Alcoholic drinks give me weird dreams, nonsense 

All of it took place in about 4 hours of dreaming, then the like skin melting nonsense in the RE part made my brain go "nah we've had enough."

Honestly I'm not sure if I even want to go back to sleep

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Alcoholic drinks give me weird dreams, nonsense 

Had a dream about meteor strikes hitting near my parents' house and causing mass fires. The meteors contained real Pokémon though somehow (I got a Piplup and named it Goo… Why?). Then that phase of the dream faded out and it turned into a RE: 8 thing where all of the bosses in the game were actually one bad lady who used the skin/souls of the people the bosses came from as like disguises or something, and she was trying to be me… Idk it was weird…


Well it was fun to have dreams for once. Oh well, I should know by now I'm not meant to be happy

Straight up i think I've listened to "Kill All You Friends" 15 times today. At this point it's a problem.

I also find it interesting that their albums' b-sides are usually a fun blend of the previous album's style and the current one. "My Way Home Through You" definitely sounds more like Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge than Black Parade, but it has sections of it that would make it sound so out of place on that album.

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I'm so disappointed that I never owned the deluxe version of The Black Parade because "Kill All Your Friends" is such a good song that I only recently have been able to enjoy.

Okay I really like Jimmy O. Yang. His cooking youtube channel is so fun, and his standup is way better

Gatorade should bring back their "Is it in you?" marketing because those ads and commercials were so iconic and visually appealing that they're burned into my memory.

Sipping on a drink and playing Knights of the Old Republic II at the end of my work week, what could be better?

I could listen to RHCP's Dark Necessities on repeat... In fact sometimes I do

It's been like a week and I still can't stop listening to Montero

Petition to replace Easter with "Graverobbing Awareness Day" send toot

I doubt I'll get heavy into it, like I can't see myself maintaining yeast cultures when I can buy instant yeast instead, but I'm still excited to get started on it

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In an exciting turn of events, I'm buying the ingredients and equipment I'm missing to bake some bread. I'm starting off easy with a no-yeast cheese bread, and depending on my enjoyment with that, I may move on to a no-knead brioche recipe after that.

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