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Disagreed on his takeaway on lockpicking/hacking though. You're actively discouraged from 'not' doing them, because they provide experience points. Exploring your environment and skipping them gets you nothing.

You just hack things for the sake of hacking it.

Going through Hbomb's older videos and finally watching his criticism of Fallout 3, he really nails a lot wrong with the game.

I was one of those players that didn't notice Liberty Prime until the finale. It is really bizarre in hindsight. :V

Samus jumping around closing distance with missiles and trying to get aerial finishers, meanwhile Ridley is perfect parrying the missiles and goading with taunts.

This worked out so well.

I love these new amiibo oh god

I made my Samus amiibo fight my Ridley amiibo and that was so much fun to watch. They feel like they have actual personalities now.

Oh my God, I just started a match with the first ten seconds of both of us shooting missiles at each other from opposite ends of the stage.

They're not doing too great charging up shots or getting kills, but they're way more interesting than in Smash 4.

Oh my God. I carried over my Samus amiibo data from Smash 4, the one that was utterly useless because the Smash 4 AI didn't know how to use projectiles.

After two matches, they're actually using their missiles properly. This amiibo is good in Ultimate now. They fixed the AI.

I just realised I have multiple Samus, Kirby and Link amiibo, I can train one of each up myself and another with a level 9 CPU and see which is better once and for all.

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2019: scottish parliament put forth a parliamentary motion to congratulate "the online gamer, harry brewis, who is known by the handle HBomberGuy"

Apparently it adapted a Cool personality from just fighting me.

I don't know exactly what that means, but it still taunts a lot. :v

Okay, after getting it to level 50, my Ridley amiibo started playing a lot better. It doesn't feel super unfair, like most of the Smash 4 amiibo, and it's really fun to fight against now, it even learnt how to dodge my final smash. :v

I have come to the conclusion it is impossible to teach amiibo how to play like me. They are far better off with me staying as far away from them as possible.

Okay, I'm trying to train my Ridley amiibo and so far it's learnt three very important things

1) Spam nair all the time
2) When not spamming nair, always fully charge your neutral special when standing directly in front of the enemy
3) Taunt after any somehow successful hit

I wouldn't disagree with him, he'll rip your arms off

One con to having Travis Touchdown in Smash Bros is that he'd be another spiky-haired anime swordsman

The pro side of that is that he can't actually use a sword properly and just suplexes people instead

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Internet Explorer was trash so I switch to Firefox.

Firefox was trash so I switched to Chrome.

Now Chrome is trash, I switch to Opera, I guess?

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