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FB, asshole design 

I have slowly but surely unsubscribed from every business's Facebook page/group that I somehow got subbed to, so now FB has resorted to showing me the posts of business accounts that my friends have liked.

Not that I really use FB anyway but come on.

I'm sorry, *what the fuck* VBA's function for deleting a file is `Kill`??? Why??? What's wrong with Delete?????

It really bothers me that doing == in Java on two strings will return false if the strings' contents are identical but they're from two different references.

I know that .equals() exists, but it's not intuitive if you aren't already aware of this behavior.

Coworker, being stupid: What is space? What is... Life?

Me: Not worth it, whatever it is.

Coworker: You know, you're probably right

The song "Tranz" by Gorillaz popped up randomly in my dream last night, and now I can't stop listening to it

How did I get better at Beat Saber after not playing for like a month?

Kind of want to get back into music composition for ensembles, but it's been so long since I last played.

You want to know if a process is hanging or just slow? Tough luck kid, go shave the top of your processor off and read the bits going through it yourself to find out

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Verbose output is for chumps and losers, real programmers let their software fail without telling the user why


I bought myself a SoloKey about a week ago and it arrived yesterday. I haven't gotten a ton of use out of it yet, but I am so pleased with it that I'm already considering buying 1-2 more to use as backups/spares.

More Majora's Mask randomizer content 

I dunno if I'll be able to afford this...

I was running out of checks to find the hookshot at, so I took a peek at the spoiler log. I have to put max money in the bank to get access to the hookshot; max money is 5,000 rupees... Also the giant wallet is locked in Ikana, so I can only bank 200 rupees at a time. So yeah this randomizer playthrough just got about 5 hours longer :blobugh:

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I'm playing a Majora's Mask randomizer and somehow halfway through my game, every instrument started using the trumpet soundfont instead...

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