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Pusheen Pun Kelly @kevspace@mastodon.social

The 1982 World's Fair arcade token illustration of Pac-Man has made me reconsider our view of the ghosts as the enemy mastodon.social/media/hHaf8q9V

my body's saying our records may prove this to be photographic documentation of the exact moment it finally hit me: I am 'too OLD* for this'

Disabled mastodon.social/media/LGfwIsbQ

a handy rebus to help you remember:

Fto edit yrself here

psst prolly Some Reason you 'shouldn't' but like

Copy, Delete toot, Paste, Fix is the edit button of legend's true face

I'm lowkey always worried .social is me in my wheelchair with red-solo tap water thousand-yarding through a music visualizer while the Real Party goes on just out of frame in dozens of alt-real underground kitchens to the latest limewire jams and a protest clothing swap

LOOK I warned you about the metaphors, I did

eeeee I hope I can bring y'all with me if I ever find The Right Instance and manage to move there (last time it didn't work out so hot)

maybe I'll time that to coincide with a legal name change, really shake up this pop can I call an identity and icepick the top right off

hi I'm Kelly and metaphors flee from me

I keep meaning to do an introductions thingo but I can't stop seeing new incredible people saying excellent things I wanna see more of forever also I had caffeine for the first time in a bit and andanda😹💥🖒

My friend is doing this amazing art book where he recreates famous movie scenes with anthropomorphic octopuses instead of people and...

You know what, just take a look at it.


Oh hey! Blockara is coming to Steam on June 22nd! It's a head-to-head puzzle action game by @holdMyBee who was thoughtful enough to consider accessibility during design and testing. It's got fun characters, jokes, colors, and my old name in the credits (I was paid in money AND pizza)! I think if you "wishlist" it something nice happens for us! It's also available on itch.io if you're cool or the Wii U eShop if you're... a different kind of cool


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ME: well my arms don't work and my hands always hurt but at least I still have video games

NINTENDO: our new game is called ARMS

ME: well at least Mario won't let me down

NINTENDO: use your arms to enchance Mario's best-known ability: throwing things with his healthy and powerful arms

ME: oh no but

NINTENDO: shake your arm to charge Samus Aran's Neo Arm Cannon

ME: but I

NINTENDO: please attach the Amiibo Joy-Con Wrist Weight Strap and perform a pull-up with your [L and R arms] to continue

"Shake [°|•] Joy-Con to [verb] faster"

"You can do so much with the motion controls"

"Throwing [with you the player's actual presumably-not-at-all-disabled hands and arms] feels very intuitive"

: [

Who's gonna be the first to do a burlesque routine to this ridiculous Mario Odyssey cabaret number

TECH: Here are dozens of ways to make and keep plans
HUMANS: Wow. Now, everything is possible. Too possible. I will schedule nothing, forever 'cool maybes' for all

Not a fan of "Unfortunately" as preface to an error message from unreliable software. Am I truly 'unfortunate' here? Are we that certain the culprit is a wee impish Lady Luck rolling liar's dice inside my Samsung

@lifning all this reminds me: these animatronic figures were set to be destroyed, but were instead saved so future Imagineers could study the small weaknesses in their synthetic skin. That's right: the micro-soft ex-bots won mastodon.social/media/rX0-0U26

@kevspace if that box was originally an xbox box then converted to an xbox one box then converted to an xbox one x box, it would be one ex-ex-ex xbox box xbox one box xbox one x box