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invention alert 🔥

India's first and only power bank rental company, . Scan the kiosk using app, power bank pops out, keep it back after use. Meant for places like restaurant, concert venues, hospitals, airports.

Great show...
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Fantastic Fungi is now available on Netflix! Get on board the Mycelial Mothership and let’s take mushrooms from the underground and into the mainstream. The magical earth beneath our feet can heal ourselves and the planet.

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1/ So last week I took some time off and was travelling. Hidden among the Himalayas, I found one of the most beautiful and strange places ever- the Malana village.

Why strange? To start with, you aren't allowed to touch the people of this village, their places or belongings!


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There’s infrastructure, and then there’s Dutch infrastructure.

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Sri Krishna Deva Raya is coronated as Emperor in 1509, beginning a Golden era in the history of Vijayanagara Empire.
Thread on one of the greatest Hindu emperors ever.

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Come join us today for the opening ceremony of the @KnativeProject LiveStream Series multi-day event hosted by @SaiyamPathak
- Knative Origin and Governance 
- Knative 101 
- Knative Serving Deep Dive
- Eventing Deep Dive
- CloudEvents and Sources  

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Mark your calendars, fans! 👀

'Dexter: New Blood' Official Release Date Revealed! Season 9 Premieres Sunday, November 7, 2021

New post: dexterdaily.com/2021/07/dexter

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అహ నా పెళ్ళంట సినిమా హై డెఫినిషన్ లో!


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So happy to see the fans at Gizmodo enjoy our show. So much time, effort, and passion went into ensuring this was the best product we could deliver to fans who grew up with these characters. twitter.com/Gizmodo/status/141

Not able to Virtualbox on apple m1 mac is a pain.
So far parallels is the only option

Just can't get crio 1.20, ubuntu 18.04 and kubeadm 1.21 to work with eachother

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Thank you for being part of this journey. Who knows what lies ahead.

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