaining #OpenSource #software for #European public services" in which I have marginally participated.

Lots to read to see if some of my recommendations/comments have been included.

I've seen that at least @libreoffice has been mentioned as critical Open Source software for public services (on which we recently did a bug bounty organised by @EU_Commission).

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Hey Fediverse experts, is there an app like Buffer or Hootsuite that works for Mastodon? Asking for a friend.

(That friend is @thunderbird)


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Morning thoughts, unicorns, startup culture 

I hate the focus, on building unicorns.

It leads to projects having to consider metrics and who's signing up. How much money raised.

I object to it because it reduces potential clients and their data to abstract numbers.

Look at the US, look at the massive unicorns and look at what they are built on. The dehumanisation of their clients, how much engagement do you get from a post? What data can you sell on?

We should reject this philosophy in Europe

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Do you want to #StandUpForHumanRights?
Then we need you! We are looking for #EUjobs trainees.

We especially welcome applications from under-represented groups with our #RomaEU and #disability trainee schemes.
📌Closes 23 May 13:00 CET

Check out how here:

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It's completely understated how dramatically #climate change will increase the chances of animal to human transmission of disease.

Not saying this case is that -- it's not -- but there's a not too distant future where these jumps happen a lot more often.

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A "hybrid" course at in which the instructor and all registered (paying) attendees were remote. Someone was guarding the door to make sure nobody snuck in to watch the Zoom session being projected to the completely empty room.


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@aral put in strongest terms that we should avoid the term "User" in software development.

I've been practicing this, which is not always easy. What I found is that it is not the alternative terminology and language we use that is most important, but the extra attention, added awareness and the thought process we follow that makes the difference.

> Best practice: By trying to avoid referring to people as “Users” we force ourself to be more focused on their actual needs

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The makers of @pixelfed, the Fediverse photo sharing platform, have just created a slick new guide to the Fediverse at:

It's got a list of Fedi projects, a list of mobile apps for Fedi platforms and an opt-in directory of people to follow.

The directory is particularly interesting as it works very differently to FediFollows or Trunk. You add hashtags to your profile plus a special extra hashtag #Fedi22, then submit your profile to the site, and it will become searchable for the tags in your profile.

(And, yes, Mastodon is part of the Fediverse, see here for details:

#FediverseInfo #Fediverse #FediTips #MastoTips

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PSA: If you're having troubles submitting your Pleroma account to the directory, try using following format:


(don't forget to add https:// at the beginning!)

So excited about what I see in @AntennaPod's development preview! Really cool features are coming up in version 2.7 😃😎 Something with 📥 and 📊

And that's on top of 2.6 (isn't even out yet) which will _also_ bring something cool (related to ).

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Wow, this looks great. rules!

Draw maps in the style of the 1777 Ferraris Maps and then compare current maps with those of the old day with movable slider to show the before and after differences.

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Accessibility is important, and often taken for granted by those who don't depend on it.

That's why we added the option to require every photo you post to contain an alt-text description before it can be posted!

We're working to enforce this on 3rd party/mobile apps too.

The _public_ broadcaster (francophone Belgium) is hosting, on a subdomain of theirs, a _commercial_ website (of a Dutch BV/Ltd) to look up promo codes. even forwards to the sub-domain under RTBF.

I've been wondering for quite some time now: Why? Might this be a way to earn money? What would be in it for the CodePromo folks - better SEO ranking?

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