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My preliminary schedule for 2019Q1 

- Jan 14: Rust Cologne
- around Feb 4-8: Rust All Hands in Berlin
- around Feb 18: move to Gothenburg

reply here or send an email if you want to meet me! :)

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So I remembered again that I wanted to post here more often. So here it goes, a glance into my Saturday:

Family tech support 

(Don't worry about the one degraded disk, it was just me messing up the power cabling)

Why didn't I buy a dual-monitor mount before? My desk is so much cleaner now!

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You know that feeling when you finally managed to hype yourself up and are super excited to work on something again? Yeah, I just had that and then made coffee and now it's gone again.

me: *presses random buttons*

git: "HEAD points to an unborn branch"

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I made a thing to make it easier to test parts of proc macros. This should not encourage you do make even weirder macros! (Please, think of the children!)

Weekend mood: listing to Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top while wearing pyjama pants. And sitting on the couch eating cereal at 9pm.

I'm staying in this apartment for a month, so obviously I decorated it to best of my ability (the plastic flower was already there)

successfully navigated a swedish super market and made breakfast. Next up: lunch (ok, maybe I'll wait for an hour)

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Just woke up on day 2 in Gothenburg. Let's see if I can manage to make breakfast.

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TIL – Using conditional entries in .gitconfig to automatically manage #git identities based on the working directory. Nice!

> The full digital album has just been released!
> Download your purchase

I love getting these emails from bandcamp!

Ah, a Sunday. Where I go through all the things I've put off during the week and then do none of it.

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TIL there's a subreddit dedicated to weird faucets.


let's say I have a battery powered (3.77V) led lamp and I want to control it via zigbee light link. what components should I buy?

(yes I finally want to do some embedded stuff this year!)

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