I have a $3,000-4,000 computer and I'm sitting here theming it to look like Windows XP

Put together my first PC and got to BIOS on the first boot. Feels good :catjam:

Of COURSE I get put into the Tanto Cuore digital beta testing group the day that I have to go in to work early :angery:

Pretty sure the reason I love this OST so much is because most of it is in 3/4, which my love for is second only to 6/8

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I started playing Skyward Sword again because I am so hyped. What's standing out to me most so far is how much I love the music. It is simply divine, I could listen to this OST all day...

I am SO PUMPED for the Skyward Sword remake you have no idea

Where is my brain's off switch? I'd like to not be conscious for a good while.

For Valentine's day, I spent the entire day alone and clocked 10ish hours in HuniePop 2, in case you were wondering what my life has become.

I bought X-plane (a flight simulator) to play in VR and it's quite fun. It certainly needs polish as a VR game because none of the tutorial instructions get rendered in the headset, and accessing game menus with the controller in headset only works on occasion. That all said, controlling the plane and interacting with buttons and levers works great and feels very immersive.

Kinda makes me want to fly a plane for real...

Plasma is nice and I enjoy how integrated it is but jeebus Kwin crashes unacceptably often

I woke up with 信号 suck in my head, yesterday it was both あたしの向こう and 好き嫌い stuck in there. I think I've listened to the whole thing 3 times in 24 hours? It's bad.

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I *cannot* stop listening to Aiko's "May Dream" album. I've had this thing for years, why is it just now turning into an earbug?

FB, asshole design 

I have slowly but surely unsubscribed from every business's Facebook page/group that I somehow got subbed to, so now FB has resorted to showing me the posts of business accounts that my friends have liked.

Not that I really use FB anyway but come on.

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