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Commissioned work for @kirbizard featuring Trent Shield Cat. This one was a lot of fun hehe

I love they got all the VAs to do announcer lines and let you choose who you want bossing you around. Tiki is still the cutest, but it's fun to change it up.

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I still need to unlock Celica, so I guess I can slowly work towards that.

These musou games are fun in bursts, but man, I really burnt out getting nearly everything pre-DLC in Hyrule Warriors. Ha!

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Revisiting Fire Emblem Warriors. They added a tactician mode since I last played, where you do zero damage and 'have' to command your troops.

It's proven without a doubt the AI team mates CAN listen to you and fight competently, but they just don't in the normal game modes. :V

Considering DMC HD Collection is £15 brand new, and looking at pre-owned copies on eBay, a fair price for the first game would be around £7.50.

So we know Capcom are gonna charge £20 for it. :V

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Just the first DMC game coming to Switch? Weird when HD Collection exists.

Still a fantastic game, I'll have to wait to see how much it is. Worried Capcom will try to nickel and dime like with the Resident Evil releases on Switch.

Everything is all black and white like an old silent film, except the main character whose just skating around tagging everything in bright colours. All while being chased by Dracula and an army of skeletons who just want to kick you out.

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I want a game that's Jet Set Radio, but in Dracula's castle.

You can't buy hundreds of items at a shop, you get freebies, because you're on an important quest. Most of your items come from exploring. It's an actual adventure.

I don't get it. It makes me sad it was poorly received, we'll likely never get anything like it again.

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The Magicka games are the few to come close to replicating the magic system, but also that's not a RPG and also they're kinda bad to play solo.

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I still maintain Holy Magic Century is one of the best games on the N64 and I'm absolutely dumbfounded people hate it.

Like, I genuinely don't see where it comes from. It's a fantastic lightweight RPG, with unique mechanics that haven't been replicated since.

It's come so far, the game no longer exists in the physical realm but also has nearly eighty characters

How does it get bigger whilst using less space. What is this riddle

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Organising through my N64 collection and geez, this really came an insanely long way.

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Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

See also, every Pokémon game post-HM requirements being half fire types.

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Whenever I can I always play RPGs by using only the characters I like most. That's how I end up taking an entire team that's weak against electricity against a boss I knew was going to only use electricity.

And still somehow win because you learn how to counter your weakness. :V

I can't believe they'd shut down Innocent Sin Online. This is a disgrace.

What am I supposed to do every single Sunday now. I might have to actually hang out with people. This is a disaster.

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