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Glitchy 7-segment 

Back in the system for a SMART re-check and rescrub.. and everything works again, oof

Cleaned things off, and did a dirty re-tinning of a few pads

This stuff and the read errors in multiple spots couldn't possibly be related.. could it?

acetone is magic against cyanoacrylate

..but its a little tricky to apply when your fingers are stuck together

tfw brain interpolates words and fails to send them to your hands. suddenly goes missing

Expertise in constructing odd workflows 

Expertise in constructing odd workflows 

in other news, i finally went through 500mL of isopropanol that smelled like vinegar after it was used

oddest thing: transferring a portion of isopropanol with a printed PLA funnel makes it retain a post-evaporation smell similar to vinegar

I really should find the time to learn and use pcbmode ^_^

Consistently amazed at both the quality and design of Boldport's boards. This one is the Capaci-meter.

releasing a J-Link breakout board from 2014 

in other uses of test equipment, giving an AAA NiMH battery constant current so that it shows up in a smart battery charger is new (1.2v at around 0.07A for a minute)

PSA: Shift+Delete in Firefox removes autocomplete suggestions from past visits to other places~

Dream: This extra desk/monitor will let me do all the things!
Reality, months later: Where does all the space go?

i don't know how i made the leap to 'bga reflow is scary' awhile back? the motivation to do my first was a dead phone, and it wasn't bad at all~

μSD erase size, speed comparisons 

espressobin, networking, single-board computers 

particle debugger case, 3d printing 

brain snapshot: "algorithms, algo-rithms, al-go-rith-ms.. al gore rythms?"

~proprietary al gore rythms, a new album coming soon~

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