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@lambadalambda @moonman @fl0wn I really like awesomeplete for this - I use it in if you want to try it. Details here

Mastodon, Twitter and publics

Long ago, I wrote about the theory of social sites, with the then-young Twitter as the exemplar. As Mastodon, GnuSocial and other federated sites have caught some attention recently, I thought I'd revisit these theories.

@sarahjeong if you want a quick sense of the range, try and click the random instance button a few times

@sarahjeong I'd love to chat about the standards cluster that this is part of, if you're interested.

@maiyannah @dcl @KitRedgrave also there is the 'lets add a layer of indirection' instinct that got us from URLs to webfinger to LRRD to Salmon.

@LogicalDash @tinysubversions its doable in the underlying protocols, but the instance you're leaving would need to cooperate. You should sign up for though.

@boris @lmorchard @MHogue webmention is a good idea, and you can adopt it incrementally. Maybe I should do more on my universal webmention receiver.

@lambadalambda can you try webmention as a comparison?

@mxuribe it reads the local and federated feeds from an instance os you can preview them to get . sense of them. I should make it link to sign-up pages

@lambadalambda @yukiame @bob it is in that WebSub needs a webhook to call, but you can read the Atom feeds in a client. There isn't a posting api for Ostatus though, just a replay notificaction with salmon.

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ah yes, the great roman orator Juicero, who once said "Silent enim leges inter suci," or, "Law is silent in the midst of juice"

@plsburydoughboy it may be that the Windows engineering team used it as a comaptibility test

@lutoma come on over to and see what newer protocols look like

@HerraBRE yes, that was the point, but it was designed to enable the hub to call the subscribers rather than them all polling the feed endpoint. As such, having your own hub is reasonable as it give you control of traffic.

@quinn being on an instance where your local timeline is all bots must be a bit weird

@pan try it in

@lambadalambda I am getting RSS/Atom wars flashbacks here

@Gargron the other tricky thing is that atom feeds can have 3 types on <content> - text, html and xhtml. This makes things a bit tricky:

You may need to check interop between implementations for all types of feeds.