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Greg McMullen: “You can't have a contract with [all] the nodes on the Ethereum network. It's unfeasible.” - isn't that pretty much the entire point of Ethereum - that you have an executable contract that every node runs?

Unread counts are bad and the NYT is on it!
previously: “A temporal flow with no unread count that you could dip into was freeing compared to the email-like experience of feed readers back then. Now this is commonplace and accepted. Twitter has backtracked from the pure flow by emphasising the unread count for @'s. GnuSocial replicates this, but Mastodon eschews it, and presents parallel flows to dip into.“

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@bob @cwebber @nightpool *postmodernist voice* the problem with the semantic web is the underlying assumption that knowledge can be structured

Social network sites are now like decaying malls, with each one insisting you do custom work for them to stop them distorting your writing. But you can subvert that.

The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is much more spec compliant now:

Handy if you want to parse mastodon posts from their web pages, or display webmentions you receive

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The UK government aims to ban encryption via a covert regulation outside Parliament. Please support the Open Rights Group; without them you probably wouldn't know until it was too late.

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/Fediverse/ sound very much like the French 'Faits divers,' a section in the paper that deals with sensationalist news in just a few lines: freak accidents, crimes passionnels, weird tragedies...
#puns #French

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I know that this seems to conceive of for a lot of people, but it is possible to have a social space where you simultaneously can speak freely and be free from harassment.  It all comes down to creating a culture whereby you feel you can engage and disengage at will, easily.  Getting there is no easy feat though, especially since it involves breaking the conditioning of a lot of existing social media mores.
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I find it absurd that people cannot differentiate public and private rights.

It's like... I have certain rights on my own property... I can throw you out for any reason. It's *my property*.

People don't get that. The same people who advocate for property rights advocate for the right to say whatever you want under my roof and I can't throw you out, when it's *my place* I pay *real money* for and *you don't pay a dime*.

My server is not easement either. It is not a sidewalk.

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And yes I stand up for my freedom to do what I please on my server because it is the right thing to do.

And I am outspoken about it because I do not want others to feel bullied into complying with demands of a few who insist on absolute freedom of speech in private spaces. Because they don't. No one has to do anything because they're told to.

I do not consider harassment "protected speech" either and I think anyone who does is a fucking idiot.

Set *your* own policies on *your server* dammit.

Mastodon, Twitter and publics

Long ago, I wrote about the theory of social sites, with the then-young Twitter as the exemplar. As Mastodon, GnuSocial and other federated sites have caught some attention recently, I thought I'd revisit these theories.

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ah yes, the great roman orator Juicero, who once said "Silent enim leges inter suci," or, "Law is silent in the midst of juice"

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A tweak to mastoview - hotlinking instance names in federated view to the instance local view: eg

This makes it more obvious that I should mung the feeds from gnusocial instances too.

I updated to cache more so it's more responsive, and I made the tag put media behind a details/summary toggle as it was previewing them in the clear.

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Hey! I'm looking for work, gigs, opportunities related to writing, narrative design, producing, social media, presenting, organising, project management, performance. Primarily interested in arts & culture, community development, games, tech for arts/good, travel/cross-cultural, though am open to other suggestions.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia & seek local or remote positions.

See more:

Boosts appreciated!

(inspired by @pixelpaperyarn )

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one of the biggest things i internalized from gnusocial is that i don't have to passively accept whatever changes in lifestyle that big corporations decide to push on me. i don't have to passively accept ANY technology changes. i get to decide what technology i use and how i interact with the world through it. that was a big insight for me, and watching the mastodon timeline i'm seeing 100 thousand people slowly coming to the same realization. it's pretty powerful to watch and it reminds me to have empathy when they say shitty things about mastodon vs. gnusocial or the pre-existing community here. they are still recovering from their twitter stockholm syndrome. it's been a while since i've seen first hand how much social media is fucking up the brains of the world.
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A nice conversation on what's under #Mastodon's hood:
Indieweb, Mastodon, and GNU Social beginning at about 1:18:00 into the show~ click below to listen: