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The microformats Ruby parser has been completely rewritten and is much more spec compliant now:

Handy if you want to parse mastodon posts from their web pages, or display webmentions you receive

@jansegers @stefanieschulte @sandhawke @maloki is another good answer here, as it will save your links, and can back them up for you too

@webmink "You must become a member before 12 midday on Wednesday 3 May - voting closes at 10 pm on the same day." - also, is the list of candidates available in an open format?

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The UK government aims to ban encryption via a covert regulation outside Parliament. Please support the Open Rights Group; without them you probably wouldn't know until it was too late.

@Gargron @sandhawke I know, but I keep doing it because that is what share does by default. Another case for links formats
That said, if you are logged out, couldn't the internal links 302 to the permalink rather than the homepage?

@sandhawke @stefanieschulte another answer is that the fragmention can contain enough of the text to display inline - I made that here:

@sandhawke @maloki searching for the text of the quote is often more robust that a given hyperlink.

This is partly what led me to fragmentions

@sandhawke @Gargron the annoying thing is that links to which if I share it fails for anyone not logged in.

@sargoth you know you can peek at it with ?

@Gargron @sandhawke my answer is use a simple Link header/link url - something like:
<link rel="accountpage" template="{nickname}" />
<link rel="accountpage" template="https://{nickname}" />
<link rel="accountpage" template="{nickname}" />

put that on the homepage, or the link header at the domain.

@sandhawke Brad still has the domain, but the site is down. Could run it somewhere else, the code is available, but I don't think anyone else ran a server.

I think it is also overkill, as is webfinger and doubly LRRD. IT works for email address, but that isn't the webfinger usecase that @Gargron was stating.

The problem is "I know their nickname and domain, how do I find their feeds?"

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/Fediverse/ sound very much like the French 'Faits divers,' a section in the paper that deals with sensationalist news in just a few lines: freak accidents, crimes passionnels, weird tragedies...
#puns #French

@quinn I meant your instance - it was setup for bots, and the local timeline is very Dada

@Gargron isn't the negative dynamic the primacy of @ replies rather than the search?

@deadsuperhero @Gargron @bea hashtags were originally thought of as groups, from the irc and Jaiku precedents. Old discussion here: and
If you want to avoid reusing punctuation, but make it readily typeable there aren't many options ~ maybe? Or go with the 👥 emoji. Or 💞 perhaps. Emoji are now easier to type than punctuation for most users.

@Ronkjeffries @lambadalambda @KevinMarks I should do better error handling - I don't think I distinguish old version from the site timing out

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I know that this seems to conceive of for a lot of people, but it is possible to have a social space where you simultaneously can speak freely and be free from harassment.  It all comes down to creating a culture whereby you feel you can engage and disengage at will, easily.  Getting there is no easy feat though, especially since it involves breaking the conditioning of a lot of existing social media mores.