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Somebody call the fucking police there's a girl in my mirror

I take it back. It's not just sore, it straight up hurts to move my arm. Heck even when I don't move it, it is more than just sore and achy.

I don't want to take the gauze off to find out how bruised it is

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My arm has never been more sore 11 hours after bloodwork. Which is weird because this was one of the least painful stabbings I've had to endure.

I am considering setting up a manga scanlation stream in a bit. Haven't done one in a long time...

It's mildly upsetting to me that 態 and 熊 are two separate kanji.

Apparently my newfound self-confidence didn't do anything to help improve my nonexistent self-esteem

At this point is it even worth going back to bed? I'd only get an hour more of sleep... But <4 hours seems like not enough...

I could, in fact, listen to DENKOUSEKKA every single day of my life and still be pumped

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We now return to the regular tooting schedule of me gushing over how much I absolutely love POLKADOT STINGRAY's 有頂天

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