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parties with friendly dogs and cats: yes

parties with people who have that next million dollar idea..: *ejector seat gif*

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0.1mm magnet wire has a pleasing aesthetic to it

Instructions for disassembling an electric toothbrush

(Summary): BLDCs have ICs controlling the commutation sequence, this one has zener diodes that deal with the inductive kickback/flyback internally; no external snubbing devices needed

*power flickers*
can't stop me, i've got a UPS with a fresh battery
*continuous tone from the UPS*
can't stop me from collecting on this battery's warranty

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we've got's SICK video on Diode Zone now! (yes I'm thrilled i get to say that)

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Hmm, I can't tell if this still has a decent amount of acetone on it
*sniffs wipe*
Wow, that was terrible, but I still have no idea how much..
*sniffs wipe again*

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