Hint: When buying online postage from Deutsche Post, make sure to use ALL of unicode in sender address for maximum fun and confusion.

The metro lines in Moscow seemed fast while the monorail and the Aeroexpress seemed to be slower than necessary. But nothing is better than a train that easily goes 130km/h away from Düsseldorf towards Cologne!

I have to say, -15°C in Moscow has not been too bad. I've even enjoyed walking around! So, Sweden, being your worst next year

Measuring the success of a conference: it's the third day of RustRush where I'm still awake at around 2am.

(Press 's' to sheat and get speaker notes)

My spelling has degraded slightly since switching from Safari to Firefox. For months, I couldn't say why. I have now enabled the spellchecker in Firefox.

Yes, I'm proud if myself.

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Just release quicli 0.4 in time for 2018. Ah, the pleasure of removing code!

Somehow I find myself with a setup where documentation includes parts of code files so that the files themselves exist as runnable examples somwhere. Again.

Back in Cologne. First order of business: buy Dutch fries to go with jopi dip

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I'm at that stage where I consider redoing my slide setup instead of writing more slides (the only slides missing are the ones with the goode examples and that show the actual content)

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I kinda want to continue to work on that but the use cases are quite limited…

I finally sat down to write about that ultra-fast mega-compact hyper-specialized static file server I made: deterministic.space/serve-arch

wanted to explain quickcheck to a coworker. what's a good tutorial for someone who knows ruby?

I know of docs.rs/proptest (which is suuuuper good) but it's hard to parse new language syntax and semantics along with a new concept

There are two Rust things I'd really like to dive into next:
- Understanding how to and then writing a `concurrent_map(limit, closure)` adaptor, and
- understanding how it works and then contributing to rust-analyzer
(sadly, that's both things I'd need way more time and probably also a mentor for)

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