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The latest @Humble book bundle is the: Web Design & Development from O'Reilly Media.

15 DRM-free e-books, worth $625, in multiple formats for every device.

Untangle web design and development with this e-book bundle from O'Reilly Media!


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What is an easy way to add a: "share this on Mastodon" button to my site?

The Queen of All Crows by Rod Duncan is only 99 pence at Angry Robot Books!

The first book in new The Map of Unknown Things series.

DRM-free! ePub & Mobi for all devices.

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Streaming in about 45 minutes. Feel free to drop in say hi, fellow cyberpunks! :D

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TIL You can get a flat-pack SUV that looks ugly as sin

The “Partisan One” can be assembled in the field, is meant for rapid deployment on terrible roads, and comes with a 100 year warranty

“Apparently, several of these squared-off brutes can be stacked like cordwood into a regular shipping container”

“...2.8-liter diesel mill from FIAT, sending 148 horsepower to all four wheels as standard”

“...15.5-feet long, 7.5-feet wide, and just over seven feet high....”

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🐝 "The conservation value of native bees should not and cannot only be defined by what they can do for us." for Canadian Geographic:

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William Gibson on the Silver Spook Podcast!

An illuminating deep-dive into "cyberpunk" and the atemporal torch-passing of subversive sci-fi mindfuckery from British New Wave to CP to Black Mirror and Ned Beauman.

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The "techno-shintoist" I spoke of in the William Gibson interview is @sophia who is very interesting, do check her out. (Gibson hasn't considered whether his iPhone is sentient, but finds it quite touching)

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Thank you, people I follow on Masto, for not fucking gushing over the horseshit that is the royal family and their horseshittier wedding.

Ways in which Masto is better than all other social media #395

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I wish articles would contain an accessible fallback to embedded tweets. More often than not they look like this to me, so i miss key information:

(Alt: image of a large white space in an article)

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@satchmoz and i just picked up an aura2 days ago ;_;

Good to see that there's a bright future for kobo devices being an open platform for those of us that care about that sort of thing though

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The icing on the cake is that the project by which they derive their front end has wireless Calibre support, and is working on an optional plugin for Wallabag integration.

Might have to grab a Kobo Glo off eBay in the near future. And finally have a decent upgrade from my Sony PRS-600.

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The good work over on the "okreader" project is kind of amazing to me.

They have hacked away at a few kobo readers and made them virtually blob free barring wifi and the eink display controller.

No DRM, no other proprietary software. No vertically integrated store. No gaping spots in the UI begging for other proprietary services to be turned on.

Everything I want in an eReader.

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**An Affront to History: Giro d’Italia’s ‘Sport-Washing’ of Israeli Apartheid**

"For the first time since its inception in 1909, the legendary Italian cycling race, Giro d’Italia kicked off outside Europe and, strangely enough, from the city of Jerusalem on May 4. The inherent contradictions in that decision are inescapable. Italy is a country that h…"


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Holy fuck, do I love teaching my high school students.

Right now, for 3 hours a week, I’m there in the makerspace, helping kids (mostly poor and brown, mostly boys, some genderqueer kids, a couple of girls) learn how to bring physical objects into existence. How to design, how to create art, how to use tools, how to measure, how to do science.

If I can raise the funds to do it full-time, university teaching will have to go.

Public university students want a career. Teenagers want to learn.

⚔️ 🐉 The latest Storybundle is:

The Myths & Legends Fantasy Bundle, curated by Kevin J. Anderson.

Dragons! Swords! Magic and wizards!

These e-books are packed with all the legendary wonder you've come to expect from your favourite fantasy novels.

These thirteen books cover a range of classic fantasy types, from epic quests, to modern retellings of classic myths, to humorous encounters with Little Folk, to lit-RPG adventures.

DRM-free, and in multiple formats.

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So the thing I've been working on is live:

"Rebus Projects is now live!! Our new platform for #opentextbook publishing projects is ready for the world to see!"